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CN Great Britain RR

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Year Where # Links Winner Second Third
2019 Norwich CN Results B.Swift I.Stannard J.Archibald
2018 Stamfordham CN Results C.Swift A.Blythe O.Doull
2017 Isle of Man CN Results S.Cummings C.Lawless I.Bibby
2016 Stockton-on-Tees CN Results A.Blythe M.Cavendish A.Fenn
2015 Lincolnshire CN Results P.Kennaugh M.Cavendish I.Stannard
2014 Mounmouthshire CN Results P.Kennaugh B.Swift S.Yates
2013 Glasgow CN Results M.Cavendish I.Stannard D.Millar
2012 Ampleforth CN Results I.Stannard A.Dowsett R.Hampton
2011 Stamfordham CN Results B.Wiggins G.Thomas P.Kennaugh
2010 Nelson CN Results G.Thomas P.Kennaugh I.Stannard
2009 Abergavenny CN Results K.House D.Lloyd P.Kennaugh
2008 Helmsley CN Results R.Hayles P.Kennaugh D.Downing
2007 Abergavenny CN Results D.Millar D.Lloyd G.McCauley
2006 Beverley CN Results H.Haynes R.Hammond G.Thomas
2005 Ryedale CN Results R.Downing S.Cummings Y.Barker
2004 Newport CN Results R.Hammond T.Southam J.Hunt
2003 Newport CN Results R.Hammond J.Hunt J.Alberts
2002 Rivington CN Results J.Winn T.Southam J.Hunt
2001 Cardiff CN Results J.Hunt R.Hayles J.Tanner
2000 Solihull CN Results J.Tanner J.Clay D.Millar
1999 Solihull CN Results J.Tanner K.Dawson R.Downing
1998 Solihull CN Results M.Stephens R.Hammond D.Barclay
1997 Abergavenny CN Results J.Hunt M.Walsham M.Stephens
1996 Abergavenny CN Results D.Rand A.Naylor D.Cook
1995 Isle of Man CN Results R.Millar C.Walker C.Lillywhite
1994 Isle of Man CN Results B.Smith M.Elliot M.Walsham
1993 Isle of Man CN Results M.Elliot B.Smith S.Sutton
1992 Kilmarnock CN Results S.Yates B.Smith C.Walker
1991 Newport CN Results B.Smith K.Reynolds D.Rayner
1990 Hull CN Results C.Sturgess B.Luckwell H.Lodge
1989 Hull CN Results T.Harris M.Walsham N.Barnes
1988 Newport CN Results S.Joughin N.Barnes C.Lillywhite
1987 Newport CN Results P.Sherwen J.Herety J.Kershaw
1986 Newport CN Results M.Bell A.Timmis S.Joughin
1985 Isle of Man CN Results I.Banbury D.Hayton M.Bell
1984 Isle of Man CN Results S.Joughin B.Nickson M.Elliot
1983 Harrogate CN Results P.Thomas K.Lambert M.Morrison
1982 Harrogate CN Results J.Herety S.Yates B.Nickson
1981 Daventry CN Results B.Nickson N.Dean G.Jones
1980 Redditch CN Results K.Lambert B.Nickson D.Hayton
1979 Telford CN Results S.Barras B.Hoban D.Hayton
1978 Coventry CN Results P.Corley B.Nickson R.Smith
1977 York CN Results P.Edwards P.Medhurst G.Wiles
1976 Blackpool CN Results G.Wiles S.Barras P.Corley
1975 Harrogate CN Results L.West K.Lambert D.Horton
1974 Haverhill CN Results K.Lambert B.Bilsland P.Bayton
1973 Chilterns CN Results B.Jolly L.West B.Bilsland
1972 Ashurst Forest CN Results G.Crewe L.West D.Harrison
1971 Hull CN Results D.Horton S.Barras A.Hitchen
1970 Dartford CN Results L.West B.Jolly C.Lewis
1969 Mentmore CN Results B.Lawrie D.Nie M.Cowley
1968 Lincoln CN Results C.Lewis J.Aslin R.Smith
1967 Cobbetts Tey CN Results C.Lewis P.Hill A.Metcalfe
1966 Paington CN Results D.Goodman B.Burns R.Newton
1965 Chard CN Results A.Hitchen M.Coupe K.Butler
1964 Harlow CN Results K.Butler A.Hitchen G.Coles
1963 Kenilworth CN Results A.Hitchen K.Nuttall A.Jacob
1962 Rochester CN Results J.Harvey D.Bedwell G.Coles
1961 Chard CN Results D.Bedwell T.Mills R.Jowers
1960 Tyneside CN Results B.Bradley A.Ramsbottom J.Hinds
1959 Wolverhampton CN Results R.Coe O.Blower J.Geddes
One-day race
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