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Koronin [Koronin] Friday 28.Dec 21:10, 2018
On the subject of hidden motor jokes with this, a couple of Movistar riders were joking about that with this "announcement" today.

zKobalt [FruitnOats] Friday 28.Dec 11:39, 2018
-- Insert joke about hidden motors here --

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Friday 28.Dec 09:06, 2018
23th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Obviously google had to save me with some cultural facts pointing towards that this is like Spain's April Fools day :D

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Monday 24.Dec 11:11, 2018
23th FC-manager last 6 weeks
with Denifl not joining CCC now, Zoidl signed in his place.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Friday 14.Dec 16:23, 2018
Stef Clement was forced to retire.

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Thursday 13.Dec 13:25, 2018
23th FC-manager overall - 19th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Thanks goon :)

Nathan, this team is a family, believe me. They ride together for a long time, even Rafa Reis and Quim Silva are returning from Caja Rural, there will be no star riders i hope. I see that hapen only if they sign one or two more names from a list that people are talking for a while..

I know they want to start in Valencia, after 2017 "success" with Amaro, maybe Maiorca too. The DS told they are expecting to do some WT races, he once talked about his interest in Catalunya and Basque Country.
This is a 3 year project (at least, i hope) and it's to be build slowly and consistent. :)
From now on there are, both, means and riders to be present at two races and i hope to see them riding in Algarve and Andaluzia at the same time. it would be great! :)

There are a bunch of guys capable of nice performances in different scenarios with Alarcon, Pinto, Fonte or Carvalho, for example.
The sprints are the less strong side, for sure.. Daniel Mestre can deliver something in false flat finish, good old Caldeira and young Campos are the other faster guys in the team.
No stars but, for sure, brave riders... :)

goon1221 [] Thursday 13.Dec 11:53, 2018
4th FC-manager overall - 7th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Well, I guess it end with the dream .... like Hushovds

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Thursday 13.Dec 10:56, 2018
Well not exactly the plan to Uno-X that, just a blog about what they think is the dream scenario.

goon1221 [] Thursday 13.Dec 09:57, 2018
4th FC-manager overall - 7th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Congrats to Portugal ... well done
In contrast to what norway is doing .... this was Uno X's 2016 plans

This is Uno X's 2019 team

Wow.... something went wrong :D

Koronin [Koronin] Thursday 13.Dec 03:31, 2018
McCabe (sprinter for UHC) has signed with Landis' new Conti team.

Nathan [CT Glory] Wednesday 12.Dec 22:14, 2018
25th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Francisco, about that. Who are you expecting to do best in the European races they will compete in? In other words, ride himself most into the picture in the European scene.

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Wednesday 12.Dec 12:43, 2018
23th FC-manager overall - 19th FC-manager last 6 weeks
You can also add Francisco Campos to W52-FCP.
There are probably two more names to be included, i hope, but still to be confirmed :)

Francisco [K92-Team Neverland] Wednesday 12.Dec 12:28, 2018
23th FC-manager overall - 19th FC-manager last 6 weeks
So very happy with W52-FCPorto joining the Pro Conti peloton!!! :)
For me, being cycling my nº1 sport and as FCPorto supporter it's a dream come true.

Moderate expectations but sure about team commitement and sacrifice. A place at Catalunya and/or Basque Country would be simply great...:)
So good to see those gorgeous blue and white jerseys on the road! :)

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Wednesday 12.Dec 11:31, 2018
So Sky to back out after 2019, Sosa happy about his decision now?

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Tuesday 4.Dec 13:18, 2018
Navardauskas to Delko

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Friday 30.Nov 14:54, 2018
Rob Ruijgh retires

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Tuesday 27.Nov 14:57, 2018
This news made my day :)

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Tuesday 27.Nov 14:35, 2018
11th FC-manager overall - 11th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Hänninen -> AG2R

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Friday 23.Nov 13:03, 2018
Pelucchi to Androni

Koronin [Koronin] Saturday 17.Nov 23:26, 2018
For news for a new U-23 team. Valverde's team has finalized their U-23 roster for next year which will be it's first season. Thought I'd throw that out as we do have a few U-23 races during the year.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Saturday 17.Nov 10:52, 2018
They now have 11 sprinters, sort of.

