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Volta a Portugal em Bicicleta Santan comments [newest on top]

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Sunday 11.Aug 22:03, 2019
Brandao did the ITT of his life! He was better than Veloso, but Rodrigues is a pure talent! I just hope he could reach WT next season

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Sunday 11.Aug 20:24, 2019
In other news, Xuban Errazkin reopened his Instagram account after having it closed since April :D #errazkinwatch

sinal [sinal cycling team] Sunday 11.Aug 19:57, 2019
Shocking the difference between João Rodrigues and Joni Brandão.

João Rodrigues on a level on his own today.

W52-FCP on this edition:
Yellow jersey
4 in top-5
Points jersey
4 stages + 1 prologue win
Team Classification

All this without Balarcon. WOW

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Sunday 11.Aug 18:55, 2019
Impressive! W52 on another level! Hope Next year they can go to vuelta

zcoolman [Cranksmashers] Sunday 11.Aug 18:18, 2019
Wow what a finish!

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Saturday 10.Aug 18:25, 2019
Damn tommorow Crono Will be explosive
Great win for Toni!

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Saturday 10.Aug 17:24, 2019
a great stage today, w52-fcp attacking from long distance as expected...

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Saturday 10.Aug 16:11, 2019
Lots of crashes today... Unai Cuadrado dnf

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Saturday 10.Aug 16:06, 2019
Shocking news! He was still in the race for the yellow

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Saturday 10.Aug 16:06, 2019
De Mateos leaves the race at the km47

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Friday 9.Aug 18:49, 2019
De mateos didnt feed correctly yesterday accoriding to his director and thats why he lost time

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Friday 9.Aug 18:48, 2019
Daniel Mestre just needs to finish sunday to win the jersey! 39pts for the second, 35 remaining in the last stages

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Thursday 8.Aug 19:05, 2019
Great climb also for Frederico Figueiredo! De mateos surprise how he lost time , still a favourite but has to do someting soon.

Veloso felt the crash

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Thursday 8.Aug 18:45, 2019
Final climb is done!
Joni new leader by 1sec ahead of João Rodrigues

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Thursday 8.Aug 16:26, 2019
Finish line moved to bottom of final climb today or? I see some rumors about that on Twitter

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Thursday 8.Aug 15:28, 2019
Sometimes these guys are too tough for their own good.

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Thursday 8.Aug 14:51, 2019
Yes, he is fine, but Daniel Mestre has a broken rib. He will start the stage and see how it goes but his goal is help the team and finish the Volta on sunday!

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Thursday 8.Aug 08:26, 2019
Joao Rodrigues says all is fine, just a few sores, but Nothing that should hinder him today.

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Wednesday 7.Aug 20:06, 2019
Crash in the last 3km, Veloso, João Rodrigues and Brandão there

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Wednesday 7.Aug 17:52, 2019
Some dnf/dns today!
#31 Domingos Gonçalves
#33 David Lopez
#162 Bruno Amaral
#166 José Cruz Tutu

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Sunday 4.Aug 22:21, 2019
*remote One

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Sunday 4.Aug 22:21, 2019
Im not angry with you my friend, i am angry is with the attack of grigoryev attack when Marque was behind , that make me mad but long time ago Sporting tavira should Change is manager

I Said that , in my opinion Veloso was always a candidate(altough a temores One) but when he got the Yellow , his favouritism increased in my opinion but we Will see there is still climbs and the Torre não pos toda a gente no seu lugar because it is very early on the Volta .

I remember he on contact with the tail of the peloton , that was the last image of him, still Del Pino had an punch also and was much better

There is still alot of Volta ....

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Sunday 4.Aug 21:45, 2019
As you said you were bad with English I was just trying to help... Dont need all that anger!

Dont remember you said that...

To recover what Marque recover until the climb starts its a big effort, the last image of him was with the peloton close, in the same pic, but didnt show he reaching them... Anyway I just saw 3 attacks of the leaders, some of the helpers, 3 of the leaders, and thats a shame for someone who wants to win the Volta!

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Sunday 4.Aug 21:29, 2019
Francisco, Benta attacked once but when David Rodrigues came back in the group he tried 3 or 4 times, once of them in the last km.

Joni looked bad at 15km to the final, probably didnt eat well during the stage and almost cracked if someone had accelerate, but the stage was poor in general

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Sunday 4.Aug 20:24, 2019
*altough not on

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Sunday 4.Aug 20:23, 2019
I know what skepticism is , i understand engilsh well, writing is my problem not understanding , thanks the translation but not needed

So now you agree that what i said did make sense? The yellow jersey can transform a rider !

