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Name Born Team Division
Ager, Charles 1996-04-23 Vredestein-Basso Other
Alexander, James 2000-12-04 Beeston Cycling Club Other
Alexander, Simon 1993-07-12 Richardsons Trek Other
Allen, Tim 1991-07-17 Team LDN-Brother UK Other
Ambrose-Parish, James 1998-04-15 Bikestrong-KTM Elite Team Other
Archibald, John 1990-11-14 EOLO-KOMETA Cycling Team ProTeam
Aries, Jacob 1999-03-09 Kuota - Spinergy - GSG Other
Arkell, Thomas 2001-04-06 Bikestrong-KTM Elite Team Other
Armstrong, Thomas 1994-08-27 Electro Hiper Europa Continental
Ashcroft, James 2001-05-12 Nopinz Motip Other
Ashcroft, James 2003-08-31 Nopinz Motip Dev.Team Junior
Ashcroft, Thomas - Dolan Ellesse RT Other
Ashman, Alex 2000 Eiser-Hirumet Other
Ashwanden, Max 2000-04-05 TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling Gett Taxi Other
Asker, Samuel 2001-01-07 Richardsons Trek Other
Askey, Ben 2004-03-14 Backstedt Bike Performance RC Junior
Askey, Lewis 2001-05-04 Groupama-FDJ Conti Continental
Atkins, Lewis - TAAP Cervelo Other
Atterton, Alfie 2004-04-21 The Cycling Academy Other
Avery, Joshua 1998-12-07 Brother UK-Cycle Team On Form Other
Backstedt, Elynor 2001-12-06 Trek-Segafredo Women WorldTour
Bacon, Morris 1992-01-23 DAP CC Other
Baggs, Ryan - Nopinz Motip Dev.Team Junior
Bailey, Charlie 2002-10-10 Foran CCC Other
Baker, Adam - Royal Air Force CA Other
Baker, Joe 2001-12-06 Holdsworth Zappi RT Other
Bakrania, Kishan 2001-03-19 TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling Gett Taxi Other
Baldacci, Brandon 2004-02-01 Lee Valley Youth CC U19 Junior
Balfour, Stuart 1997-05-13 Swiss Racing Academy Continental
Ball, Alexander 2002-01-19 Edinburg RC Other
Ballinger, Joshua 2003-10-03 trainSharp Development team Junior
Banks, Elizabeth 1990-11-07 Ceratizit-WNT Pro Cycling Team UCI Women
Baptista, Kim 2000-12-27 Eneicat-RBH Global-Martin Villa UCI Women
Barber, Farley 2001-07-18 Spirit Bontrager-BSS Rotor Other
Barclay, Kevin 1988-06-26 Dooleys Cycles RT Other
Barfoot, Luke 1994-09-15 Primera-TeamJobs Other
Bargninham, Mark - Vicious Velo Other
Barker, Alex 2004-01-14 VC La Pomme Marseille U19 Junior
Barker, Megan 1997-08-15 CAMS-Basso UCI Women
Barker, Yanto 1980-01-06 Onyx RT Other
Barnes, Alice 1995-07-17 CANYON//SRAM Racing Women WorldTour
Barnes, Dan 2002-11-21 Spectra Wiggle pb Vitus Other
Barnes, Hannah 1993-05-04 CANYON//SRAM Racing Women WorldTour
Barnes, Toby 2000-12-21 Crimson Orientation Marketing Other
Barnet, Matthias 1998-05-22 Holdsworth Zappi RT Other
Barningham, Thomas - Vicious Velo Other
Barratt, Elliot 2000-08-29 TAAP Cervelo Other
Barrett, Rory 1983-09-29 Southborough & District Whls Other
Bayes, Hannah 1999-12-04 AWOL O'Shea UCI Women
Bazley, George 2000-06-23 V.S.Valletais Other
Beake, Charlie 1997-05-15 Netllar Telecom-Ale Other
Beck, George 1999-02-01 VCA du Bourget Other
Beckett, Samuel 2002-03-24 Wales Racing Academy Other
Beckingsale, Joseph 2000-07-21 Wales Racing Academy Other
Beecher, Ed 1998-02-20 Crimson Orientation Marketing Other
Bennett, Elizabeth 1999-08-18 Drops-Le Col supported by Tempur UCI Women
Bennett, Joe 2001-11-12 Netllar Telecom-Ale Other
Bent, Adam 2003-05-30 Wheelbase CabTech Castelli U19 Junior
Bent, Olivia 2001-08-10 AWOL O'Shea UCI Women
Bentley, James 1998-04-25 Team PB Performance Other
Bentley, Olivia 1991-02-02 VIB Sports UCI Women
Berry, Charlotte - Finish Line Racing Women Other
Bevan, James 1990-07-06 Saint Piran Develop. Other
Beynon, Benjamin - Rotor Race Team Other
Biddle, Cameron 1998-01-05 Vredestein-Basso Other
Biggs, Callum 2003-08-23 FlandersColor-Galloo Team Junior
Bigham, Daniel 1991-10-02 Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Continental
Birrell, Ross 2003-10-17 Spokes Racing Team Other
Bjergfelt, William 1978-12-04 SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling Continental
Blain, Jamieson 2001-12-27 Bikestrong-KTM Elite Team Other
Blay, Kieran - TAAP Cervelo Other
Booth, Christopher - Giant-Kendal RT Other
Bostock, Matthew 1997-07-16 Canyon DHB Sungod Continental
Botterill, Charlie 2001-09-13 Team U Cube 17 Other
Bower, Ewart 2001-05-17 Kiwi Velo Other
Bowerbank-Robinson, Kiam - Hub Velo Other
Bowering, Tom 1994-09-15 TAAP Cervelo Other
Bowers, Joseph - Tactic Sport UK RT Other
Bown, Morgan 2000-03-01 VC Corbas Other
Bradbury, Edmund 1992-09-01 Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT Other
Bradbury, Stephen 1993-10-19 Saint Piran Continental
Bradford, Jim - Richardsons Trek Other
Bramley, Travis 1999-01-27 Nopinz Motip Other
Brand, Sam 1991-02-27 Team Novo Nordisk ProTeam
Braybrooke, Alexander 1997-08-18 SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling Continental
Brearley, David 1991-03-13 Squadra RT Other
Briggs, Alec 1993-06-05 Tekkerz CC Other
Briggs, Graham 1983-07-14 ClancyBriggs Cycling Academy Other
Bright, Benjamin 2003-05-01 Tofauti Everyone Active Junior
Britton, Rhys 1999-05-13 Team Inspired Other
Brough, Jack 2003-07-23 Cero-Cycle DR Other
Broughton, Charlotte 1998-05-05 AWOL O'Shea UCI Women
Brown, Cameron 2003-05-24 Spokes Racing Team U19 Junior
Brown, Greig - Vanelli-Project Go Other
Brown, James - Team Tor 2000 Kalas Other
Brown, Jamie 2004-04-19 Backstedt Bike Performance RC Junior
Brown, Jim 2000-10-02 Canyon DHB Sungod Continental
Brown, Joshua 2004-04-01 Tofauti Everyone Active Junior
Brown, Matthew 2004-02-21 Elitecycling Junior Team Junior
