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Fine tuning rules comments [newest on top]

ritlefant [Ritlefant] Wednesday 13.Feb 20:26, 2019
Kjepp, everything you point out is the reason 4 changes is better than 6 changes, just to not scare off the the potential new guys. When seeing you say rather 2 than 4, I think we can agree of 2 as the best option.

I agree very much in your list of "rules", as that has always been partly neglected earlier, may be better to say not consequent for long enough time to settle.

Tomas [Second Coming] Wednesday 13.Feb 20:24, 2019
22th FC-manager overall
Closing in on opening it up proper for 2019 :)

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Wednesday 13.Feb 11:20, 2019
Another incredible piece of work, guys.
You insist in amaze me :)

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Wednesday 13.Feb 00:16, 2019
I agree that not making the game too labour-intensive is key, ritle. On the other hand, once you open for changes I reckon 6 is a better choice than 4 - merely given the different type of riders which will score well from month to month. Going by gaming the rider scores from 2018 yesterday - March was cobbles + Tirreno-Adriatico/Paris-Nice-heavy, April had an Ardennes/Vasco/Catalunya-feel to it, May was Giro and California, June heavily tilted towards Dauphine whilst still keeping Tour in mind. And Austria. And Avenir. etc. For me it's either 0-2 or 6, 4 is kinda stuck in the middle.

1. Make rules very clear from the onset, that this is a game which will be tilted towards those bothered to make a strategy/changes
2. Make it very clear when then the transfer windows will be. They should be in a set period (like the two first days of the month)
3. Is 2.) doable without making it so that a monument is held on one of those days? If so, the month it occurs should open/close a day earlier
4.) Send notificiations to participating managers
5.) Explain that prices will change according to points scored, so that it makes sense to pick riders who should do well in March but not ride frequently in April - given you want to play actively
6.) Prior to, and during every transfer window - make the scores of the upcoming month available - vital information for managers. Ideally - have monthly statistics for the preceeding year available in general

ritlefant [Ritlefant] Tuesday 12.Feb 23:20, 2019
4 changes is enough, as said, it will be the same mistake as on winter fantasy doing 5, 6 or worst case 8.

10 months is the same as 54 changes in addition to the 20 to start with, and that means at the most 74 different riders as max possibility during a season.

Highly unreal, but that is not why it is better with four, even four gives 36 changes and that should be plenty for everyone to be able to compete at a decent level.

Tomas [Second Coming] Tuesday 12.Feb 15:56, 2019
22th FC-manager overall
What we learned yesterday from simulation;

First that this will defo work :) Second that this game will open up tomorrow for 2019 for everyone. If you have thoughts about it - now its the time to voice your opinion, either her or send me a private message. Not everything is set in stone yet even if its closing in.

20 riders and a budget of 1.250. Orignially the OCD in me wanted 1.000 in budget and an average rider price of 50. This would have made us change the rider values somewhat. Since this worked out fine, I think we'll run with the original price-model.

Rider values
Riders will go up/down in value once a month, right before we open up to let teams do changes. If this happens 15th, 16th or 20th is not yet decided. The dynamic system for values are controlled by the forumla, calculating the 3 last years of points, where the last 365 days counts more than the 365 before, and so on. This way its a spinning wheel every month. There is also a mechanic set in place so the same rider wont bump up and down every month if he is laying inbetween two values.

Six changes every month makes you have to think forward, and creates a balance where you weight who to buy/sell up against each other. We originally thought about 8 changes every month. But through the simulation 6 seemed fine. If it where to change I, personally, would rather set it down to 5 then push it up.

We will put it up in the open how points are calculated... since riders will score points through this system. Making ALL UCI races count within the game.

Private leagues
I have already coded in the possibility to create and join private leagues. So that will be something ;)

There will be put a lot of coding hours into this. Making standings, team pages and so on much better then during the simulation. Also a site where you can monitor your points this month. Also your team will be marked in an own color throughout the whole FirstCycling system.