I remember Marque joiningthe peloton when Israel was still pulling , altough that its not an excuse for marque very bad result.

Honnestly the stage could had been better of course but i dont think it was a bad stage , we had attacks , Louletano did an interasting job , The Fernandes escape was daring also RP Boavista riders did try sometimes , Joni altough on the best did tried to make his move , De Mateos altough not full gas was sometimes active , and we never knew who would be the stage winner until the end so i dont count it has a bad stage.

Talking about favourite teams...damn i miss soo much Liquigas was that time that made me watch cycling when i was 9 years old

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Sunday 4.Aug 20:05, 2019
Too bad Edgar Pinto crashed in the last 200/300 mts..
That wheel touch with de Mateos ruined his Volta plans probably

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Sunday 4.Aug 20:03, 2019
Totally surprised with Veloso. I was hjust waiting for him to crack in one of those accelerations but he managed to arrive with the best.

Miguel, Benta made two or three moves as well as Mateos. Joni was the same of previous years, after all...
Still a lot to ride, specially Larouco and Srª da Graça.. :)

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Sunday 4.Aug 19:23, 2019
Nice to see some passion Miguel.

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Sunday 4.Aug 19:16, 2019
Sorry for write a lot, just expressing my view

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Sunday 4.Aug 19:11, 2019
A complete surprise today! After 2 years in blow up here of course you wont expect him to do this performance, but after Louletano work he was almost out of the group... A shame no team wanted to continue the effort! Then 5km waiting for R. Mestre to someone take the group... W52 did what they want to retain the yellow and no team wanted more, no team wanted even win the stage and thats a complete shame!
Another thing is that Veloso was not scheduled for this race initially, he came replacing Alarcon, and thats another reason for my skepticism (ceticismo). Of course we all know what he did in the past and everything, but no one could expect this of him this year... Its just a question of look at his results in the last season.

After the flat Marque tried to catch the group, he was almost there but with Louletano acceleration he prefered to stay and dont spend efforts... Thats an option I guess, not the best one in my point and is also disappointing! Del Pino was caught with him and needed more time to change the wheel and still was 17th, 4' behind, if not he could be there too!

After 4 stages and a prologue I think I've just liked the prologue... The other 4 stages were disappointing for me! Dont know if I put a lot of spectations here, but thats what I think, and I didnt see the things changing in the next 6 stages... i dont have any favorites, any prefered team or rider, even in the world tour I dont have many (maybe I can count favorite riders with one hand), just want to see good cycling and thats not happening in this Volta :(

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Sunday 4.Aug 19:07, 2019
Brice looking good for a high teens finish on GC. How does he always manage it? :)

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Sunday 4.Aug 18:59, 2019
lol Veloso suddenly climbing like it's 2016. He even said before the race that prolly doesn't have it on the climbs anymore. Old dog was clearly lying.

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Sunday 4.Aug 18:59, 2019
I really enjoyed that stage. Maybe it was because of my lack of knowledge of the Portuguese domestic scene, but I never had a clue who was going to win today's stage, virtually until they crossed the finish line.

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Sunday 4.Aug 18:44, 2019
Its just the 4 stage, you cant say its already a dissapointing Volta, you still have alot of stages

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Sunday 4.Aug 18:42, 2019
Figueiredo crashed twice , honnestly it wasnt a bad performance since he had two crashes and i dont know how Mendes is out National Champion

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Sunday 4.Aug 18:41, 2019
So after this what you think of Veloso Miguel? :,-)

Marque very very far and it cant be Blame all of the furo , Machado....what i expected , dont know why i putted him on my team , Pardilla a surprise for me ...a bad surprise , Joni was with difficulties if W52 attacked more he could had Lost more time

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Sunday 4.Aug 18:41, 2019
After today yes he can, but very poor stage again! Its a very disappointing Volta this year!

sinal [sinal cycling team] Sunday 4.Aug 18:40, 2019
Veloso can win this bike race. Joni is the same story every year.

W52 on another planet.

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Sunday 4.Aug 18:19, 2019
Surprise for me that Veloso is still there... The Yellow gives motivation for sure!

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Sunday 4.Aug 18:10, 2019
Poor rhythm at the climb... After the good work of Louletano no one wanted to take the race and lots of riders getting back...

