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Draft - quick recap of rules comments [newest on top]

Cordi3 [Rioja] Friday 10.Jan 20:49, 2020
ok thanks!

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Friday 10.Jan 20:46, 2020
Sorry - should've added that:

- Everyone get to sign 3 stagiaries in the summer
- This is regardless of squad size
- Stagiaires are free, so you can sign them even if you've maxed out your budget

Cordi3 [Rioja] Friday 10.Jan 20:41, 2020
Kjeppen, one question...

How will work exactly the summer draft?
It's a must to leave some free spots in the roster for it, or you can add stagieres even if you have 30 riders?

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Friday 10.Jan 14:59, 2020
- There are 10 rounds in this draft
- Any team not at the minimum of 27 riders at the end of round 10 get supplementary drafts to bring them up to 27
- Drafts can be used to sign an unattached rider, increase wage on an existing contract or steal a rider by doubling his wage
- Riders born in 1998 or later can only be stolen by increasing existing wage x4
- No stealing after the 7th round, meaning any rider you sign in rounds 8-10 can't be stolen
- In the 7th round, if you steal from someone who's already made their 7th draft - they get an extra draft before the 8th round which can be used either to steal a rider from you or sign an unattached rider
- Any draft not made within 10 minutes is skipped. The manager can make it whenever he wants later on, but it can not be used to steal from anyone who's made a subsequent draft

There will be a small summer draft without trading/stealing so that any team not on 30 riders/maxed out budget can sign a few more riders.