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2015 Itzulia Basque Country

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Crescent Vårgårda
Jenny Almlöf [Mon 26.Aug 04:49]
Schaal Sels
sker [Mon 26.Aug 01:23]
Tour de l'Avenir
Andy [Sun 25.Aug 13:57]
Vuelta a España
Koronin [Sun 25.Aug 05:20]
CN Netherlands RR
MiguelSimoes 35 [Sun 25.Aug 01:50]
Cyclassics Hamburg
Assassin [Sat 24.Aug 19:32]
Ladies Tour of Norway
Tomas [Fri 23.Aug 15:57]
Colorado Classic
halvard352 [Thu 22.Aug 18:51]
PostNord Danmark Rundt
Assassin [Thu 22.Aug 18:19]
Tour du Limousin
Partykjeppen [Wed 21.Aug 15:59]
BinckBank Tour
Partykjeppen [Tue 20.Aug 09:22]
The Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah
Koronin [Mon 19.Aug 01:24]

Comments [newest on top]

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Saturday 11.Apr 17:26, 2015
4th FC-manager overall
Thrilling finale and good race overall. Purito did well after all. FW next? :)

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Saturday 11.Apr 16:59, 2015
12th FC-manager overall
Izaguirre to win the whole race?

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Saturday 11.Apr 16:07, 2015
12th FC-manager overall
Martin only 2 sec ahead of Felline at 10.7, and with the final km up the Muro de Aia, I don't see him win today. Another Katusha-rider is Zakarin, he was at least good in TT in Russia last year.

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Saturday 11.Apr 13:02, 2015
27th FC-manager overall
Oh my god.... yes, this will be close :))) Spilak is definitely a candidate, but Simon yates as a member of one of the worlds best TT teams..... if he hasent enhanced his timetrail by now, well, i wonder :)))

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Friday 10.Apr 21:33, 2015
4th FC-manager overall
Spilak could be also flying tomorrow. Very intresting indeed.

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Friday 10.Apr 18:24, 2015
2nd FC-manager overall
Only the 18.3 km time trial remaining, and plenty of good time trialists like Kwiatkowski, Van Garderen and Costa aren't that far behind Henao, Rodriguez and Quintana. This is gonna be very close.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Friday 10.Apr 16:42, 2015
12th FC-manager overall
Somebody has to tell Mollema that he should not stay with Fränk in the descent..

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Wednesday 8.Apr 17:55, 2015
4th FC-manager overall
Henao, great to see him up there. Same goes for Purito, after missing VaC I wasn't sure what to expect.

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Wednesday 8.Apr 17:36, 2015
27th FC-manager overall
Fasten your seatbelts people :D:D:D HERE WE GO !!

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Wednesday 8.Apr 17:32, 2015
4th FC-manager overall
Is Talansky still riding?

Steinvik [Skjelstadmark IL] Wednesday 8.Apr 17:03, 2015
Really cool pictures with riders running up the hill with their bikes. Not every day you see pictures like this in a stage race.

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Wednesday 8.Apr 15:35, 2015
27th FC-manager overall
It might, but definitely a day for the gc riders as well :))) this can be fun :)))) Matthews will work hard for keeping jersey :)))

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Wednesday 8.Apr 07:47, 2015
4th FC-manager overall
This could be a day for a breakaway.

Kristian-K [Green Bullet Cycling] Tuesday 7.Apr 18:44, 2015
13th FC-manager overall
Better with two teams!

Tomas [Second Coming] Tuesday 7.Apr 17:01, 2015
9th FC-manager overall
Second teams, you're not the first one to suggest that. Another idea is to let teams contain 10 riders each race.

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Tuesday 7.Apr 15:13, 2015
24th FC-manager overall
Or maybe we can manager a second team :)

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Tuesday 7.Apr 13:42, 2015
27th FC-manager overall
I guess we need bigger teams :D :D :D

goon1221 [Jinx.inc] Tuesday 7.Apr 13:39, 2015
27th FC-manager overall
I had to drop SKY alltogether becaus i couldnt see who to pick between Kiryienka, Lopez, Swift or Nieve :D same problem with Orica .... Mathews, Gerrans or Impey or even Albasini .... HATE that :D :D

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Tuesday 7.Apr 11:55, 2015
24th FC-manager overall
One of my doubts when making my team was between Mathews and Swift.
I chosed Ben because we can give some extra points in TT, as well as some good points in some stages, too...

Remi [LSK Cycling] Monday 6.Apr 14:28, 2015
26th FC-manager overall
I hope Nieve will do it well in this race! I guess this is his last chanche this year to race for his own result..

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Monday 6.Apr 14:10, 2015
17th FC-manager overall
I think we'll see riders losing time on purpose in the first stages to be allowed to chase breakaway-victories later in the week. Hard terrain to control the race in, and teams like Katusha, Garmin, Trek and Lotto are filled with riders who can pull it off.

Tomas [Second Coming] Monday 6.Apr 10:14, 2015
9th FC-manager overall
I'll need to re-work the picture-upload functions. I kind of did it pre-season actually, but I'm not done yet.
To make an URL-thingy on the other hand could be done in no time, hmm.

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Sunday 5.Apr 22:49, 2015
2nd FC-manager overall
Tomas, what us semi-admins need is an upload function where we can just copy-paste the picture URLs from PCS or whatever so that stage profiles can be added in seconds.

Tomas [Second Coming] Sunday 5.Apr 22:33, 2015
9th FC-manager overall
Stage profiles uploaded.

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Sunday 5.Apr 21:59, 2015
24th FC-manager overall
Big names in a good stage race!

Tomas [Second Coming] Sunday 5.Apr 21:46, 2015
9th FC-manager overall
Startlist being updated as we speak.