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Sunday 4.Aug 18:04, 2019

5min after I talk about Marque, a flat tire 3km behind the start of the climb... Couldnt came back in the peloton :/

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Sunday 4.Aug 17:56, 2019
damn Brandao ain't looking very good atm

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Sunday 4.Aug 17:34, 2019
From today till a week from here, the real Volta starts! Until yesterday was just a warm-up!

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Sunday 4.Aug 17:33, 2019
He will not work and still lost about 5min at least...

The good for Figueiredo is that he could attack in the final km and try the stage win while the others will be marking themselves, because they are almost equal at the gc... But he just lost 55" with the crashes, the others 40" were in the prologue!

Marque climbs better than Veloso at this moment and thats a fact! Didnt say that he can win, but he could well finish at the top10 (dont believe he will finish better than 9th), while being the main helper for Figueiredo today! And no, neither Marque, neither Veloso could win the Volta... And the race will prove it to you in a few moments, just wait to see!

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Sunday 4.Aug 15:48, 2019
So much good sport on tv today. I'll be taping lots, and watching through until Tuesday. :)

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Sunday 4.Aug 12:21, 2019
A all new Volta starting today with Torre's climb from Covilhã, our highest continental point (the highest is Pico in Açores), 21,5 km climb at 6,4% average.

A very good stage to watch my friends!

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Saturday 3.Aug 20:20, 2019
We will see, at least he can finish top 10 , if he doesnt have to work to other teammate and doesnt sacrifice much for the team

Figueiredo crashed twice and lost 1.35 min , Marque , well Marque is a rider of the same type of Veloso only 2 years younger , if he can win Volta , Veloso also can

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Saturday 3.Aug 19:09, 2019
If... If... The question is he will lose it! Joni has to atack after the unfair penalti, and the 6 seconds of today... Benta has to attack, Figueiredo has to attack, Del Pino... He will not have chances! And if he is less than 10min nobody will gave him a breakaway opportunity

Cheer for Figueiredo and Marque, because Machado is another... Tomorrow he will lose time too...

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Saturday 3.Aug 18:56, 2019

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Saturday 3.Aug 18:56, 2019
if he doesnt loose manny time tommorow he is very dangerous and even if he looses he can go to a braikaway and maybe on the end of Volta finish a good top 10

You almost put me cheering for Veloso tommorow so that he doesnt loose time ahahahahah when im actually cheering for sporting and machado altough i dont expect much unfortunally

Pedro R. [Pedro R. Cycling Team] Saturday 3.Aug 18:51, 2019
Kittel will call Nuno Ribeiro after this work for Mestre

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Saturday 3.Aug 18:01, 2019
When I say today is this year, something like "Hoje em dia"... They will give him space if he has 10min on the GC... Nothing less than that because some riders want the top10 and they know his value in the TT

Of course tomorrow he will lost time, more than 5min I think, but a peloton doesnt allow a rider with statute to go to the breakaway if he is less than 8-9min in the GC... As we say in Portugal "A Torre coloca toda a gente no seu lugar"

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Saturday 3.Aug 16:57, 2019
im not saying today , im saying after sunday stage

so by saying no team will give him space your saying that actualy Veloso is a dangerous rider to GC that is my point.

lordkhan [Quebra-Ossos] Saturday 3.Aug 16:16, 2019
"12:38:28 - Presidente do Colégio dos Comissários anuncia penalização de 10 segundos a Joni Brandão

O presidente do Colégio de Comissários anuncia a penalização de 10 segundos a Jóni Brandão (91, Efapel). O Colégio de Comissários verificou que, na 2.ª etapa, a 55 quilómetros da chegada a Loures, o corredor recebeu um impulso do carro de apoio, sem que se tivese verificado qualquer avaria mecânica. A decisão foi tomada após a visualização de imagens da trasmissão direta da RTP."

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Saturday 3.Aug 14:52, 2019
The difference is that Veloso is not a climber... is a time trialist who could defend himself in the montains when younger... Today no team will give him time in a breakaway... Vinhas doesnt look a problem in 2016, but Veloso will not get that space, of course he wont...

On the other hand, Rui Sousa is a pure climber, Nocentini a puncheur, but with 37 he still could defend himself in the mountains because a puncheur normally is a better climber than a time trialist, Blanco was a super complete rider, so over the others... He is a top10 finisher at Vuelta, and that means something...