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Saturday 17.Nov 08:47, 2018
23th FC-manager last 6 weeks
ICA have indeed signed Minali

Koronin [Koronin] Friday 16.Nov 04:23, 2018
Reports in Spanish cycling media is that Movistar confirmed their roster today with a total of 25 riders. Also Mitchelton-Scott confirmed their roster also with 25 riders.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Friday 16.Nov 00:11, 2018
Tafi steals his contract ;)

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Friday 16.Nov 00:06, 2018
Although his foray to Dimension Data didn't deliver on the promise he showed at Bora, I'm still surprised Scott Thwaites is without a contract.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Thursday 15.Nov 03:09, 2018
And they could contract Minali as well

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Thursday 15.Nov 00:32, 2018
6th FC-manager overall - 8th FC-manager last 6 weeks
was gonna say.
avila, barbier, boivin, cimolai, dempster, holst enger, jensen, raim, sbaragli, van asbroeck
i assume the plan is for all of them to be sprinting against each other

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Wednesday 14.Nov 23:59, 2018
ICA's abundance of erratic sprint talent is starting to verge on insane now.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Wednesday 14.Nov 19:58, 2018
And Conor Dunne to ICA

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Wednesday 14.Nov 19:46, 2018
Restrepo to Manzana

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Wednesday 14.Nov 00:17, 2018
Some good signings being made by the procontis this window. Curious to see what old cat Visconti can grind out next year

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Saturday 10.Nov 10:58, 2018
Sergei Chernetskii to Caja Rural and Androni signs Montaguti

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Saturday 10.Nov 07:59, 2018
Van Asbroeck to ICA

Koronin [Koronin] Friday 9.Nov 05:07, 2018
Just heard about this (as I definitely can't read Dutch). Not really surprised about Visconti. A little more surprised about Dayer. Figured a large part of why he's been at Movistar and been there as long as he has been was for Nairo. Wondering what his leaving means.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Thursday 8.Nov 09:35, 2018
According to Wielerflits (Dutch medium) Willier is also trying to contract Visconti and Dayer Quintana.

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Thursday 8.Nov 00:00, 2018
23th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Another of the more weird moves, Etienne Van Empel to join Wilier.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Wednesday 7.Nov 09:06, 2018
D. Cimolai to Israel CA.

Looking at how reasonably well they did with Spanish and Belgian riders in the last few years, Cofidis seems to be a better led team than those two.

Same surprise on Chernetski. Had a nice autumn.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Tuesday 6.Nov 23:07, 2018
Cofidis signing a nice collection of international puncheur/climbers, hope they have better luck in fostering a united squad than Katusha/UAE.

Aguirre to a low-level conti (Intepro Stradalli) and Chernetski apparently not being re-signed are two strange ones for me.

PartyFinn, you have any deets on Jaakko's contract situation for 2019?

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Tuesday 6.Nov 10:33, 2018
Berhane to replace Teklehaimanot at Cofidis

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Friday 26.Oct 19:57, 2018
It's mostly also the same management as Lampre. Bahrain started a team as well, but I get the feeling their team is led much better. They get a sprinter, including contracting some lead-outs.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Thursday 25.Oct 20:45, 2018
You can buy persons, but not the culture

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Thursday 25.Oct 20:23, 2018
A lot of money, but still very weak management.

goon1221 [] Thursday 25.Oct 11:41, 2018
4th FC-manager overall - 7th FC-manager last 6 weeks
WCH by the way .... take a look at this cool profile thing.... put your pointer at the little button below there ... and drag it across .....
yeah... I think Kristoff should think long and hard about this course... 285 km should fancy him as well..

