Tour of Taihu Lake - 2019

Race Tour of Taihu Lake
Nation China
Date 9th - 15th October
Classification 2.1


# Date Km Where Winner
Pl. 9.Oct 5.5 Wuxi-Wuxi M.Brändle
01 10.Oct 88.8 Wuxi-Wuxi M.Benfatto
02 11.Oct 101 Hufuzhen-Hufuzhen M.Pelucchi
03 12.Oct 117 Huzhou-Changxing D.Kennett
04 13.Oct 116 Wujiang-Wujiang M.Pelucchi
05 14.Oct 121.8 Jurong-Maoshan Scenic Area B.Jones
06 15.Oct 73.6 Jinhu-Jinhu M.Benfatto

Rider data

Pos Name Victories Second Third
1 Boris Vallée 1 0 0


Team Division Average age
1 Wanty - Groupe Gobert PCT 29y 4m 10d
2 Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec PCT 26y 11m 8d
3 Burgos - BH PCT 27y 7m 18d
4 Delko-Marseille Provence PCT 24y 3m 23d
5 Israel Cycling Academy PCT 26y 2m 21d
6 Neri Sottoli - Selle Italia PCT 24y 11m 8d
7 Nippo - Vini Fantini - Faizanè PCT 26y 3m 23d
8 Team Novo Nordisk PCT 26y 8m 8d
9 Giant Cycling Team CONT 21y 11m 10d
10 Hengxiang Cycling Team CONT 22y 6m 7d
11 Kunbao Sport Continental CT CONT 21y 1m 28d
12 Medellin CONT 32y 7d
13 Memil Pro Cycling CONT 25y 1m 21d
14 Minsk Cycling Club CONT 29y 3m 16d
15 Ningxia Sports Lottery - Livall CONT 27y 5m 15d
16 Shenzhen Xidesheng CT CONT 22y 9m 12d
17 St. George Continental CONT 25y 16d
18 Team Sapura Cycling CONT 21y 5m 14d
19 Terengganu inc. TSG CONT 27y 9m
20 Tianyoude Hotel Cyclingteam CONT 23y 8m 5d
21 HKSI Pro Cycling Team CONT 20y 4m 2d