With 2 years having "bad days" in the high mountains Veloso knows himself that sunday is his last day in yellow, you just have to wait to see (and this doesnt take him all the effort he did to win 2 Voltas and be second twice)


Thanks Francisco!

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Saturday 3.Aug 11:33, 2019
*like vinhas won

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Saturday 3.Aug 11:33, 2019
What makes no sense was my pick of maxime daniel ......he is doing so bad....

What if Veloso looses tommorow some time , but later he manages to go to an escape and win some of the advantage vinhas won? wouldnt be him a big favourite to win? Cycling is an unpredictable sport and if W52 will (apostar) in Veloso and his cndition is good you shouldnt count him out

Also look at Nocentini for example in 2017 he was 38 and made 4 place , rui sousa at 39 years was 5 , david blanco was 37 when he won his last volta etc.....

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Saturday 3.Aug 11:18, 2019
Miguel, good description of our sprint field.
And also about the rest... ;)

Aragonite, i see your point... Caldeira prologue victory was a surprise, at least for me, and Veloso will not be among the first after sunday, i believe. An incredible and talented guy but i think Torre will be too much. He's scoring great and i agree with you, i should have changed Gonçalves for him, it seems... :D
Daniel Mestre, well... he's on my team... :)

losBrolin, i guess you're right. Waiting to see how Pinto, de Mateos and Rodrigues will handle it... :)

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Saturday 3.Aug 00:24, 2019
Joni will destroy everyone!

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Friday 2.Aug 22:25, 2019
Even after these arguments, your comparision still makes no sense... Damn, how could you compare a 28 years old rider with others of 35 and 39? None of them is Valverde...

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Friday 2.Aug 22:17, 2019
Vinhas is a climber... A team element, but a climber, and did it with 28, with 28 you're at the top or almost at the top of your capacities, not with 39 or 35... He had a 3'35" advantage over Veloso... A guy who climbs as good as him, with a team like that, is easy to defend himself. He didnt need to attack or answer the attacks, he just needed to be with the top favourites as much as he could and when he lost the group, just maintain a good pace, having known that he would never be alone... Not having a Torre finish was an advantage because he didnt have to respond if someone attacked, he had a team to respond... With a Torre finish thats completely different! And you will see it sunday!

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Friday 2.Aug 21:22, 2019
if rui vinhas won volta a portugal , Veloso and Mestre (Ricardo) can won again

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Friday 2.Aug 19:55, 2019
Marque 6th, Carvalho 7th in the GC

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Friday 2.Aug 19:29, 2019
Anyway, they couldnt... There are stronger riders in the peloton that would smash them in the mountains... Wait until sunday to see Veloso drop the yellow

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Friday 2.Aug 19:17, 2019
What i say Miguel is that if the selected rider orf W52 to win was Mestre or Veloso , they could win , and it is not because i like the team very much, i dont , im from sporting and support the sporting tavira team , it isw my opinion and i would gladly change the riders of W52 to Sporting and vice versa

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Friday 2.Aug 19:07, 2019
From sunday to the finish its going to be a completely different race

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Friday 2.Aug 19:06, 2019
Think in a long term, not in a short one ahahah

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Friday 2.Aug 19:00, 2019
Francisco you say I did well not going with all seven W52's. I eventually picked three, the four I didn't pick have already scored 156, 145, 140, and 66pts respectively. Wouldn't of been a bad start. :)

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Friday 2.Aug 18:54, 2019
Yes, 2 crashes for Figueiredo today, the last one in the last 200m, he would finish at least with the group at 15"

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Friday 2.Aug 18:45, 2019
Late crash again, I think he was involved there

Nathan [CT Glory] Friday 2.Aug 18:35, 2019
U got any clue if something is up with Figueiredo? Way back today.

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Friday 2.Aug 18:26, 2019
Aristi... Thats a complete surprise... Mendonça second... Didnt fail for much :/

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Friday 2.Aug 17:50, 2019
Final climb of today, according to the course table, 1.4km at 8%

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Friday 2.Aug 17:44, 2019
Anytime you want just ask! If you didnt see any comment mine here at the forum for some race send a pm and I'll answer it as soon as I can! :D :D

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Friday 2.Aug 17:33, 2019
Wish I had asked before the start of the race now. :) Will come In handy for future reference though. Thanks for your very in depth reply.

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Friday 2.Aug 17:16, 2019
I believe in Mendonça yes, also Daniel Mestre could pick the win today! He prove yesterday he is in good shape and he could finish well in this short climbs! These are my 2 top picks, with a small advantage for Mendonça. Dont discard de Mateos, behind his climber abilities, he could sprint very well too and in small groups could easily take the win.