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Thursday 25.Oct 11:22, 2018
Kristoff should go for Giro-Vuelta next year, could be smart with Worlds maybe biggest goal for him coming year. And Gaviria now back to Matxin who "discovered" him when he was scout for QS and now general manager for UAE. Also don't think budget is a too big issue for them with their oil money.

goon1221 [] Thursday 25.Oct 11:04, 2018
4th FC-manager overall - 7th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Unless Kristoff accept a new role on the team ... then Gaviria got potentially the best leadout guy in the world .... but I can't for the life of me see it :D

goon1221 [] Thursday 25.Oct 10:58, 2018
4th FC-manager overall - 7th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Yeah... this seems like a bad transfer for everyone except QS ( they don't need one particular fast guy ... they make it work anyway ) Kristoff ... Wow bad news :D ... for UAE ( can't been sheap :D ) AND Gaviria himself :D ... He obviously didn't pay much attention to what happened with Kittels ability to win races :D

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Thursday 25.Oct 00:42, 2018
At the moment not at all. Denifl from ABS to BMCCCC is now also official.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Wednesday 24.Oct 20:00, 2018
But does he get more riders with him, like Richeze? He need that to be successful there

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Wednesday 24.Oct 19:43, 2018
Gaviria to UAE

sinal [sinal cycling team] Tuesday 23.Oct 11:51, 2018
2nd FC-manager overall - 3rd FC-manager last 6 weeks
Rui Costa one more year in UAE-Team Emirates.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Monday 22.Oct 16:52, 2018
Ben Swift back to Sky

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Sunday 21.Oct 16:48, 2018
It only took three months from everybody knew it to it was official ;)

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Sunday 21.Oct 16:27, 2018
Panzerwagen to LottoNL

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Thursday 18.Oct 23:18, 2018
Kamp, Brøchner, Eriksson and even Quaade are just first class signings! What more can you wish for a team who getting promoted to Pro Conti?

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Thursday 18.Oct 11:51, 2018
11th FC-manager overall - 11th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Riwal doing great signings. Lucas Eriksson, Kim Magnusson, Krister Hagen, Sindre Lunke, Nicolas Brøchner and Andreas Stokbro all with Riwal Cycling next year.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Thursday 18.Oct 09:44, 2018
But he already made his comeback this year in a Hungarian race :P

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Thursday 18.Oct 08:14, 2018
11th FC-manager overall - 11th FC-manager last 6 weeks
seems like Andrea Tafi is planning comeback as well. Wants to ride Paris-Roubaix :D

Tomas [Second Coming] Thursday 18.Oct 00:53, 2018
7th FC-manager overall - 15th FC-manager last 6 weeks
So what you are saying is that Klödi should do a comeback - saw on strava the other day he is still rock hard flying as a true champ!

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Thursday 18.Oct 00:50, 2018
Lakebants in 2016-form will be a great roleur for Big Tom, but he still lacks 1-2 great mountain doms to be able to put the combined might of Team Sky to the sword. Froome and GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG will still be able to play 1-2 for two years, and after that Bernal will just go mental in the steeper stuff.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Wednesday 17.Oct 13:25, 2018
Don't tell about Bakelants to Partykjeppen, he is not going to like this transfer

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Wednesday 17.Oct 13:05, 2018
Bakelants and brother Kragh Andersen to Sunweb, Theuns is gone.

Tomas [Second Coming] Tuesday 16.Oct 16:35, 2018
7th FC-manager overall - 15th FC-manager last 6 weeks
I can say one thing; Rui Costa is atleast working hard to get himself out of my season fantasy team.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Tuesday 16.Oct 16:12, 2018
Any word on Rui Costa or Joao Almeida?

