Monika Brzezna

MAT ATOM Deweloper Wroclaw, Poland, 32 years


Monika Brzezna is a 32 year old cyclist from Poland (born October 12th 1991), who currently rides for MAT ATOM Deweloper Wroclaw. She has won 2 UCI races, and is currently ranked 314th in the UCI Ranking.

Year Team Division
2024 MAT ATOM Deweloper Wroclaw UCI
2023 MAT ATOM Deweloper Wroclaw UCI
2022 ATOM Deweloper Wroclaw UCI
2021 MAT Atom Deweloper -
2020 MAT Atom Deweloper -
2019 MAT Atom Deweloper -
2018 MAT Atom Deweloper -
2017 MAT Atom Deweloper -
2016 MAT Atom Sobotka -