From the non-portuguese teams my top picks are August Jensen, Marco Tizza and Domingos Gonçalves.

The top3 domestic sprinters who are in this Volta are Matias (with no doubts, even if yesterday he hasn't well positioned in the final and for that he couldn't discuss the stage), Mendonça and Daniel Mestre. Here is difficult to find a pure sprinter, almost all the portuguese sprinters could pass some short climbs, cause the terrain here is someway like that, up and down, up and down... From those 3, their punchuer ability ranked is Mendonça > Mestre Matias.

Also we have Cesar Martingil in Sporting - Tavira, he is the most pure sprinter from the portuguese teams, also good in prologues as you can check in the last year Volta, but as they built their team around the GC leaders he stayed out and will be at the european championships with Rui Oliveira. W52 has Francisco Campos, who could pass some short climbs too and was at Qinghai Lake recently. He is young and has time to improve cause he has the potential, and would be no surprise if he finish the U-23 europeans in the top10, even in he top5! Caldeira was a pure sprinter too, but he was converted in a fantastic team element, a change like Bennatti or Rojas had at Movistar.

I think its this, if I didnt mention anyone you had in mind just ask! :D

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Friday 2.Aug 16:35, 2019
So you think Mendonca is currently the form puncheur, who else is up there Miguel? And who would you rate as the top three domestic sprinters?

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Friday 2.Aug 16:10, 2019
i can give a view of sprinters/puncheurs if you want

He didnt win any stage last year, but has 2 second places, and 3 more relevant places in the top10. He is a guy who arrived very late in cycling, is 33 now, but is better this season than in the previous one, so I think this year he will have a victory

goon1221 [] Friday 2.Aug 15:29, 2019
if i remember right ... he was quit dominating in these kind of stages last year also ? ... Mendonça that is 😁

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Friday 2.Aug 15:23, 2019
Thanks Miguel. It's fairly easy predicting GC contenders. But my knowledge of the Portuguese sprinters and puncheurs is pretty sparse.

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Friday 2.Aug 15:19, 2019
Yes, you're right about that Francisco, its just the habit... When you're talking to other portuguese ahahah

Nuno, Veloso is not capable of win Volta anymore, he knows that, the team knows that, sunday he will prove it to you if you still dont believe... And the same for R. Mestre, he would lose value time in the high mountains for Joni, de Mateos, Benta, Fred... I understand that you may like the team very much but lets see cycling with eyes of seeing it really... They have 3 top contenders and those 3 are the only capable of being discussing the GC

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Friday 2.Aug 15:14, 2019
Aragonite, for me its Mendonça from RP-Boavista! That final short climb suits him very well, and yesterday he was unlucky being caught in that final crash, fortunately without any consequences! So, I believe he is extra motivated for being here after the last months and will deliver this win to his team that always believe in him!

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Friday 2.Aug 14:59, 2019
Who is favourite for todays stage? Jensen finished fourth yesterday, and todays finish really suits him on past form, if back to anywhere near his best he must have a great chance.

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Friday 2.Aug 11:48, 2019
Nice pick Andy, maybe he can deliver in Castelo Branco and Bragança stages too.
He said it wasn't easy to him to restart again so i'm not sure how will he be in the next ones. Yesterday the pace was very slow, if those two stages are going to be at the same level probably he will be ready to fight for more stages.. :)

Aragonite, you did very well for not picking all the W52-FCP team... :)

My fellow countrymen, i love our language even if i think we complicate too much. A very rich vocabulary and grammar. i believe... :D
Nevertheless, i would like to see you writing in english. That's what we all do no matter wich country are from... and don't be affraid of possible mistakes, i'm always hurting the english but still here... :)

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Friday 2.Aug 11:21, 2019
Que serão gregarios nao duvido, mas se fossem a aposta da equipa poderiam ganhar a Volta

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Thursday 1.Aug 21:18, 2019
Serão gregários, quanto muito o Mestre ainda fecha no fim do top10, mas não acho provável desta vez... O Veloso é só esperar por domingo...