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Tuesday 16.Oct 14:38, 2018
Tiago Machado and José Mendes to Sporting - Tavira according to CyclingFever

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Saturday 6.Oct 07:47, 2018
Mas would only be in his own advantage. QS is for classics and sprints, not for GC contenders.

goon1221 [] Friday 5.Oct 13:35, 2018
4th FC-manager overall - 7th FC-manager last 6 weeks
And even wors for QS... they might loose Mas as well .... they have Viviani, so if Mas must go as well, that would really hurt the team ...

goon1221 [] Friday 5.Oct 13:20, 2018
4th FC-manager overall - 7th FC-manager last 6 weeks

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Friday 5.Oct 10:27, 2018
That would make Kristoff very happy..

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Friday 5.Oct 09:34, 2018
Gaviria to UAE according to Flamme Rouge/Gazetta

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Friday 5.Oct 01:11, 2018
Full squad for Roompot next year:
flag-nl Jesper Asselman
flag-nl Lars Boom
flag-be Sean De Bie
flag-nl Huub Duijn
flag-nl Sjoerd van Ginneken
flag-nl Maurits Lammertink
flag-be Senne Leysen
flag-nl Nick van der Lijke
flag-be Arjen Livyns
flag-nl Boy van Poppel
flag-nl Elmar Reinders
flag-nl Oscar Riesebeek
flag-nl Jan-Willem van Schip
flag-be Michael Van Staeyen
flag-be Stijn Steels
flag-nl Justin Timmermans
flag-nl Pieter Weening
flag-be Matthias De Witte

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Thursday 4.Oct 09:54, 2018
The team apparently had financial security for 4 years and Delaney has no lack of financial resources, so I have no idea why it's so complicated to just pay salary of the remainder of the 2nd year without the UCI.

And I just read a reconstruction on how the team was supposed to be financed and how it ended. Delaney had basically the naive thought the team could be substainable by just selling stuff from their own webshop a.k.a. merchandise and bikes of a brand many probably have never heard of, while the world doesn't lack online shops and I doubt ABS is different enough on that field with cycling team merchandise being very niche.

95% of Sunweb's income consisted of sponsoring (according to Spekenbrink a few years ago on Dutch television). Even if the remaining 5% is all merchandise and excludes e.g. prize money, no way they could finance a PCT team, not talking about a competitive one. Let alone ABS was a new and mediocre team with no appealing riders for almost any WT race (quality and/or nationality) and barely interesting results. It was a long shot purely based on sympathy.

Sympathy you won't get by acting the way Delaney did, especially later on during year 2. Poor management and a lot media whining. Leaving the whatsapp group with his riders the day he folded the team with immediate effect and shutting down his Twitter account as well. It's like the Irish version of Nuyens, only with more personal wealth. I think that's a main reason the merger with VWC didn't go through.

I hope he runs his own businesses better.

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Thursday 4.Oct 08:13, 2018
11th FC-manager overall - 11th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Delaney hasn't been seen since he left the Whatsapp group :D what a noob

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Wednesday 3.Oct 23:24, 2018
Delaney tries to build goodwill..

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Wednesday 3.Oct 08:27, 2018
Aqua Blue employees need to go via the UCI to get their salaries paid.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Saturday 29.Sep 04:26, 2018
Nils Eekhoff extends with Sunweb Dev Team for two years and will see there Edo Maas (18), Ben Katerberg (18) & Ludvig Wacker (18), all 2 years as well.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Saturday 29.Sep 00:07, 2018
Well deserved new contract for Juraj today :)

halvard352 [Halvard352] Friday 28.Sep 17:17, 2018
Hermann Radteam (german champion team) promotes to Continental team : They announced the signings of Johannes Adamietz (Tirol) and Alexander Tarlton, and extended Leon Echtermann and Miguel Heidemann.

