Classic Fantasy: 2019 Tour de France

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Rules for: Grand Tour
- The deadline: Saturday 6.Jul
- Choose a base team of 9 riders and two reserves
- Your riders can get points for finishing within the first 30 riders to cross the finish line on a stage.
- The number of points depends on the finishing position. See the score table.
- Riders with a classification leader's jersey will also score you points per stage. For the leader 20 points and 10 points for the other leaders.
- The ride who wins the combative title on a stage will be awarded with 40 points.
- The final classification also gives points. Four times the points of a stage. Points are only awarded if a rider stays for the entire duraction of the race in your team at the same spot!
- In your team not all riders have an equal weighing for scoring points. For those you think will get more points in a race you place those riders on a spot with a higher weighing. See the team selection screen.
- A team time trial doesn't count as a stage. Jersey points are awarded to the manager after the stage.
- Substitutions: on the two restdays it's possible to make changes to your team. The changes take into effect from the next stage stage. If there are three rest days, the two main rest days setting the race up for three periods will will be the those used. One important thing to keep in mind. If you substitute a rider, that rider loses their GC points at the end of the game. Also when you shift the spot that rider is on, that rider will lose their GC points for you at the end of the game.
- A reserve comes only in play when a rider from the base team isn't starting the race. All the riders below the vacant spot will be bumped up and the reserve will take the spot below the last one of you bumped up base team.
There is an exception: if a manager doesn't pick rider(s) in his base team, those spots remain empty. Therefore always make sure to have no empty spots!
Example: You have a rider on spot 5 and on spot 8 who won't start, you have no empty spots and you have picked the two reserves. What will happen? Spot 6 moves to spot 5. Spot 7 moves to spot 6. Spot 9 moves to spot 7. Spot reserve 1 moves to spot 8. Spot reserve 2 moves to spot 9.
- The team with the most points wins!

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CN IT CN 30.06
CN FR CN 30.06
CN BE CN 30.06
CN NL CN 30.06
Tour de France GT1 6-28.07
Villafranca 1.1 25.07

Point scale

No.1 = 100 pts
No.2 = 80 pts
No.3 = 60 pts
No.4 = 50 pts
No.5 = 45 pts
No.6 = 40 pts
No.7 = 36 pts
No.8 = 32 pts
No.9 = 29 pts
No.10 = 26 pts
No.11 = 24 pts
No.12 = 22 pts
No.13 = 20 pts
No.14 = 18 pts
No.15 = 16 pts
No.16 = 15 pts ..... No.30 = 1 pts.