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Thursday 1.Aug 19:43, 2019
Portuguese commentators said that Appollonio was 20 years old ahahah and they never corrected that , even didnt talk about that it is first race since the 4 years suspension

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Thursday 1.Aug 19:42, 2019
mesmo assim não se deve encarar de animo leve o Veloso e o Mestre , por acaso estou muito curioso para ver o que o antonio carvalho vai fazer

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Thursday 1.Aug 19:39, 2019
I did consider going in with all seven W52's, plus Brandao and Garcia de Mateos. But then thought, 'no, don't be stupid'. :)

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Thursday 1.Aug 19:31, 2019
Thanks Aragonite! Was a longshot mostly for the banter though. The 2 non-stars W52 riders has first and second on stages, says everything about the strength of the team

goon1221 [] Thursday 1.Aug 19:23, 2019
🤣 ... Andy like to welcome guys released from the slammer out in the free again

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Thursday 1.Aug 19:08, 2019
Appollonio was a great pick Andy. Even better when you are the only one to select him. Well done.

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Thursday 1.Aug 19:03, 2019
Nah, o Veloso já não tem pernas para isso, e provou-te isso mesmo nas duas últimas edições... Já são 39 anos, não tem as mesmas capacidades que há 10 atrás... Alejandro Valverde só há 1! E o Mestre na alta montanha, apesar de passar bem, não é o suficiente para vencer...
Claramente os 3 mais serão Rodrigues, Ed e Toni, e a liderança é entre os 2 primeiros desta frase, de fonte segura

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Thursday 1.Aug 18:58, 2019
Crash at 2km to the finish, Caldeira, Mendonça and Brandão there, but nothing serious, they will have the same time as the winner

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Thursday 1.Aug 18:14, 2019
concordo com o daniel mestre , foi lapso meu, nao é um corredor para ganhar , mas os restantes, na minha humilde opinião , tem capacidades para ganhar a volta , agora resta saber quais os mais e menos poupados

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Thursday 1.Aug 17:38, 2019
#137 Peio Goikoetxea first mountains leader

Saraiva98 [João Saraiva] Thursday 1.Aug 14:27, 2019
Fabio Duarte is out, victim of a crash yesterday.

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Thursday 1.Aug 13:06, 2019
A lot, in fact.
Not that i didn't like it as it was but it seems lighter, brighter and kept all the great info!
Really nice.

Tomas [Second Coming] Thursday 1.Aug 12:10, 2019
We are missing some buttons there, that’s why its opened up just for signed in users. Upgrades will ome fast. Glad u like it :)

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Thursday 1.Aug 12:08, 2019
I just couldn't find the riders history in a race.
I wanted to know Ulissi's past performences in Poland but i couldn't find out how... :)

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Thursday 1.Aug 11:52, 2019
Congrats to our admins, what a great work you did in the riders pages!
Very, very good!

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Thursday 1.Aug 11:29, 2019
The stage coverage starts at 16:00 CET.
Both, Miguel and me, have already give the link

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Thursday 1.Aug 11:23, 2019

Tomas [Second Coming] Thursday 1.Aug 09:54, 2019
Portugese forum might be climbing our todo-list :)

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Thursday 1.Aug 03:50, 2019
Agora com o verbo lá, o Daniel Mestre consegue estar lá em colinas, mas não passa na alta montanha, e o Veloso, com todo o mérito pelas 2 voltas que venceu, pela que deu ao Vinhas, pela que perdeu para o Marque por míseros 4 segundos depois de ter vencido na Torre, neste momento já não está em condições de lutar pela geral, e ainda hoje podia ter vestido amarelo, mas claramente se deixou ir na reta final para dar a amarela ao Caldeira! O Ricardo Mestre sem dúvida que é um excelente gregário, mas a Volta não é o JN e a Torre é sempre a Torre, portanto de 7, isto apenas daria para 3... E se este ano a aposta será entre Rodrigues-Ed, o Toni terá a sua oportunidade em breve, mas isso dependerá de como a equipa se reforçar para o ano.
Isto só para dizer que a W52 pode sem dúvida ser a melhor equipa em Portugal, mas também não exageremos em como colocamos as coisas

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Wednesday 31.Jul 18:47, 2019
tens razão miguel , era can em vez de an ......

Detesto ingles

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Wednesday 31.Jul 18:35, 2019
#7 Caldeira first leader!!!
#83 Frieschke +0.08"
#1 Veloso +0.19"

Veloso was super but in the final straight he lost power and lost the win by 0.19 seconds

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Wednesday 31.Jul 17:06, 2019

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Wednesday 31.Jul 16:59, 2019
By now the top3 is
#7 Caldeira 7'28"
#3 Mestre +8"
#86 Paumann +15"

Not half peloton has started yet

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Wednesday 31.Jul 16:57, 2019
Live stream:

Live timing classifications (oficial time controller of Volta):

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Wednesday 31.Jul 16:55, 2019
Livestream also Miguel? So I can put it on once Wallonie is finished :)

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Wednesday 31.Jul 16:50, 2019
I’ve just straight up gone for 8 GC-guys.