Brown, Toby 2004-07-15 trainSharp Development team Junior
Brown, William 1992-11-26 Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Continental
Bruce, Andrew - Vanelli-Project Go Other
Buck-Jones, Huw 2004-03-24 Backstedt Bike Performance RC Junior
Buckley, Ken 1986-10-06 Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT Other
Bullard, Georgia 2000-12-20 VIB Sports UCI Women
Bulley, Lewis 1998-02-25 Indulek-Doltcini-Derito CT Other
Burke, Matthew 2000-07-29 Wales Racing Academy Other
Burnett, Marcus 1998-09-02 BC Private Member Other
Byam, Lucas 2003-07-30 Nopinz Motip Dev.Team Junior
Byrne, Dan - Primera-TeamJobs Other
Cadavid Rivera, Santiago Isaac 2000-09-10 Super Froiz Other
Calcutt, Jordan - Dulwich Paragon CC Other
Calow, Edward - Royal Air Force CA Other
Cameron, Euan 2000-02-04 E.C.Wallonie Other
Carpenter, Dante 1994-08-12 TAAP Cervelo Other
Carr, Frazier 1994-01-02 Spirit Bontrager-BSS Rotor Other
Carr, Simon 1998-08-29 EF Education-NIPPO WorldTour
Carter, Chris - Kingston Wheelers Other
Carter, Matthew 1975-08-11 Velo Schils Interbike RT Other
Carthy, Hugh 1994-07-09 EF Education-NIPPO WorldTour
Cavendish, Mark 1985-05-21 Deceuninck-Quick Step WorldTour
Chadwick, Michael 1989-05-24 ClancyBriggs Cycling Academy Other
Chant, Kevin - Wightlink-Wight Mountain Other
Chapman, James - Team PB Performance Other
Chard, Megan 1998-01-06 Dubai Police Cycling Team Women Other
Charles, Tom - trainSharp Development team Junior
Charlton, Josh 2003-02-10 Fensham Howes - MAS Design Junior
Chilton, Ben 2003-06-11 Spectra Wiggle pb Vitus Other
Christian, Anna 1995-08-06 Drops-Le Col supported by Tempur UCI Women
Christian, Mark 1990-11-20 EOLO-KOMETA Cycling Team ProTeam
Christmas, Danielle 1987-12-21 Drops-Le Col supported by Tempur UCI Women
Clark, Joe 1992-03-09 Cycling Sheffield-Giant Sheffield Other
Clark, Joseph 1998-11-18 Cycling Sheffield-Giant Sheffield Other
Clark, Patrick 1996-01-11 Lifting Gead Prod Other
Clark, Sam 2001-01-04 TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling Gett Taxi Other
Clarke, Matt - Wheelbase CabTech Castelli Other
Clayton, Damien 1992-07-30 Canyon DHB Sungod Continental
Clegg, Rhys - PMR@ToachimHouse Other
Clements, Evan 1989 Team Smartdry Other
Clements, Matthew 1997-10-15 Kuwait Pro Cycling Team Continental
Clough, Joshua 2003-09-03 Wheelbase CabTech Castelli U19 Junior
Coates, Jacques 2002 Team PB Performance Other
Cocker, Peter 1995-05-11 Richardsons Trek Other
Colborne, Henrietta 1998-04-20 GT Krush Tunap Pro Cycling UCI Women
Cole, Craig 1984-06-23 Team Solo Vinci Other
Coleman, Zak 1999-01-15 Acrog - Tormans Other
Coning, Ash 2000-02-12 Tavfer - Measindot - Mortagua Continental
Conner, Matthew - Jam Cycling RT coached by BPC Other
Cooil, Matthew 2003-12-20 Team Utmost IOM Junior
Cook, Shaun 1990-12-29 Bristol RC Other
Cooper, Nicholas 1997-05-01 Team Farto-BTC Other
Copley, Josh 1999-07-22 TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling Gett Taxi Other
Corney, Dean - Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col R Other
Cotterell, Adam 1987-05-21 Project 51 Other
Coukham, Joe 2001-12-31 Prologue Racing Team Other
Coutinho, Luis - RC Ravenna Other
Couzens, Tom 2001-11-28 Spirit Bontrager-BSS Rotor Other
Craddock, Luke - TAAP Cervelo Other
Creeggan, David - Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col R Other
Crockett, Finn 1999-06-30 Wheelbase CabTech Castelli Other
Crook, Jack 1999-06-07 Dolan Ellesse RT Other
Cross, Archie 1994-12-05 Bristol RC Other
Cross, Eugene 1998-08-23 Velo Schils Interbike RT Other
Crossley, Jake 2003-07-31 Tofauti Everyone Active Junior
Croxton, Joshua - Team Tor 2000 Kalas Other
Cullaigh, Gabriel 1996-04-08 Movistar Team WorldTour
Cullen, Tom 1999-01-24 Otley CC Other
Culverwell, Sam 2000-10-05 Trinity Racing Continental
Cushway, Maximilian 2004-06-07 AG2R Citroën U19 Team Junior
Dahlhaus, Tobias 1999-08-07 Foran CCC Other
Dalton, Bruce - Spectra Wiggle pb Vitus Other
Davenport, Andrew - Team Tor 2000 Kalas Other
Davies, Bryn 2002-03-09 Bikestrong-KTM Elite Team Other
Davies, Cai 1998-07-02 Bikestrong-KTM Elite Team Other
Davies, Clay 1992-05-19 Spirit Bontrager-BSS Rotor Other
Davies, Conor 1999-03-16 Saint Piran Continental
Davies, Joshua - Rafkarna Idea Cycling Team Other
Davies, Scott 1995-08-05 Bahrain Victorious WorldTour
Davies, Tristan 2001-11-14 Saint Piran Continental
Day, Tom 2002-07-17 SEG Racing Academy Continental
Dean, Alan - Edinburg RC Other
Deignan, Lizzie 1988-12-18 Trek-Segafredo Women WorldTour
Dent, Alexander 2001-08-06 Team Elite Restauration 89 Other
Dent, Stephen 1999-06-27 Urbano CT Other
Dibben, Jonathan 1994-02-12 LEOMO Bellmare Racing Team Other
Dixon, Leah 1991-08-26 Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank UCI Women
Dobbing, Matthew - Cleveland Whs RT-Catley Lakeman Other
Dobbins, Matti 2001-01-19 RT23 Other
Dodd, Mattie 2004-11-27 Backstedt Bike Performance RC Junior
Doig, Jordan - Wheelbase CabTech Castelli Other
Donaldson, Robert 2002-04-08 Team Inspired Other
Donovan, Mark 1999-04-03 Team DSM WorldTour
Dorward, Jonny 2000-06-01 Army Cycling Union Other
Double, Paul 1996-06-24 MG.K vis VPM Continental
Doull, Owain 1993-02-05 INEOS Grenadiers WorldTour
Downie, Matthew 1997-02-04 TAAP Cervelo Other
Dowsett, Alex 1988-10-03 Israel Start-Up Nation WorldTour
Drain, James - Arctic Aircon RT Other