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Wednesday 26.Sep 15:23, 2018
Jonathan Caicedo signs a 2yr contract with ef education

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Friday 21.Sep 13:18, 2018
Dimension is good on signing riders over the top. Only exception is of course Valgren :)

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Friday 21.Sep 10:58, 2018
11th FC-manager overall - 11th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Nizzolo -> DD
Dion Smith -> MS

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Wednesday 19.Sep 20:18, 2018
Volderke is announced. From Van Aert to Vd Poel.

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Wednesday 19.Sep 15:42, 2018
11th FC-manager overall - 11th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Seems like they're about to sign Devolder as well

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Wednesday 19.Sep 14:07, 2018
That team has pro continental ambitions.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Wednesday 19.Sep 12:17, 2018
I understand his desire to keep his main focus on track given his prominence there, but shame that Norman Hansen choses to rider at a lower level than his talents should land him.

Schachmann to BORA is another sign of QuickStep being low on cash. Hope he's been promised leadership for any non-Sagan classic/hilly race plus week long stage races.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Tuesday 18.Sep 19:18, 2018
Lasse Norman Hansen to the team of Vd Poel, Corendon

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Tuesday 18.Sep 18:34, 2018
According to his attorney on Sporza something really bad has happened during this weekend, which would be frowned at when it would have happened in the relationship between a regular employer and their employee. The cyclist has a strong legal case according to his advisor and for the time being Van Aert is teamless, he wrote in his column for the Dutch medium Wielerflits. Details aren't given.

The merger between Roompot and Crelan is now uncertain, due to Crelan also being the private sponsor of Van Aert.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Tuesday 18.Sep 02:52, 2018
I suspect Jumbo has an extra rider for 2019.

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Tuesday 18.Sep 01:30, 2018
6th FC-manager overall - 8th FC-manager last 6 weeks

Wout van Aert has unilaterally terminated his contract with Sniper Cycling on Monday evening September 17 2018. This decision came despite the fact that the team management tried to unblock the situation last week, e.g. by offering him an improved contract for 2019.

Van Aert did not accept this proposal and has opted to terminate his contract unilaterally with immediate effect. The team management regrets that decision.

This matter is now in the hands of our counselors. No further comment will be made in the meantime.

However, as pointed out repeatedly, we wish to clarify that we will be a ProContinental cycling team in 2019 regardless.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Monday 17.Sep 14:49, 2018
Blythe to Lotto for the leadout of Ewan.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Friday 14.Sep 10:11, 2018
Apart from his inconsistency, I like Warbasse. Biggest question for me is how well an American will take to the culture of a French team - but potentially a great mountain domestique. Hope this means there are more leadership opportunites waiting for Latour in 2019, time to step up!

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Friday 14.Sep 04:43, 2018
Warbasse to AG2R

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Thursday 13.Sep 12:21, 2018
Dunbar to Sky immediately. I still like my BMCCCC suggestion better for him, but good signing of Sky at least this

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Wednesday 12.Sep 20:56, 2018
23th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Seems that Trevigiani and Sangemini will be merging. Aims of being a somewhat development setup with some non-u23 riders too(the likes of Toto from Sangemini I would guess).

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Wednesday 12.Sep 14:07, 2018
and Casper Pedersen of Aqua Blue follows him

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Wednesday 12.Sep 12:33, 2018
Hope Sunweb will ease Hirschi into WT :)

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Friday 7.Sep 14:54, 2018
Team of Marianne Vos becomes CCC

goon1221 [] Thursday 6.Sep 14:11, 2018
4th FC-manager overall - 7th FC-manager last 6 weeks

goon1221 [] Thursday 6.Sep 14:10, 2018
4th FC-manager overall - 7th FC-manager last 6 weeks

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Thursday 6.Sep 14:02, 2018
Also Byriel Iversen, he shows that it is still possible for Scandinavians to do the old-school route, go to Italy for amateur team and get pro contract that way and not only be on Conti teams like has been normal the last few years.

goon1221 [] Thursday 6.Sep 12:50, 2018
4th FC-manager overall - 7th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Carl Fredrik Hagen to Lotto Sudal... wow ... that was a nice one :))

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Wednesday 5.Sep 13:55, 2018
Bobby Power a great signing for Sunweb if he finally sorts his health issues out. Nice wee Aussie contingent of young climbers there now.