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Wednesday 31.Jul 16:44, 2019
@Nunobjj falta te um verbo no primeiro comentário, e ele é fundamental para perceber a tua ideia

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Wednesday 31.Jul 11:16, 2019
be careful with the italian riders of amore vita , Ficara and Tizza , Ficara for Gc and Tizza for sprint and middle montains stages

I hvae a feeling that Ficara can surprise alot the GC

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Wednesday 31.Jul 11:10, 2019
everyone except samuel caldeira on W52 an win the Volta

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Wednesday 31.Jul 10:42, 2019
Apologies accepted, Andy! ;))
His presence in China is the reason why i don't chose him. He's the best rider in action, ofc, but i think this is going to be too hard even for such a champ...:)

About W52-FCP this year without a clear leader but they could try to make a move like the one with Rui Vinhas a few years ago but i believe everybody will be aware of that... :)

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Wednesday 31.Jul 01:25, 2019
If Sevilla finishes this race he will have ridden 37 of the last 56 days. A lot, even for someone so young. :)

Koffieplanter [Owari Da] Tuesday 30.Jul 23:28, 2019
The year of Joni is upon us. He will finally win this bike race.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Tuesday 30.Jul 23:18, 2019
Sorry :) I just find it crazy that he is here after 13 stages of Qinghai and I think he can improve his 9th place from 2007, but the win is maybe out of reach. W52 by far the strongest team, but maybe not the strongest climber on the team which should make a fun race if they just clever tactics on the tough stages.

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Tuesday 30.Jul 22:51, 2019
Yes you are to say the least.
No chances Aragonite. Work doesn’t allow it...

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Tuesday 30.Jul 20:43, 2019
Any chance we get to see you flying the FC flag again Francisco?

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Tuesday 30.Jul 20:33, 2019
Am I caught for blasphemy? :P

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Tuesday 30.Jul 18:52, 2019
Really Andy?!
Luckly for you there's a long distance between our countries... :D

Tomorrow starts the 81th edition, a little more respect my friend! :)

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Tuesday 30.Jul 18:30, 2019
Three of the longest outside the GT's. if nothing else.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Tuesday 30.Jul 18:14, 2019
But he is the best card to Medellin maybe to get all 3 important stage races of the year; Colombia, Qinghai and Portugal :D

goon1221 [] Tuesday 30.Jul 18:12, 2019
Sevilla 42 years and jetlag Andy 🤣 ... I think some players pick otherwise ...

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Tuesday 30.Jul 18:06, 2019
No columbians in my team, i need to be logical after my Bernal miss... :D
P.S. Rigo apart... :)

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Tuesday 30.Jul 18:04, 2019
Is there any other choices than Sevilla for captain this year?

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Tuesday 30.Jul 18:02, 2019
I think none knows Andy... :)
In doubt i chosed two vice captains and gave the leadership for someone who's chasing the yellow for quite a long. Btw is already in yellow but by his team jersey not the precious one... :D

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Tuesday 30.Jul 17:58, 2019
What is the top 3 list, goon? :)

I want to know who is the W52 captain this year Francisco ;)

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Tuesday 30.Jul 17:48, 2019

teams presentation today, best race on earth from tomorrow ;)

goon1221 [] Tuesday 30.Jul 16:13, 2019
my 4th favourite game on FC is on 😎 ... this gonna be fun ...did some work on this one ... hope it pays off

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Tuesday 30.Jul 15:57, 2019
Could you post a link to the tv coverage, when it starts Francisco? Please. :)

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Tuesday 30.Jul 15:50, 2019
Muito bem, Senhor LosBrolin. :)

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Tuesday 30.Jul 15:37, 2019
Tudo de bom Joni!

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Tuesday 30.Jul 13:34, 2019
Final startlist there. It come earlier than expected :)

Oyarzun out, but Davide Appollonio is of course back after a 4 year ban and does this as his first race

Saraiva98 [João Saraiva] Tuesday 30.Jul 13:32, 2019
Official Startlist:

Medellin without Chalapud and with only 6 rideres...meh

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Tuesday 30.Jul 01:28, 2019

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Tuesday 30.Jul 00:36, 2019
Why not in Portuguese Assassin? :)

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Tuesday 30.Jul 00:00, 2019
Final Startlist tomorrow :)

Saraiva98 [João Saraiva] Monday 29.Jul 23:03, 2019
Isso já é da Startlist final?