Duggan, David 1984-01-05 Wheelbase CabTech Castelli Other
Dunlop, Colin - Veloclub Edinburgh Other
Dunton, Finn 2004-07-01 Elitecycling Junior Team Junior
Durrell, Rebecca 1988-08-25 CAMS-Basso UCI Women
Eakins, Richard - Ystwyth CC Other
Ecobichon, Callum 2002-01-20 Holdsworth Zappi RT Other
Edwards, Andy 1981-03-31 Bikestrong-KTM Elite Team Other
Ellis, Matt 2000-07-22 Saint Piran Continental
Elwood, Tom - Team LDN-Brother UK Other
Enever, Sophie 1999-11-22 Lviv Cycling Team UCI Women
Etherington, Ben 2004-11-19 Manilla Cycling Junior
Evans, Hefin - Caffi Gruff Other
Evans, Iwan 2002-08-30 Saint Piran Continental
Evans, Joe 1996-12-02 Saint Piran Continental
Evans, Louis 2001-02-24 Team Novo Nordisk Development Continental
Fawcett, Ross - Orwell Velo Other
Fenner, Liam 1998-08-06 API-MetrowBodyby JR Other
Field, Ian 1986-06-18 Spectra Wiggle pb Vitus Other
Finney, Jessica 1995-12-07 CAMS-Basso UCI Women
Fisher, Annabel 1989-09-19 Stade Rochelais Charente-Maritime Women UCI Women
Fisher, Kyle - Lakeland CC Other
Fitzpatrick, Tom 1992-11-16 EuroCyclingTrips - CMI Pro Cycling Continental
Flynn, Sean 2000-03-02 SEG Racing Academy Continental
Foggensteiner, James - Team PB Performance Other
Forsyth, Hamish 2003-03-24 trainSharp Development team Junior
Foster, William 2001 JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team Junior
Fothergill, Jack 2003-04-05 Team Jewson-M.I.Racing Junior
Fougo, Tiago 1999-06-22 Team Elite Restauration 89 Other
Fowles, Jonathan 1992-04-01 Tactic Sport UK RT Other
Fraser, Chloe 1993-09-20 Macogep Tornatech Girondins de Bordeaux UCI Women
Freeman, Aaron 2002-01-19 Richardsons Trek Other
Freeman, Gary - Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich Other
Freeman, Jack 1998-09-04 Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col R Other
Froome, Chris 1985-05-20 Israel Start-Up Nation WorldTour
Gales, Jonathan - Team LDN-Brother UK Other
Gardner, Illi 1999-10-14 CAMS-Basso UCI Women
Garry, Sebastian 1999-06-09 Nopinz Motip Other
Gault, Fraser 2003-04-19 Spokes Racing Team Other
Genner, Charlie 2002-09-12 Holdsworth Zappi RT Other
Geoghegan Hart, Tao 1995-03-30 INEOS Grenadiers WorldTour
George, Alfie 2001-10-30 Team Inspired Other
George, Jennifer 1983-04-09 Memorial Santos-Saddledrunk UCI Women
Georgi, Pfeiffer 2000-09-27 Team DSM Women WorldTour
Gibb, Alex 2003-08-06 Spokes Racing Team Other
Gibson, Matthew 1996-09-02 Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Continental
Giddings, Joshua 2003-07-20 Z Junior Cycling Team Junior
Giles, Jordan 1999-02-02 Southampton University RC Other
Gill, Michael - Saint Piran Develop. Other
Gloag, Thomas 2001-09-13 Trinity Racing Continental
Glowinski, Philipp 1983-10-24 V.C.Londres Other
Gloyn, Stephan - Army Cycling Union Other
Golliker, Joshua 2004-03-23 trainSharp Development team Junior
Goodwin, Daniel 2003-08-30 trainSharp Development team Junior
Gornall, Amy 1996-09-13 Finish Line Racing Women Other
Graham, Rupert 1993-02-26 Spirit Bontrager-BSS Rotor Other
Granger, Ben 2000-08-08 Holdsworth Zappi RT Other
Grant, Emma 1991-09-30 Massi Tactic Women Team UCI Women
Graveney, Hannah 2000-04-14 AWOL O'Shea UCI Women
Gray, George 2004-06-26 Z Junior Cycling Team Junior
Gray, Joshua - Team Tor 2000 Kalas Other
Greaves, Ryan 2003-07-16 HUUB Ribble Performance Academy Other
Green, Siméon 1979-12-06 EuroCyclingTrips - CMI Pro Cycling Continental
Greenwood, Josh 2001-03-22 RC Pesant Club Ligeois Other
Gregory, Alec 2002-01-07 GSC Blagnac Velo Sport 31 Other
Grey, Matthew 1999-10-13 Jam Cycling RT coached by BPC Other
Griffiths, Josh 1999-09-06 Bikestrong-KTM Elite Team Other
Grigson, Tom 1984-02-21 Bikestrong-KTM Elite Team Other
Grinczer, Natalie 1993-11-15 CAMS-Basso UCI Women
Haines, Alex 2001-02-22 GSC Blagnac Velo Sport 31 Other
Hales, Jake 1991-12-12 Spirit Bontrager-BSS Rotor Other
Hallet, Nathan - Nopinz Motip Other
Hampton, Russell 1988-02-23 Onimpex Bio Racer RT Other
Hannay, Tyler 2003-09-03 Team Utmost IOM Junior
Harding, William 2002-08-04 Cycling Sheffield-Giant Sheffield Other
Hardy, Ben 1998-04-28 SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling Continental
Hardy, Nathan 2004-02-10 Tofauti Everyone Active Junior
Harlow, Sion 1995-03-27 Team PB Performance Other
Harper, William 1990-02-27 SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling Continental
Harrington, Thomas - Nopinz Motip Dev.Team Junior
Harris, Jonathan - PMR@ToachimHouse Other
Harrison, Ben 1979-12-15 Crimson Orientation Marketing Other
Harrison, Elliot - Crimson Orientation Marketing Other
Harrison, James 2002-08-09 ASPTT Nancy Other
Hartley, James 2003-06-15 JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team Junior
Hawkins, Angus 2001-07-12 Spirit Bontrager-BSS Rotor Other
Hawkins, James 2003-03-21 JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team Junior
Haworth, Peter - Team Tor 2000 Kalas Other
Hayes, Connie 2000-10-27 AWOL O'Shea UCI Women
Hayter, Ethan 1998-09-18 INEOS Grenadiers WorldTour
Hayter, Leo 2001-08-10 Development Team DSM Continental
Heal, Thomas - Vredestein-Basso Other
Henderson, Anna 1998-11-14 Jumbo-Visma Women Team UCI Women
Henderson, Keith - Southborough & District Whls Other
Henderson, Torin - Southborough & District Whls Other
Hennessy, Jacob 1996-08-10 Canyon DHB Sungod Continental
Hennessy, Ollie - Saint Piran Develop. Other
Herrod, Seb - Rotor Race Team Other