Koronin [Koronin] Wednesday 5.Sep 04:11, 2018
Ben King and Boassen Hagen staying at Dimension Data

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Wednesday 5.Sep 03:35, 2018
Roche jr to Sunweb

Koronin [Koronin] Friday 31.Aug 21:05, 2018
This looks like a recipe for disaster.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Friday 31.Aug 20:45, 2018
Wout van Aert not happy with what his manager did, but Nuyens is a terrible manager anyway. He didn't communicate with his staff and riders regarding the merger, until 5 minutes for the anouncement. Arguments with the bike distributor are fought in the media. More busy with being commentator on the Belgian television than managing his team. Arrogant, but without any management skills. His only job seemed to be to keep his job, not the best solution.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Thursday 30.Aug 13:02, 2018
The regular contracts of the Roompot riders for 2019 are respected as well, though I don't know the exact names.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Thursday 30.Aug 11:51, 2018
Supposed they had to keep the license to Sniper Cycling to secure Van Aert on team next year. Half of the riders now without team, that's 20 + 15 to Aqua. Only new PCT team I know about is maybe Corendon, but they mainly have cyclo-cross riders, at least this year, so can be hard for them to find a new contract on same level.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Thursday 30.Aug 11:44, 2018
They will ride under the Belgian license of Verandas Willems-Crelan, but represent the Netherlands in the races, probably because of the Vuelta in 2020, though they currently have no future past 2019. Both sponsors have only a one year contract. Roompot an option for another one, but Crelan is de facto a personal sponsor of Van Aert. He will be, for one season, the team leader of the new team.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Thursday 30.Aug 10:15, 2018
Roompot-Crelan merger is confirmed by Nuyens, manager of the Belgians

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Wednesday 29.Aug 14:52, 2018
In their post-Russia-iteration, Katusha is for me the team with the least coherence in the geographic composition of their squad. It is perhaps a bit simplistic, but to me it seems like the squad simply hasn't jelled neither as a whole nor the biggest constituant parts, the Germans and the Russians.

Battaglin, Tanfield, Navarro and Debuscherre are more of the same - they're seem to lack more in creating a team more than a good squad, perhaps the mishmash of nationalities and languages is one of the main factors.

I'll text Dirk to do something about it.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Wednesday 29.Aug 14:37, 2018
Battaglin to Katusha

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Tuesday 28.Aug 17:21, 2018
Mannion signing looks decent, but the question is the same as with all Americans, can he adopt to European racing? Rally had very nice schedule in Europe this year and expect to be at least as good next year.

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Tuesday 28.Aug 16:48, 2018
11th FC-manager overall - 11th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Gavin Mannion -> Rally Cycling
Niccolo Bonifazio -> DE

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Tuesday 28.Aug 14:28, 2018
Rich guy enters cycling with a team to show that a new model of sponshorship and self-sustainability will transcend the current travails of sponshorship on a whim.

Rich guys doesn't get things his way, throws a hissy fit and shuts down the new team on a whim.

Irony personified.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Tuesday 28.Aug 13:44, 2018
And now they also pull out of Britain which could have been nice race for the riders to show their ability for possible new teams, well done Rick Delaney.

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Tuesday 28.Aug 10:21, 2018
6th FC-manager overall - 8th FC-manager last 6 weeks
This one also offers some drafting advantages

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Tuesday 28.Aug 09:44, 2018
11th FC-manager overall - 11th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Warbasse will most likely get picked by some US team, he's pretty decent domestique. Same goes for Mark Christian - some PCT team could prolly sign him as a climbing dom.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Tuesday 28.Aug 09:42, 2018
Rumours on a merger between Verandas Willems and Roompot.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Tuesday 28.Aug 09:15, 2018
Sad for the staff and riders losing their jobs, but in terms of sporty way not really a miss. Just like their manager won't be missed, what a whiner. Looking at their squad the teams seems mostly the last resort for riders not good enough for other teams in WT and PCT.