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Monday 29.Jul 20:30, 2019
Pardilla e Amezqueta for Irisarri e Beltran

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Monday 29.Jul 15:48, 2019
Não digo que não, mas a informação que me deram tinha sido de dentro da estrutura...

sinal [sinal cycling team] Monday 29.Jul 15:33, 2019
O Alarcon não vai e essa decisão já foi tomada à uns dias. Ele mal consegue dormir com as dores.

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Monday 29.Jul 13:41, 2019
Com sorte só amanhã na apresentação das equipas... Anyway pode ser que consiga ter alguma coisa antes via pedido por ser parte da imprensa da Volta

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Monday 29.Jul 13:40, 2019
Eu tinha informação da equipa que eles estavam a fazer tudo para ele ir à Volta, e que ia à clássica espanhola de dia 25 para rolar, mas na última hora tiraram no da startlist

Saraiva98 [João Saraiva] Monday 29.Jul 13:39, 2019
Alguém sabe quando sai a startlist oficial?

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Monday 29.Jul 13:32, 2019
Gotzon Martin for Dzmitry Zhyhunou

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Monday 29.Jul 13:28, 2019
@Saraiva98 Onde viste isso?

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Monday 29.Jul 13:27, 2019
Luis Mendonça for Afonso Silva

Saraiva98 [João Saraiva] Monday 29.Jul 13:21, 2019
Official: Veloso in for Alarcón

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Monday 29.Jul 13:06, 2019
Raul Rico in for Bernardo Saavedra

Saraiva98 [João Saraiva] Sunday 28.Jul 16:19, 2019
August Jensen will replace Edwin Avila here!

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Friday 26.Jul 23:46, 2019
Confirmed by Boavista, Luis Mendonça will be at the start of this Volta a Portugal!

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Monday 22.Jul 20:55, 2019
For the one who changed the startlist again, the alterations did this afternoon was according to the startlist sent to the social comunication! So, its at least correct for now! Any change they will tell in the future days

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Monday 22.Jul 15:18, 2019
I can guarantee you that for now Alarcon is expected to start Volta as he is in the provisional startlist sent to the present social communication this weekend.
Veloso and Vinhas are out but Alarcon will have a test this thursday! Lets see how it goes

Saraiva98 [João Saraiva] Monday 22.Jul 01:59, 2019
It will be a easy ride for portuguese teams to fight for the yellow as always, the international teams don´t hav any chance as always...I was hoping Israel to bring Ben Hermans to Volta a Portugal. Medellin could had a chance if they didn´t had Qinghai Lake...

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Sunday 21.Jul 17:18, 2019
To fight for yellow, yes.
Not to be helpfull, i guess...

Pedro R. [Pedro R. Cycling Team] Sunday 21.Jul 13:49, 2019
Alarcon needs a miracle to be present at the start

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Saturday 20.Jul 19:08, 2019
Alarcon it's the big issue inside the team, yes.
He´s recovering from a crash in GP Abimota, probably will line up in Spain, at Villafranca but not sure if that's enough to be able to fight for yellow... :(
Rui Vinhas it's a name to be considered too, i believe.
After is very, very stupid suspension he rided GP Torres Vedras, don't know what will happen...

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Saturday 20.Jul 18:30, 2019
Sent to us by a friend of ours via twitter. We'll see re-Veloso/Alarcon, I trust the person who sent us on it but maybe Alarcon will be better in time.

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Saturday 20.Jul 18:04, 2019
@Troy where did you find the startlist? I had yesterday the info that Veloso won't be at Volta

NUNOBJJ [AMA JIU JITSU] Saturday 20.Jul 14:08, 2019
Medellin Inter and Amore Vita look like strong teams on this Volta , specially Medellin im very curious about what will be their race!

Also lets see if Brice Feillu can do again top 10 (highly doubt)

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Saturday 20.Jul 00:56, 2019
Reliably informed that Veloso replaces Alarcon who is on the actual provisional startlist. Oscarito here after doing Vuelta a Colombia and doing Qinghai atm. And Carlos Oyarzun straight back from few years out with dope ban and into this. Fun provisional I must say :D