Herrod, Zac 1998-01-21 Aerolab Ward Wheelz Other
Hewing, Carrick 2004-04-16 HUUB Ribble Performance Academy Other
Hicks, Dylan 2004-04-05 Isorex Cycling Team Junior
Hill, David - Giant-Kendal RT Other
Hill, James 1996-08-22 Crimson Orientation Marketing Other
Hill, Joe 1999 UpShift Nutrition Racing Other
Hill, Jordan 1994-01-19 Asfra Racing Team Oudenaarde Other
Hill, Taylor 2003-02-19 JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team Junior
Hird, David 2002-04-26 Haleshowen A & CC Other
Hitch, Jonathan - Army Cycling Union Other
Hitt, Peter 1994-10-19 Vredestein-Basso Other
Hobbs, Noah 2004-07-23 Backstedt Cycling Other
Holden, Elizabeth 1997-09-12 Bizkaia-Durango UCI Women
Holden, Ralf 2004-07-02 Team Utmost IOM Junior
Holland, Finlay 2004-07-15 Beeston Cycling Club Junior
Holland, Ross 1998-02-16 Saint Piran Continental
Hollins, Jake 1990-03-24 Velo Schils Interbike RT Other
Hollis, Sam 2004-02-29 Prologue Racing Team Other
Hollyman, Mason 2000-06-25 Israel Cycling Academy Continental
Holmes, Daniel 2004-04-09 Wheelbase CabTech Castelli U19 Junior
Holmes, Lewis 2004-07-02 Beeston Cycling Club Junior
Holmes, Matt - Arctic Aircon RT Other
Holmes, Matthew 1993-12-08 Lotto Soudal WorldTour
Holt, Joe 1997-10-13 Team Wales Other
Holwill, Sam 2003-01-11 trainSharp Development team Junior
Hooley, Ross 2004-01-13 Innovation Racing Junior
Hopkins, Edward 2004-03-12 Beeston Cycling Club Junior
Horrocks, Fabian 1998-02-02 Velo Schils Interbike RT Other
Horsman, Harry - TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling Gett Taxi Other
Houlberg, Matthew 2002-05-25 Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col R Other
Houlihan, Ben 2003-07-11 Wheelbase CabTech Castelli U19 Junior
Housley, Josh 1997-07-25 Willebrord Wil Vooruit Other
Howarth, Chris - Royal Navy & Royal Marines Other
Howells, Rhys 1987-09-30 Richardsons Trek Other
Hubbard, Jeremy - Sotonia CC Other
Hucks, Oliver 1998-12-19 Nopinz Motip Other
Hudson, Declan 1994-08-19 Dolan Ellesse RT Other
Hughes, Dylan 2000 Asfra Racing Team Oudenaarde Other
Humber-Kelly, Dylan 2004-05-04 Elitecycling Junior Team Junior
Humphries, Christopher - Onimpex Bio Racer RT Other
Hunt, Harry - Otley CC Other
Hurdle, Oliver 1999-09-21 Southampton University RC Other
Hurst, Cameron 2000-01-25 Velo Schils Interbike RT Other
Huszar, Oliver - Crimson Orientation Marketing Other
Hutchings, Oscar - Team Tor 2000 Kalas Other
Iddon, Ben 2003-08-19 Innovation Racing Junior
Ives, Harry 2003-03-06 trainSharp Development team Junior
Jagger, Mark - Lifting Gead Prod Other
James, Henry - Crawley Wheelers RT Other
James, Jacob 2003-10-30 trainSharp Development team Junior
James, Neil - Southborough & District Whls Other
James, Owen 1995-10-15 SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling Continental
James, Steffan - Ystwyth CC Other
James, Tim 1998-02-14 SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling Continental
James-Morris, Liam 2002-03-24 Wales Racing Academy Other
Jarvis, Kieran - Brother UK-Cycle Team On Form Other
Jarvis, Toby 1992-10-23 Team PB Performance Other
Jeffers, Cameron 1996-10-30 Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Continental
Jewitt, William - JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team Junior
Jobber, James 1994-01-09 Kuwait Pro Cycling Team Continental
Johnson, Charlie 2003-10-02 Lee Valley Youth CC U19 Junior
Johnson, Harry 2000-11-24 Nopinz Motip Other
Johnston, Calum 1998-11-01 Caja Rural-Seguros RGA amateur Other
Jones, Aled 1988-09-27 V.C.Equipe-FlixOral Other
Jones, Fergus 2001-06-02 Zero BC Other
Jones, Lee - Team Al Jassra Other
Jones, Richard 1992-09-30 Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Continental
Jones, Steven - Team Tor 2000 Kalas Other
Jordan, Harry 2004-05-23 Backstedt Bike Performance RC Junior
Joshi, Angus - Edinburg RC Other
Jowett, Lucas 2004-11-24 Beeston Cycling Club Junior
Kay, Anna 1999-05-06 Team Rupelcleaning-Champion Lubricants UCI Women
Kelly, Adam 2000-04-25 Urbano CT Other
Kemp, Joseph - Army Cycling Union Other
Kennett, Stanley 1995-01-08 TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling Gett Taxi Other
Kerr, Andrew - Inflite Dynamic Rides Race Team Other
Kettlewell, Sam 2001-11-19 Velo Schils Interbike RT Other
Kiely, Joe 2003-05-09 AG2R Citroën U19 Team Junior
Kilsby, Frank 1994-04-20 TAAP Cervelo Other
Kimber, George 1999-11-10 Spirit Bontrager-BSS Rotor Other
Kinch, Llewwellyn 1989-10-23 TAAP Cervelo Other
King, Aaron 2002-08-30 RT23 Other
King, Matthew 1995-10-20 Team PB Performance Other
Kingston, Matthew 2002-03-18 Holdsworth Zappi RT Other
Kirk, Thomas 1982-12-02 Vredestein-Basso Other
Knight, Oliver 2001-01-25 A.V.C. Aix-en-Provence Other
Knowles, Rory 2004-05-12 Z Junior Cycling Team Junior
Knox, James 1995-11-04 Deceuninck-Quick Step WorldTour
Krasinski, Max 2003-04-27 Prologue Racing Team Other
Krukov, Michael - Team LDN-Brother UK Other
Kwon, Elijah 2004-06-28 The Cycling Academy Other
Kyffin, Zeb 1998-02-23 Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Continental
Laborde, Callum 2004-10-11 Tofauti Everyone Active Junior
Lamb, Ross 1995-10-12 SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling Continental
Lampier, Steve 1984-03-02 Saint Piran Continental
Lancaster, Gavin - Steele Davis Via Roma RT Other
Langdon, Rachel 1988-09-25 InstaFund Racing UCI Women
