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Winston Cycling Classic


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Pos Rider Team Time UCI
01 Ulises Castillo Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling 3:34:5240
02 George Simpson Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling + 0030
03 Luis Villalobos Aevolo Cycling + 0025
04 Ben Schmutte First Internet Bank CT + 0920
05 Brendan Rhim Arapahoe Resources - BMC + 4815
06 Diego Milan Inteja Imca-Ridea DCT + 1:0910
07 Tanner Putt Arapahoe Resources - BMC + 1:155
08 James Piccoli Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling + 1:153
09 Sean Burger CS Velo Racing p/b Cannondale + 1:303
10 Noah Granigan Floyd's Pro Cycling + 1:303
11 Scott McGill Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek + 1:30
12 Gregory Daniel DCBank Pro Cycling Team + 1:30
13 Tyler Stites Aevolo Cycling + 1:30
14 Rolly Weaver Support Clean Sport -Sea Sucker-Gut + 1:39
15 Laurent Gervais Aevolo Cycling + 1:42
16 Stephen Vogel The Endurance Collective + 1:56
17 Tanner Ward Support Clean Sport -Sea Sucker-Gut + 2:00
18 Justin Mauch Marc Pro CT + 2:09
19 Luis Alvarez Inteja Imca-Ridea DCT + 2:51
20 Scottie Weiss Support Clean Sport -Sea Sucker-Gut + 4:51
21 Thomas Schellenberg DCBank Pro Cycling Team + 4:51
22 William Guzman Inteja Imca-Ridea DCT + 4:51
23 Andrew Giniat CS Velo Racing p/b Cannondale + 5:32
24 Miles Hubbard Unknown Racing + 5:38
25 Roderyck Asconeguy EDA Evolution CT + 5:44
26 Patrick Walle Support Clean Sport -Sea Sucker-Gut + 5:44
27 Parker Kyzer Team Skyline + 5:44
28 Ben Renkema EDA Evolution CT + 5:44
29 Andrew Vollmer Aevolo Cycling + 5:44
30 Richard Arnopol Project Echelon Racing + 5:44
31 Michael Jones Team Skyline + 5:44
32 Emile Jean Floyd's Pro Cycling + 5:44
33 Connor Toppings Probaclac/Devinci + 5:44
34 Connor Ryan Total Civil Construction + 5:44
35 Chad Capobianco Total Civil Construction + 5:44
36 Sean Gardner Probaclac/Devinci + 5:52
37 Taylor Warren CS Velo Racing p/b Cannondale + 5:55
38 Steven Kusy Total Civil Construction + 6:03
39 Hugo Scala Jr Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek + 6:05
40 John Purvis Support Clean Sport -Sea Sucker-Gut + 6:05
41 Ethan Frankel Marc Pro CT + 6:20
42 John Delong The Endurance Collective + 6:28
43 Alfredo Rodriguez Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling + 6:28
44 Eric Young Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling + 6:28
45 Tristan Cowie The Endurance Collective + 6:28
46 Frank Travieso EDA Evolution CT + 6:28
47 Ryan Knapp First Internet Bank CT + 6:28
48 Robin Plamondon Floyd's Pro Cycling + 6:32
49 Gavin Hoover Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling + 6:32
50 Gaelen Merritt Toronto Hustle + 6:32
51 Jonathan Clarke Floyd's Pro Cycling + 6:36
52 Matthew Zimmer Project Echelon Racing + 7:08
DNF David Flynn The Endurance Collective
DNF Scott Hoffner The Endurance Collective
DNF Travis Livermon The Endurance Collective
DNF Eric Thompson The Endurance Collective
DNF Alexis Batista Unknown Racing
DNF Ryan Joyce Unknown Racing
DNF Mike Potter Unknown Racing
DNF Alex Ryan Unknown Racing
DNF Stephen Bassett First Internet Bank CT
DNF Paul Martin First Internet Bank CT
DNF Christopher Uberti First Internet Bank CT
DNF Cade Bickmore Aevolo Cycling
DNF Lance Haidet Aevolo Cycling
DNF Riley Sheehan Aevolo Cycling
DNF Andrew Dahlheim Arapahoe Resources - BMC
DNF Taylor Eisenhart Arapahoe Resources - BMC
DNF Andzs Flaksis Arapahoe Resources - BMC
DNF Seth Jones Arapahoe Resources - BMC
DNF Benjamin Wolfe Arapahoe Resources - BMC
DNF Will Cooper CS Velo Racing p/b Cannondale
DNF Will Gleason CS Velo Racing p/b Cannondale
DNF Cristhian Ravelo CS Velo Racing p/b Cannondale
DNF Jake Cullen DCBank Pro Cycling Team
DNF Joshua Kropf DCBank Pro Cycling Team
DNF Jean-Denis Thibault DCBank Pro Cycling Team
DNF Darel Christopher Jr. EDA Evolution CT
DNF Cristian Clavero EDA Evolution CT
DNF Sergio Fredes EDA Evolution CT
DNF Sam Bassetti Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling
DNF Alexander Cowan Floyd's Pro Cycling
DNF Noah Simms Floyd's Pro Cycling
DNF Isaac Bryant Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek
DNF Trevor O'Donnell Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek
DNF Reece Robinson Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek
DNF Conor Schunk Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek
DNF Joel Yates Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek
DNF Juan Ramón Juarez Garrido Inteja Imca-Ridea DCT
DNF Adrian Nunez Inteja Imca-Ridea DCT
DNF Elvys Reyes Inteja Imca-Ridea DCT
DNF Blake Anton Marc Pro CT
DNF John Borstelmann Marc Pro CT
DNF Kyle Kirby Marc Pro CT
DNF Edouard Beaudoin Probaclac/Devinci
DNF Felix Boutin Probaclac/Devinci
DNF Mitchell Ketler Probaclac/Devinci
DNF Brandon Feehery Project Echelon Racing
DNF David Greif Project Echelon Racing
DNF Evan Hartig Project Echelon Racing
DNF Eric Hill Project Echelon Racing
DNF David Guttenplan Support Clean Sport -Sea Sucker-Gut
DNF Timothy Killelea Support Clean Sport -Sea Sucker-Gut
DNF Adam Carr Team Skyline
DNF David Dawson Team Skyline
DNF Ryan Dewald Team Skyline
DNF Justin McQuerry Team Skyline
DNF Andy Scott Team Skyline
DNF Isaac Niles Toronto Hustle
DNF Ethan Palamarek Toronto Hustle
DNF Kurt Penno Toronto Hustle
DNF Ryan Rudderham Toronto Hustle
DNF Ethan Sittlington Toronto Hustle
DNF Sam Titter-Dower Toronto Hustle
DNF Richard Furchtgott Total Civil Construction
DNF Matt McLoone Total Civil Construction
DNF Taylor Pearman Total Civil Construction
Nation USA
Date May 27
Distance 145 km
CAT 1.2