GP Saguenay - 2016

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Pos Rider Team Time
01 Ryan Roth Silber Pro Cycling Team 12:52:54
02 Ben Perry Silber Pro Cycling Team + 06
03 Mihkel Räim Cycling Academy Team + 10
04 Thomas Vaubourzeix Lupus Racing Team + 38
05 Alexander Cataford Silber Pro Cycling Team + 47
06 Matteo Dal-Cin Silber Pro Cycling Team + 52
07 Josh Berry Jelly Belly-Maxxis + 52
08 Daniel Turek Cycling Academy Team + 54
09 Pierrick Naud Rally Cycling + 01:03
10 Nicolas Masbourian Silber Pro Cycling Team + 05:55
11 Dan Craven Cycling Academy Team + 06:17
12 Edward Walsh Team RaceClean + 07:29
13 Manuel Rudaz Team Humard Vélo-Passion + 07:46
14 Alexis Cartier Garneau - Quebecor + 08:00
15 Nolan Tankersley Lupus Racing Team + 08:17
16 Cooper Willsey CCB Racing + 08:17
17 Dan Gardner Astellas Cycling Team + 08:32
18 Bruno Langlois Garneau - Quebecor + 08:41
19 Jacob Rathe Jelly Belly-Maxxis + 08:45
20 Bryan Lewis Lupus Racing Team + 09:01
21 Derrick St.John Ride with Rendall + 09:34
22 Israel Nuno Inteja - MMR Dominican + 09:56
23 Evan Murphy Lupus Racing Team + 10:29
24 Matthieu Jeannès Lupus Racing Team + 10:40
25 Eric Young Rally Cycling + 11:01
26 James Piccoli Transports Lacombe/Devinci + 11:05
27 Sam Bassetti Ride with Rendall + 11:07
28 Alexandr Braico Jelly Belly-Maxxis + 11:10
29 Chad Beyer Lupus Racing Team + 11:11
30 Kevin De Mesmaeker Team Novo Nordisk + 11:21
31 Olaf Oussoren Wilton-UWTC De Volharding + 11:42
32 Martijn Verschoor Team Novo Nordisk + 11:48
33 Justin Mauch Ride with Rendall + 11:48
34 Edward Greene Veloselect Racing Team + 12:13
35 Max Jenkins Astellas Cycling Team + 12:28
36 Kai Wiggins CCB Racing + 13:04
37 Michael Rice Garneau - Quebecor + 15:17
38 Luis Lemus Cycling Academy Team + 16:41
39 Eirik Oskari Halvorsen Team Humard Vélo-Passion + 17:36
40 Curtis White Rally Cycling + 18:20
41 Taylor Shelden Jelly Belly-Maxxis + 18:42
42 Conor O'Brien Ride with Rendall + 18:50
43 Ignacio Sarabia Inteja - MMR Dominican + 19:18
44 Emile Jean Silber Pro Cycling Team + 20:09
45 Elliott Doyle Silber Pro Cycling Team + 21:26
46 Thomas Soladay Rally Cycling + 23:10
47 Stephen Keeping Transports Lacombe/Devinci + 35:19
48 Derek Gee Giant Langley-Smart Savvy + 36:24
49 Brecht Wachtendorf Apogée - Lowest Rates + 38:20
50 Nicolas Ducharme TRJ Télécom - Desjardins For + 39:02
DNF Ben Andrews Apogée - Lowest Rates
DNF Tyler D´Arcy Apogée - Lowest Rates
DNF Emmanuel Gagne Apogée - Lowest Rates
DNF Cameron McPhaden Apogée - Lowest Rates
DNF Simon Ouellet Apogée - Lowest Rates
DNF Jean-Francois Soucy Apogée - Lowest Rates
DNF Ansel Dickey Astellas Cycling Team
DNF Matt Green Astellas Cycling Team
DNF Travis Livermon Astellas Cycling Team
DNF Jake Sitler Astellas Cycling Team
DNF David Williams Astellas Cycling Team
DNF Adam Carr CCB Racing