Lashley, Sam 1995-06-20 Wheelbase CabTech Castelli Other
Latham, Christopher 1994-02-06 SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling Continental
Latimer, Henry 1993-03-24 TAAP Cervelo Other
Laverick, Joe 2000-12-06 Hagens Berman Axeon Continental
Lawless, Christopher 1995-11-04 Team TotalEnergies ProTeam
Lawrence, Aidan 2003-06-03 Fensham Howes - MAS Design Junior
Lawrence, Angus 2003-02-11 Lee Valley Youth CC U19 Junior
Lawson, Adrian - Nopinz Motip Other
Lawson, Harvey - Nopinz Motip Dev.Team Junior
Lawson, Murray 2003-03-20 Spokes Racing Team U19 Junior
Lawton, Henry 2001-01-18 AG2R Citroën U23 Team Other
Leeming-Sykes, Dexter 2003-04-17 Tofauti Everyone Active Junior
Lees, Tom 2003-07-03 JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team Junior
Leigh, Jacob 2003-10-03 JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team Junior
Leroy, Benjamin 2004-07-03 JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team Junior
Lethbridge, Alice 1985-01-14 AWOL O'Shea UCI Women
Lewis, Adam 1995-08-21 Côtes d'Armor-Marie Morin Other
Lewis, Griff 2004-02-21 Backstedt Bike Performance RC Junior
Lewis, Gruff 1987-11-11 Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Continental
Lewis, Matthew 2000-04-01 Urbano CT Other
Lewis, Robert - Royal Navy & Royal Marines Other
Lightfoot, Owen 2003-06-12 Z Junior Cycling Team Junior
Lines, David 1978-02-01 Wheelbase CabTech Castelli Other
Lock, Matthew 1994-10-05 TAAP Cervelo Other
Lockwood, Julian - Primera-TeamJobs Other
Lord, Matthew 2003-11-18 Lee Valley Youth CC U19 Junior
Lowden, Joscelin 1987-10-03 Drops-Le Col supported by Tempur UCI Women
Lowther, Tom 2001-08-22 Vredestein-Basso Other
Lutz-Atkinson, Max 2003-09-27 HUUB Ribble Performance Academy Other
Lynch, Timothy 1995-12-24 London Dynamo Other
Mackay, Rory 1997-05-27 TAAP Cervelo Other
Mackie, Ewan 2002-07-12 Netllar Telecom-Ale Other
Maclean, Logan 2001-03-02 Wheelbase CabTech Castelli Other
MacLeod, Callum 2000-03-08 Canyon DHB Sungod Continental
Macleod, Euan 2002-07-29 Canyon DHB Sungod Continental
Main, Chris 1982-02-04 Deeside Thistle CC Other
Mallen, Ross - Royal Air Force CA Other
Malone, Matt 2003-04-16 Z Junior Cycling Team Junior
Mangham, Olivier 2004-02-05 V.C.Londres Other
Mansel-Thomas, Dexter 2002-01-17 KDM-Pack Cycling Team Other
Mardle, Richard 1980-12-09 Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT Other
Marsden, Josh 2004-05-27 Innovation Racing Junior
Martin, Daniel 1998-08-05 Thanet RC Race Team Other
Martin, Fraser 1996-09-09 Wheelbase CabTech Castelli Other
Martin, Joseph - Crawley Wheelers RT Other
Martin, Phoebe 1998-11-18 AWOL O'Shea UCI Women
Martin, Tom 1999-01-27 Netllar Telecom-Ale Other
Martinez, Alex - Vredestein-Basso Other
Marvelly, Elizabeth 2001-03-27 AWOL O'Shea UCI Women
Mason, Cameron 2000-08-18 Trinity Racing Continental
Matthews, Harley - DAP CC Other
Matthews, Pete 1989-09-01 ClancyBriggs Cycling Academy Other
Maxwell, Oliver 1996-08-19 Saint Piran Continental
Maxwell, Stephen - Dulwich Paragon CC Other
Maybin, Richard 1987-04-21 Ballymena RC Other
Mayfield, Ivo 2001-03-07 Hennebont Cyclisme Other
Mayo, Harrison 2001-06-13 Bikestrong-KTM Elite Team Other
Mazzone, Leon 1996-12-13 Crimson Orientation Marketing Other
Mazzone, Tom 1993-07-09 Saint Piran Continental
Mc Sherry, Ciaran - Edinburg RC Other
McArthur, Gregor - Vanelli-Project Go Other
McClelland, John - Aerolab Ward Wheelz Other
McDermott, Daniel 1987-02-19 BC Private Member Other
McDonald, Richard - Vanelli-Project Go Other
McGoldrick, Conor 1998-02-10 Primera-TeamJobs Other
McHenry, Finn 2004-07-08 The Cycling Academy Other
McInnes, Struan 1996-09-20 Clifton CC Other
McKay, James 1997-03-21 Cycling Sheffield-Giant Sheffield Other
McKellar, John 1991-11-13 Tactic Sport UK RT Other
McKie, Ben - V.C.Londres Other
McKinnon, Conor - Dolan Ellesse RT Other
McLaren, Cameron 1999-01-13 Nopinz Motip Dev.Team Junior
McLay, Daniel 1992-01-03 Team Arkéa-Samsic ProTeam
McLean, Harvey 2002 V.C.St Raphael Other
McNamara, Chris 1975-03-25 Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT Other
McNaughton, Harvey 1999-08-06 Wales Racing Academy Other
McNicol, Alastair - Dooleys Cycles RT Other
McRae, Alexander - Crimson Orientation Marketing Other
Meadows, Richard 1989-11-24 Royal Air Force CA Other
Meakin, Emily 1988-12-18 Drops-Le Col supported by Tempur UCI Women
Mein, Thomas 1999-01-12 Canyon DHB Sungod Continental
Meredith, Fred 2004-12-25 Backstedt Bike Performance RC Junior
Merritt, Peter 1997-05-20 TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling Gett Taxi Other
Merry, Tom - Vanelli-Project Go Other
Mewes, Ben 1999-01-26 Holdsworth Zappi RT Other
Millar, Ben 1995-09-30 Team Tor 2000 Kalas Other
Miller, Paul 1980-07-04 Athlon CC Other
Mills-Keeling, George 2001-11-18 A.V.C. Aix-en-Provence Other
Mitchell, Adam 2002-02-24 Crimson Orientation Marketing Other
Mitchell, George - Paceline RT Other
Modell, Theo 2000-02-09 WB-Fybolia Locminé Other
Moody, Benjamin 2000-10-25 Anarto SVK Other
Morgan, Edward - Caffi Gruff Other
Morris, Jamie 2002-04-09 Team U Cube 17 Other
Mottram, Michael 1990-06-08 Spectra Wiggle pb Vitus Other
Mould, Jonathan 1991-04-04 Tekkerz CC Other
Mould, Robin 1992-12-30 Foran CCC Other
Mundy, Isaac 1994-10-07 Richardsons Trek Other
Murphy, Lauren 1999-03-26 Andy Schleck-CP NVST-Immo Losch UCI Women
Murphy, Oisin - V.C.Equipe-FlixOral Other
