Cameron Bayly

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 CONT Bennelong - Swisswellness 1100(60 p) - 36 1 4348.8
2017 CONT IsoWhey - Swiss Welness 460(205 p) - 33 0 4212.8
2016 CONT Attaque Team Gusto 624(141 p) - 47 1 6122.8
2015 CONT Search2retain - 2590(8 p) - 6 0 730.6
2014 CONT OCBC Singapore Continental Cycling 946(78 p) - 45 0 6025.2
2011 CONT V Australia - - 0 0 0.0
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-09-232.1Stage race17.09-23.0917 Tour of China II A.Marque Porto
2018-09-152.1Stage race08.09-15.0914 Tour of China I S.Molano
2018-09-152.1Points08.09-15.0920 Tour of China I S.Molano
2018-09-152.1Mountains08.09-15.0914 Tour of China I S.Higuita
2018-08-26CX: C2CX26.088- CX - Fields of Joy II J.Dekker
2018-08-25CX: C2CX25.089- CX - Fields of Joy I J.Dekker
2018-07-292.NRCStage race27.07-29.0710 Battle on The Border A.Toovey
2018-06-032.1Stage race30.05-03.0663 Tour de Korea S.Tvetcov
2018-05-272.1Stage race20.05-27.05DNF Tour of Japan M.Garcia
2018-05-121.NRCOne-day race12.0527228.0 km Grafton - Inverell N.Elliott
2018-03-25CCRR Railton25.0312157.8 km CC Oceania RR C.Harper
2018-03-152.1Stage race11.03-15.0318 Tour de Taiwan Y.Arashiro
2018-03-152.1Points11.03-15.039 Tour de Taiwan E.Avila
2018-03-152.1Mountains11.03-15.0324 Tour de Taiwan J.Janssens
2018-02-042.1Stage race31.01-04.0228 Herald Sun Tour E.Chaves
2018-01-07CN Ballarat07.01DNF 185.6 km CN Australia RR A.Edmondson
2018-09-232.105.stage23.097517 127.8 km Tour of China II J.Mareczko
2018-09-222.104.stage22.092117 21.3 km Tour of China II A.Ovechkin
2018-09-202.103.stage20.09568 92 km Tour of China II S.Lizde
2018-09-192.102.stage19.09486 128.4 km Tour of China II A.Giacoppo
2018-09-182.101.stage18.09906 99.4 km Tour of China II S.Molano
2018-09-172.1Prologue17.0966 6.9 km Tour of China II A.Giacoppo
2018-09-152.107.stage15.098914 107.2 km Tour of China I M.Penalver Aniorte
2018-09-132.106.stage13.099538 113 km Tour of China I D.Cima
2018-09-122.105.stage12.099638 127.4 km Tour of China I M.Benfatto
2018-09-112.104.stage11.093538 84.6 km Tour of China I J.Mosca
2018-09-102.103.stage10.096844 158 km Tour of China I M.Benfatto
2018-09-092.102.stage09.092948 140.6 km Tour of China I S.Molano
2018-09-082.101.stage08.09112114 90.4 km Tour of China I M.Malucelli
2018-09-01NE03.stage01.0918 112.4 km Tour of the King Valley T.Ward
2018-07-282.NRC03.stage28.072 9.9 km Battle on The Border R.Freienstein
2018-07-282.NRC02.stage28.0720 138.4 km Battle on The Border O.Martin
2018-07-272.NRC01.stage27.0715 130.8 km Battle on The Border R.Cavanagh
2018-06-032.105.stage03.068563 65 km Tour de Korea R.Kreder
2018-06-022.104.stage02.067463 137 km Tour de Korea J.Cooper
2018-06-012.103.stage01.068166 192.4 km Tour de Korea S.Tvetcov
2018-05-312.102.stage31.056361 202.6 km Tour de Korea M.Raim
2018-05-302.101.stage30.058686 184.6 km Tour de Korea H.Choe
2018-05-272.107.stage27.05DNS 112.7 km Tour of Japan M.Laas
2018-05-262.106.stage26.055963 120.8 km Tour of Japan G.Bole
2018-05-252.105.stage25.053767 32.9 km Tour of Japan M.Garcia
2018-05-242.104.stage24.058075 123.6 km Tour of Japan T.Lebas
2018-05-232.103.stage23.055767 139.4 km Tour of Japan M.Raim
2018-05-222.102.stage22.058572 127 km Tour of Japan G.Bole
2018-05-212.101.stage21.05299 105 km Tour of Japan T.Amezawa
2018-05-202.1Prologue20.051212 2.6 km Tour of Japan I.Bibby
2018-03-152.105.stage15.038918 192.8 km Tour de Taiwan L.Pacioni
2018-03-142.104.stage14.03118 166.6 km Tour de Taiwan-
2018-03-132.103.stage13.034327 156.3 km Tour de Taiwan E.Avila
2018-03-122.102.stage12.031111 120 km Tour de Taiwan R.Hucker
2018-03-112.101.stage11.039593 83.2 km Tour de Taiwan H.Okamoto
2018-02-042.104.stage04.025428 152.1 km Herald Sun Tour S.Crome
2018-02-032.103.stage03.022217 218 km Herald Sun Tour E.Chaves
2018-02-022.102.stage02.02414 208.9 km Herald Sun Tour M.Pedersen
2018-02-012.101.stage01.0284 161.6 km Herald Sun Tour L.Norman Hansen
2018-01-312.1Prologue31.011313 1.6 km Herald Sun Tour E.Clancy


Nation Australia

Born28 year, Oct 11th 1990

Mountain jerseys

Herald Sun Tour (2015)

Sprint jerseys

Bay Cycling Classic (2017)