DNF Noah Granigan CCB Racing
DNF Michael Hernandez CCB Racing
DNF Brendan McCormack CCB Racing
DNF Cory Small CCB Racing
DNF Guillaume Boivin Cycling Academy Team
DNF Guy Sagiv Cycling Academy Team
DNF Aviv Yechezkel Cycling Academy Team
DNF David Boily Garneau - Quebecor
DNF Simon-Pierre Gauthier Garneau - Quebecor
DNF Remi Pelletier-Roy Garneau - Quebecor
DNF Darcy Woolley Garneau - Quebecor
DNF Lukas Adomonis Giant Langley-Smart Savvy
DNF Alexander Amiri Giant Langley-Smart Savvy
DNF Mason Burtnik Giant Langley-Smart Savvy
DNF Lukas Conly Giant Langley-Smart Savvy
DNF Joshua Kropf Giant Langley-Smart Savvy
DNF Kellen Viznaugh Giant Langley-Smart Savvy
DNF Juan Jose Cueto Inteja - MMR Dominican
DNF Fernando Grijalba Inteja - MMR Dominican
DNF William Guzman Inteja - MMR Dominican
DNF Rafael Marquez Raigon Inteja - MMR Dominican
DNF Angus Morton Jelly Belly-Maxxis
DNF Chris Horner Lupus Racing Team
DNF Charles Bradley Huff Rally Cycling
DNF Shane Kline Rally Cycling
DNF Bjorn Selander Rally Cycling
DNF Justin Purificati Ride with Rendall
DNF Casey Roth Ride with Rendall
DNF Timothy Rugg Ride with Rendall
DNF Romain Aubert Team Humard Vélo-Passion
DNF Julien Bossens Team Humard Vélo-Passion
DNF Frederic Cossette Team Humard Vélo-Passion
DNF Quentin Guex Team Humard Vélo-Passion
DNF Alexandre Mercier Team Humard Vélo-Passion
DNF Mehdi Benhamouda Team Novo Nordisk
DNF Stephen Clancy Team Novo Nordisk
DNF Gerd De Keijzer Team Novo Nordisk
DNF Brian Kamstra Team Novo Nordisk
DNF Nicolas Lefrancois Team Novo Nordisk
DNF Willem Boersma Team RaceClean
DNF Evan Burtnik Team RaceClean
DNF Aidan Caves Team RaceClean
DNF William Elliott Team RaceClean
DNF Adam Jamieson Team RaceClean
DNF Sean MacKinnon Team RaceClean
DNF Philippe Allard Transports Lacombe/Devinci
DNF Benoit Boulay Transports Lacombe/Devinci
DNF Robert Gutgesell Transports Lacombe/Devinci
DNF Nigel Kinney Transports Lacombe/Devinci
DNF Mitchell McDonald Transports Lacombe/Devinci
DNF Pier-Andre Cote TRJ Télécom - Desjardins For
DNF David Drouin TRJ Télécom - Desjardins For
DNF Laurent Gervais TRJ Télécom - Desjardins For
DNF Jonathan Lewis TRJ Télécom - Desjardins For
DNF Marc-Antoine Noel TRJ Télécom - Desjardins For
DNF Christian Trenchev TRJ Télécom - Desjardins For
DNF William Blackburn Veloselect Racing Team
DNF Mathieu Borduas Veloselect Racing Team
DNF Brad Bradford Veloselect Racing Team
DNF Francois Chabot Veloselect Racing Team
DNF Jocelyn Lemperriere Veloselect Racing Team
DNF Anton Varabei Veloselect Racing Team
DNF Jasper Kiburg Wilton-UWTC De Volharding
DNF Alex Mengoulas Wilton-UWTC De Volharding
DNF Matthew Overste Wilton-UWTC De Volharding
DNF Martin Van de Pol Wilton-UWTC De Volharding
DNF Fabian Van Eis Wilton-UWTC De Volharding
DNF Joost Van Weerd Wilton-UWTC De Volharding
Nation Canada
Date 9th - 12th June
CAT 2.2