Murray, Clover 1997-10-06 CAMS-Basso UCI Women
Murrin, Chris - Team Al Jassra Other
Nally, Joe 1999-07-13 Team Elite Restauration 89 Other
Nancarrow, Tom 1998-08-07 Nopinz Motip Other
Nelson, Josie 2002-04-08 Team Coop-Hitec Products UCI Women
Nelson, Kevin - Crawley Wheelers RT Other
Nerurkar, Lukas 2003-11-14 V.C.Londres Other
Newall, Michael 2003-11-05 HUUB Ribble Performance Academy Other
Newman, Frederick 2003-06-15 V.C.Londres Other
Newsome, Paul 1987-07-02 Project 51 Other
Nicholls, Craig - API-MetrowBodyby JR Other
Nichols, Andrew 1989-11-02 Lifting Gead Prod Other
Nicholson, James 1992-07-29 TAAP Cervelo Other
Nilsson-Julien, Oscar 2002-01-10 Team Inspired Other
Nisbet, Callum 2002-07-29 Kiwi Velo Other
Norman, Cameron 2000-08-21 Cycle Poitevin Other
Norris, Matthew - Primera-TeamJobs Other
Obholzer, Theodor 1999-07-02 Dolan Ellesse RT Other
Onley, Oscar 2002-10-13 Development Team DSM Continental
Opie, Chris 1987-07-22 Saint Piran Continental
Ormes, Trevor - Rapha CC Other
Orr, Cameron 1999-03-16 Team Inspired Other
Orr, Robert 1980-10-01 EuroCyclingTrips - CMI Pro Cycling Continental
Ottley, Sebastian 1984-12-13 RC Ravenna Other
Owen, Harriet 1993-12-16 InstaFund Racing UCI Women
Owram, Christopher - Bath CC Other
Oxley, Jonathan 1998-09-25 Beeston Cycling Club Other
Oxley-Crisp, Leighton 1996-01-18 Velo Schils Interbike RT Other
O´Connell, James 1998-12-27 Goma Dakwerken-VDB Steenhouwerij CT Other
Page, Charles 1999-01-08 Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Continental
Page, Will - Primera-TeamJobs Other
Paige, Charles 2001-07-07 Team U Cube 17 Other
Painter, Samuel 2001-02-22 TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling Gett Taxi Other
Panton, Megan 2001-01-16 Multum Accountants Ladies Cycling Team UCI Women
Parkinson, Abby-Mae 1997-07-30 Lotto Soudal Ladies UCI Women
Parkinson, Jamie - G.S.Mossa Other
Parry, Ellie 2002-09-18 Tank Guy Women Other
Parsonage, Steven 1996-01-16 Richardsons Trek Other
Passfield, Charlie 1997-08-24 Spirit Bontrager-BSS Rotor Other
Patch, Molly 1995-07-12 Sopela Women's Team UCI Women
Paveley, Harry 2003-06-09 Innovation Racing Junior
Paxman, Jody - Team LDN-Brother UK Other
Peacock, Jordan 1994-07-08 Spirit Bontrager-BSS Rotor Other
Pearson, Daniel 1994-02-26 Vini Zabù ProTeam
Pearson, Jack 2004-08-11 Beeston Cycling Club Junior
Peatfield, Benjamin 2003-09-11 AG2R Citroën U19 Team Junior
Peatfield, Isaac 2001-05-04 Crimson Orientation Marketing Other
Peckham, James 1988-04-27 Sotonia CC Other
Peckover, Ollie 1998-04-23 UpShift Nutrition Racing Other
Peet, Archie 2002-09-14 Flamme Rouge Other
Perks, Jeremy - Athlon CC Other
Perrett, William 1996-08-23 Spellman Dublin Port Other
Perry, Ian - Velo Schils Interbike RT Other
Perry, Toby 2000-03-10 La Tova - Asesoría Almudévar Other
Peters, Alex 1994-03-31 SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling Continental
Peters, Phil - TAAP Cervelo Other
Petersen, Marinus - Spirit Bontrager-BSS Rotor Other
Pett, Freddy - DAP CC Other
Phillips, James - Nopinz Motip Other
Phillips, Neil 1986-05-21 Tekkerz CC Other
Phillips, Noah - V.C.Londres Other
Pickering, Finlay 2003-01-27 Fensham Howes - MAS Design Junior
Pidcock, Joseph 2002-03-20 Groupama-FDJ Conti Continental
Pidcock, Tom 1999-07-30 INEOS Grenadiers WorldTour
Pierce, Ben 2003-03-02 Team Jewson-M.I.Racing Junior
Pittock, George 2002-06-13 Thanet RC Race Team Other
Pollard, Robbie - Otley CC Other
Polley, Jack 1987-08-23 Mitre 10 MEGA Masterton Other
Poole, Christopher - London Dynamo Other
Poole, Max 2003-03-01 Fensham Howes - MAS Design Junior
Portsmouth, Tom 2001-12-19 Carbonbike Cycling Academy Other
Powell, Harrison 2002-07-17 Mysenlan-Baboco-Douterloigne CT Other
Preece, Finlay 2003-10-04 Cero-Cycle DR Other
Prenelle, Luke 2003-03-18 V.C.Londres Other
Preston, Aaron 2000-03-26 Cleveland Whs RT-Catley Lakeman Other
Price, David - Tactic Sport UK RT Other
Price, Gary - Vredestein-Basso Other
Price, Joshua 2000-02-14 Spirit Bontrager-BSS Rotor Other
Price, Thomas - Reflex Racing Other
Prince, Ken - Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col R Other
Protheroe, Luke 2001-09-29 Cardiff Ajax CC Other
Pullen, Daniel 1999-09-14 ASPTT Nancy Other
Purbrook, Barnabas 1989-04-23 Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT Other
Quarterman, Charlie 1998-09-06 Trek-Segafredo WorldTour
Quinn, Christopher - Onimpex Bio Racer RT Other
Quinn, Paul 1990-01-01 Army Cycling Union Other
Radcliffe, George 2003-09-11 Identity Racing Junior
Randall, Alex - Team Tor 2000 Kalas Other
Raynard, Alex - Lifting Gead Prod Other
Redding, Sam 1990-08-26 Alpha Bicycle Co-Groove Subaru Other
Rees, Jack 1989-05-12 Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Continental
Rees, Joseph 2000-07-16 Bikestrong-KTM Elite Team Other
Rees, Oliver 2001-03-16 Trinity Racing Continental
Rees-Clarck, Steve - Vredestein-Basso Other
Reilly, Joe 1999-10-11 ASPTT Nancy Other
Renshaw, Charlie 1997-08-07 ClancyBriggs Cycling Academy Other
Retallack, Jordan - Saint Piran Develop. Other
Revell, Charlie - Team Tor 2000 Kalas Other
Richards, Bryn 2003-02-03 Brother UK-Cycle Team On Form Other
Richards, Mark - DAP CC Other
Richardson, Alexandar 1990-04-30 Alpecin-Fenix ProTeam
Richardson, Cameron 1998-08-27 BC Private Member Other
Ridehalgh, Jamie 1999-01-16 Crimson Orientation Marketing Other
Rigg, Andrew - Foran CCC Other
