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Fantasy Tour de France-draft comments [newest on top]

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Saturday 6.Jul 19:58, 2019
Given the inactivity of the last draft, I can't really disagree...

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Saturday 6.Jul 19:43, 2019
About Dynasty, a MUCH MORE interesting/important competition i believe we should talk about having a winter draft only.
This idea was already launched in june, i think..

About the Tour i understand and i remember you've been talking about tv2 game.
Besides FC, only and wielerkenner since velogames was "blocked" by Le Tour...

That funny situation about who are we rooting for, we don't need to leave FC to feel that... it happens a lot when you're watching a race and you're thinking about your dynasty team and the one for that particular race. Plus the SC now... :)

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Saturday 6.Jul 19:23, 2019
For the Tour there's so many different fantasy games to play. When you have 5-10 different teams it gets confusing to figure out who you are supposed to be rooting for, and that devalues it.

And about the summer draft, well...

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Saturday 6.Jul 19:03, 2019
No problem! :)
I was surprised about this but you're right. We need to have managers on line and in acceptable number to get this on.. :)

Same goes for Dinasty, this summer draft was a bit "slow"... :)

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Saturday 6.Jul 10:22, 2019
I know, Francisco. My bad :'(

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Friday 5.Jul 19:48, 2019
"Flying" home to get the close possible to the start... :(
My dream team list prepared to attack the market...:(

All making sense Partykjeppen, strange feeling i must say. First GT in the last years without this competition...:)

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Friday 5.Jul 15:44, 2019
Yeah, sorry. List would have arrived very shorthanded

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Friday 5.Jul 15:11, 2019
It's transpired over the last day that a handful of managers who've can't make it tonight. Even though they've all offered to send lists, this devalues the game to the point that we're calling this particular GT-fantasy off. Sorry all.

The fact that July is vacation time and trying to do this on a Friday was a bad combo - my bad. We'll think a bit before trying a Vuelta-fantasy, set a minimum threshold of managers needed to have it and no lists allowed.

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Thursday 4.Jul 11:29, 2019
A strong name in the field looking at the ranks.. :)

SuperHank [Team Hank] Thursday 4.Jul 10:48, 2019
Thanks! It will be fun to test this.

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Wednesday 3.Jul 23:27, 2019
Good to have you on board Henke. Nice to see some new blood.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Wednesday 3.Jul 20:56, 2019
Welcome Henke!

SuperHank [Team Hank] Wednesday 3.Jul 19:15, 2019

sylvainm [sylvainm] Wednesday 3.Jul 12:45, 2019
can't be there friday evening, will send my picks to someone

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Tuesday 2.Jul 16:05, 2019
Correct, surprised?

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Tuesday 2.Jul 15:52, 2019
Every squad announced apart from snail-EF?

Kristian-K [Green Bullet Cycling] Friday 28.Jun 11:28, 2019

sylvainm [sylvainm] Friday 28.Jun 01:09, 2019

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Thursday 27.Jun 09:15, 2019
Never a draft without some ambiguties from my end. Friday July 5th at 19:30 CET :)

Nathan [CT Glory] Wednesday 26.Jun 19:09, 2019
in, 5th of july u mean btw

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland/GF Group] Wednesday 26.Jun 15:19, 2019
In, ofc :)

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Wednesday 26.Jun 13:36, 2019
I'm in, but will have to see how I can join. Probably Need to make a list.

Aragonite [TORA TORA TORA] Wednesday 26.Jun 12:46, 2019
In it, hopefully not to finish last again. :)

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Wednesday 26.Jun 12:10, 2019
In it to lose it

Tomas [Second Coming] Wednesday 26.Jun 10:20, 2019
In it to win it

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Wednesday 26.Jun 08:28, 2019

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Wednesday 26.Jun 01:07, 2019

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Wednesday 26.Jun 00:34, 2019
Are you sick of the warm-up races meerly serving as tests yet?
As ready for the main course as Bananito about to dive into three Big Macs after a starter of milkshakes and cheeseburgers?
As ready to make good decisions as the Britons contiously are on Brexit?

No need to venture anywhere else on the interwebs, the fantasy Tour de France-auction is where it's at.

As always I think the parcours should have fitted in more medium mountain stages, but given Lotto-Visma's penchants for a big dig last year it might prove a very good edition. Or merely one where an overly nervous Ineos put DvB and Kwiato on the front, slowly suffocating the race. Until Bernal wants to follow an audacious Haig-attack buts get called back to a troubled G #FireEngineTootToot.

Format is as follows:
Up to 20 managers can enter
Managers have 90 Gadrets to complete an 8 man squad from the competing riders
Riders are signed in auctions where the highest bid wins
A rider can only be signed by one team
Riders earn points for their teams per the First Cycling-formula for Grand Tours
Unused Gadrets give points too
The squad with the most points at the end of the race wins

More details here on rules and points here:

To get a feel for prices and points tallies in advance, you can have a look at this year's fantasy Giro, well won by Iberian-Teuton JJJ:

This auction for this year's Fantasy Tour will be held on Friday June 5th from 19:30 CET and will take about 2,5 hours to complete. I'll post times and composition for the auction rounds in advance.

You enter by posting here.