Riley, Callum 1994-09-22 Richardsons Trek Other
Riley, Kieran 2003-06-23 Cero-Cycle DR Other
Rimmer, Nicholas 1997-03-28 C.C.Proyecto Uno Other
Robbins, Tristan 1996-05-26 SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling Continental
Roberts, Jessica 1999-04-11 Team BikeExchange Women WorldTour
Roberts, John 2003-07-23 Innovation Racing Junior
Roberts, Owain 2001-02-24 Team Wales Other
Roberts, William 1998-06-04 Team Wales Other
Robinson, Billy 1998-03-07 Cycling Sheffield-Giant Sheffield Other
Robinson, Fergus 2003-01-31 HUUB Ribble Performance Academy Other
Robinson, Fergus 1998-01-18 Eiser-Hirumet Other
Robinson, Oliver 1999-03-30 Indulek-Doltcini-Derito CT Other
Roche, Julian 1998-10-21 Creuse Oxygène Guéret Other
Roe, Jake - Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col R Other
Rogers, Craig - Cambridge University CC Other
Rootkin-Gray, Jack 2002-11-05 Team Inspired Other
Roper, Tom 1999-02-06 Inflite Dynamic Rides Race Team Other
Rowe, Luke 1990-03-10 INEOS Grenadiers WorldTour
Rushby, Max 2001-01-20 Team Inspired Other
Rutter, Thomas - Team PB Performance Other
Ryan, Luke 1990-04-05 Richardsons Trek Other
Safranauskas, George 2003-03-04 JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team Junior
Sales, George 2000-09-26 Project 51 Other
Salmon, Alfie 2004-05-06 Lee Valley Youth CC U19 Junior
Satoor, James 2003-02-08 Cero-Cycle DR Other
Sauvagnargues, Jacques 1999-09-24 Maloja Pushbikers Continental
Savage, Ben - Royal Navy & Royal Marines Other
Savage, Kieran 1997-05-25 VC Corbas Other
Sawers, John - Royal Navy & Royal Marines Other
Schils, Dominic 1991-10-07 Velo Schils Interbike RT Other
Schnabel, Jacob 2003-11-23 FlandersColor-Galloo Team Junior
Scott, Jacob 1995-06-14 Canyon DHB Sungod Continental
Scott, Katie 2001-04-20 CAMS-Basso UCI Women
Scott, Neil 1991-07-25 Deeside Thistle CC Other
Scott, Rob 1998-07-24 Canyon DHB Sungod Continental
Scupham, Louise 1997-12-12 AWOL O'Shea UCI Women
Selfe, Ritchie 2002-10-24 KDM-Pack Cycling Team Other
Sella, Alessandro 2004-06-29 Lee Valley Youth CC U19 Junior
Shackley, Anna 2001-05-17 Team SD Worx Women WorldTour
Sharpe, Amelia 2001-07-24 NXTG Racing UCI Women
Shaw, Gabriella 1992-06-22 CAMS-Basso UCI Women
Shaw, James 1996-06-13 Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Continental
Shenton-McQueen, Fred 2004-03-03 Beeston Cycling Club Junior
Sherriffs, Chris 1992-08-31 Crimson Orientation Marketing Other
Sherwin, Alex 2001-05-21 Holdsworth Zappi RT Other
Shields, Charlie 2000-05-26 Holdsworth Zappi RT Other
Shillabeer, Joe 2002-07-26 Clifton CC Other
Shoobridge, Daniel 1993-06-20 Nopinz Motip Other
Shoreman, Tim 2000-05-01 Wheelbase CabTech Castelli Other
Side, Corinne - Finish Line Racing Women Other
Silliphant, Max - Team PB Performance Other
Simcox, Kieran 1997-08-22 Army Cycling Union Other
Simmonds, Hayley 1988-07-22 CAMS-Basso UCI Women
Skinner, George 1997-09-29 Primera-TeamJobs Other
Skinner, Millie - Finish Line Racing Women Other
Slade, Callum - Jam Cycling RT coached by BPC Other
Slater, Alistair 1993-02-11 ClancyBriggs Cycling Academy Other
Smith, Abi 2002-04-01 Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank UCI Women
Smith, George 1996-09-14 Primera-TeamJobs Other
Smith, Joseph 2004-04-20 Tofauti Everyone Active Junior
Smith, Lee - Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT Other
Smith, Martin 1969-11-24 Team LDN-Brother UK Other
Smith, Nathan 2000-08-27 Team Novo Nordisk Development Continental
Smith, Samuel 2004-10-21 V.C.Villefranche Beaujolais Juniors Junior
Smith, Will 2004-03-21 Z Junior Cycling Team Junior
Springbett, Thomas 1990-02-22 Foran CCC Other
Stedman, Max 1996-03-22 Canyon DHB Sungod Continental
Steels, Claire 1986-11-09 Sopela Women's Team UCI Women
Stewart, Jake 1999-10-02 Groupama-FDJ WorldTour
Stewart, Mark 1995-08-25 Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Continental
Stockdale, Ben 1989-10-04 Cotswold Cycles Trek Other
Stockwell, Oliver 2002-06-07 Team Inspired Other
Stone, Aaron 2001-07-01 Richardsons Trek Other
Storrar, Elspeth 1985 Team Farto-BTC UCI Women
Storrie, Becky 1998-09-27 CAMS-Basso UCI Women
Strachan, Hamish 2001-12-29 Holdsworth Zappi RT Other
Stroh, Harvey 2001-12-29 Inflite Dynamic Rides Race Team Other
Sutton, Joseph 1997-02-26 WB-Fybolia Locminé Other
Sutton, Keir - Exeter Wheelers Other
Sutton, Louis 2002-05-27 Netllar Telecom-Ale Other
Swift, Ben 1987-11-05 INEOS Grenadiers WorldTour
Swift, Connor 1995-10-30 Team Arkéa-Samsic ProTeam
Swindley, Stephen - Royal Navy & Royal Marines Other
Symonds, Bradley 1997-08-20 Saint Piran Continental
Tacey, April 2000-10-12 Drops-Le Col supported by Tempur UCI Women
Tanfield, Charlie 1996-11-17 Canyon DHB Sungod Continental
Tanfield, Harry 1994-11-17 Team Qhubeka NextHash WorldTour
Tanfield, Toby 2000-03-15 Cleveland Whs RT-Catley Lakeman Other
Tarling, Joshua 2004-02-15 FlandersColor-Galloo Team Junior
Taylor, Andrew - DAP CC Other
Taylor, Jude 1994-11-03 Crimson Orientation Marketing Other
Taylor, Matthew - Cycling Sheffield-Giant Sheffield Other
Teasdale, Josh 1993-10-23 X Speed United Continental
Tennant, Andrew 1987-03-09 Canyon DHB Sungod Continental
Thackray, Sophie 1999-09-17 CAMS-Basso UCI Women
Thomas, Alistair - Crimson Orientation Marketing Other
Thomas, Geraint 1986-05-25 INEOS Grenadiers WorldTour
Thomas, Kyle - Edinburg RC Other
Thompson, Benedict - Team LDN-Brother UK Other
Thompson, Jack 1998-08-11 Velo Schils Interbike RT Other
Thornley, Callum 2003-08-05 Spokes Racing Team U19 Junior
Thorp, Joe 2003-07-07 HUUB Ribble Performance Academy Other
Thwaites, Scott 1990-02-12 Alpecin-Fenix ProTeam
Tidball, William 2000-04-22 Team Inspired Other
Tillett, James 1999-06-19 V.S.Valletais Other
Tillett, Samuel 1999-06-19 Bikestrong-KTM Elite Team Other
Timberlake, Tom 2001-02-03 Brother UK-Cycle Team On Form Other
Tipper, Jacob 1991-12-02 Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Continental
Todd, Richard 1979-10-30 Trinity Racing Continental
Torrie, Timothy 1999-12-06 TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling Gett Taxi Other
Towers, Alice 2002-10-12 Drops-Le Col supported by Tempur UCI Women
Towers, Connah - Army Cycling Union Other
Towers, Lucas 2003-11-09 Cero-Cycle DR Other
Townsend, Tom - Vredestein-Basso Other
Truelove, William 2002-03-18 Wales Racing Academy Other
Tuchner, Benjamin 2004-11-02 Tekkerz CC Other
Tulett, Ben 2001-08-26 Alpecin-Fenix ProTeam
Tulett, Daniel 1999-07-03 Canyon DHB Sungod Continental
Turgoose, Fraser Jay 1994-09-21 S-Bikes-Doltcini Other
Turnbull, Fiona 2000-06-27 Lviv Cycling Team UCI Women
Turner, Andy 1995-02-13 SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling Continental
Turner, Ben 1999-05-29 Trinity Racing Continental
Turner, Gareth - V.C.Equipe-FlixOral Other
Turton, Dave 1969-10-23 Bikestrong-KTM Elite Team Other
Tyrie, Nicholas 1996-03-26 Primera-TeamJobs Other
Tysome, John 1980-01-24 MIVRO Other
Urquhart-Dixon, Louie 2003-12-27 trainSharp Development team Junior
Vagg, Ian - Project 51 Other
Vaughan, Jacob 1999-06-30 C.C.Etupes Other
Vernie, Pierre 1995-11-13 Team Material Velo-VC Vaulx-en-Velin Other
Vernon, Ethan 2000-08-26 Team Inspired Other
Visser, Ryan 1983-12-31 TAAP Cervelo Other
Wadsley, Samuel - Primera-TeamJobs Other
Wadsworth, Emily 1999-08-08 NXTG Racing UCI Women
Wakely, Peter 1980-09-20 Un-Attached Ulster Other
Walker, Charles 1997-07-18 Spirit Bontrager-BSS Rotor Other
Walker, Joey 1997-09-15 Crimson Orientation Marketing Other
Walker, Max 2001-07-12 Trinity Racing Continental
Walker, Zachary 2004-02-06 Team Utmost IOM Junior
Walkinshaw, Christopher 1997-03-19 Team PB Performance Other
Wallace, Alex - Bikestrong-KTM Elite Team Other
Walls, Matthew 1998-04-20 BORA-hansgrohe WorldTour
Walsh, Mike - Bikestrong-KTM Elite Team Other
Walsham, Sam 2000-03-13 U.S.Saint-Herblain Other
Ward, Eliot 1991-04-21 Inflite Dynamic Rides Race Team Other
Warhurst, Matthew 2000-04-01 Creuse Oxygène Guéret Other
Wassom, Adam - G.S.Mossa Other
Watkins, Ryan 2000-06-01 TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling Gett Taxi Other
Watson, Dean 1990-04-24 ClancyBriggs Cycling Academy Other
Watson, Matt 2002-01-22 Netllar Telecom-Ale Other
Watson, Sam 2001-09-24 Team Inspired Other
Watts, Daniel - Royal Air Force CA Other
Waymark, Holly 1999-11-07 AWOL O'Shea UCI Women
Weavers, Michael 1997-11-18 Indulek-Doltcini-Derito CT Other
Weller, Freddie 2004-04-02 V.C.Londres Other
West, Joseph 2000-02-13 TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling Gett Taxi Other
Westacott, Andrew 1993-09-21 Vredestein-Basso Other
Westley, Dylan 2001-03-13 Lizarte Other
Whale, Andy 1987-06-23 All Human-VeloRevolution Other
Whitcher, Jamie 2004-06-16 Cannibal Team Junior
Whitcombe, Lewis - VCA du Bourget Other
Whitehead, Josh 2000-06-01 Team PB Performance Other
Whittemore, Andrew - Exeter Wheelers Other
Wiley, Andrew - Army Cycling Union Other
Wiley, Tom - Team LDN-Brother UK Other
Williams, Ben - G.S.Mossa Other
Williams, Conor 2004-05-14 V.C.Londres Other
Williams, David 1989 TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling Gett Taxi Other
Williams, James - Reflex Racing Other
Williams, Stephen 1996-06-09 Bahrain Victorious WorldTour
Williams, Steven 1981-04-02 Army Cycling Union Other
Williamson, Max 1998-08-23 Vigo-Rias Baixas Other
Wilson, Joe 2001-01-29 Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Continental
Wilson, Simon 1980-01-08 Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Continental
Wise, Lloyd - Bikestrong-KTM Elite Team Other
Wiseman, Eleanor 1989-11-16 Bingoal-WB LADIES Women Other
Witts, Matt 1997-01-28 Nopinz Motip Other
Wood, George 2002-06-06 Cycling Sheffield-Giant Sheffield Other
Wood, Harrison 2000-06-14 SEG Racing Academy Continental
Wood, Oliver 1995-11-26 TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling Gett Taxi Other
Wood, Reece 1998-05-28 Canyon DHB Sungod Continental
Woodcock, Francis 2002-09-29 Team Farto-BTC Other
Woodliffe, Euan 2004-01-18 Backstedt Cycling Other
Woodward, Oscar 2003-11-26 Lee Valley Youth CC U19 Junior
Woolley, Jack 1992-05-06 Bikestrong-KTM Elite Team Other
Wootton, Kate 2001-10-06 CAMS-Basso UCI Women
Wright, Fred 1999-06-13 Bahrain Victorious WorldTour
Wright, Sophie 1999-03-15 Alé BTC Ljubljana Women WorldTour
Wrigth, Isaac 1999-07-13 Project 51 Other
Wyllie, Jack 1995-09-04 TAAP Cervelo Other
Wyllie, Simon 2002-05-17 Spectra Wiggle pb Vitus Other
Yates, Adam 1992-08-07 INEOS Grenadiers WorldTour
Yates, Daniel 2003-10-30 Innovation Racing Junior
Yates, Jesse 1996-08-01 Yoeleo Test Team p/b 4Mind Continental
Yates, Simon 1992-08-07 Team BikeExchange WorldTour
Yiangou, Tom 1997-04-30 Athlon CC Other
Young, Jenson 2001-06-14 Saint Piran Continental
Young, Xeno 1999-11-09 Creuse Oxygène Guéret Other