Outside Blythe, Norman Hansen and some youngsters (Dunbar, Pedersen) I don't see much useful riders for other teams at this level.

Koronin [Koronin] Monday 27.Aug 20:33, 2018
Movistar announced today that they have resigned Amador, Erviti, and Bennati.

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Monday 27.Aug 20:28, 2018
6th FC-manager overall - 8th FC-manager last 6 weeks
They won't be missed

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Monday 27.Aug 19:45, 2018
Getting a lot of sympathy for team owner to Aqua when he doesn't even tell the riders that team is disbanding. Hope to see Dunbar in WT, maybe BMCCCC. Can't see many other riders take that step, well Archbold can be a useful lead-out man, but not that high quality in the team as the team owner claimed.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Monday 27.Aug 16:17, 2018
Sosa to Trek for the next two years

Nathan [CT Glory] Monday 27.Aug 15:47, 2018
25th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Navarro heading to Katusha, good domestique for Zakarin.
Izagirres to Astana, Vino is building a strong squad.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Monday 27.Aug 14:13, 2018
Sunweb is currently looking substantially less able to support Tom Dumoulin as a GT-contender in 2019. Geschke and Teunissen confirmed leaving, ten Dam heavily rumoured out with only neo-pros currently signed.

He's arguably lost a GT due to lack of support already, almost lost the Giro last year plus was left without teammates to chase Froome down at the Giro this year.

Kelderman is a great superdom but has recurring health issues, Oomen is one I hope to see on a GT-podium in the next five years but is still learning, Vervaeke is sub-par and Storer and Hindley are too young next year

Someone like de Plus would've been a good signing. Still some good riders without a contract for next year, especially Schachmann but also a pure climber like Roche would be a useful addition at this point.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Monday 27.Aug 14:07, 2018
Gijs van Hoecke from Lotto to new BMCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Monday 27.Aug 11:41, 2018
His goal is to make Aqua Blue Sport the amazon of cycling. The team was just his marketing tool and wanted to be fancy with new financing models, 1x etc and expected wildcards for being different and without having to deliver success first.

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Monday 27.Aug 11:02, 2018
11th FC-manager overall - 11th FC-manager last 6 weeks
He was just trying to buy his way to WT? Mission failed.

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Monday 27.Aug 10:56, 2018
Was to be expected. Sucks for the riders, but having a manager be an asshole to sponsors, races etc will not make you successful in the long term.

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Monday 27.Aug 10:36, 2018
11th FC-manager overall - 11th FC-manager last 6 weeks rip Aqua Blue

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Friday 24.Aug 14:18, 2018
More surprising than Terpstra move?

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Friday 24.Aug 13:20, 2018
I've always seen Bookwalter as a staple BMC-rider, so seeing him move to Mitchelton is slightly surprising, though a good mountain domestique signing. Hopefully can free Hack Jaig up a bit for future seasons.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Thursday 23.Aug 20:09, 2018
Matxin knows his business

Assassin [Troy The Trader] Thursday 23.Aug 20:09, 2018
23th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Believe Pogacar to UAE has been done deal since about September last year.

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Thursday 23.Aug 20:08, 2018
Pogacar and Covi to Emirates.
I'm surprised by the decision of the Slovenian

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Wednesday 22.Aug 14:55, 2018
Izagirre-brothers strongly rumoured to Astana - wonder whether they'll sign Landa this or next year for a more credible Tour-contender than Superman to support.

Marek_c [Passionforbiking] Tuesday 21.Aug 12:34, 2018
Majka, Poljanski and McCarty stays with Bora. There was rumours that Majka would be new GC in CCC. Looks like CCC tryes to do as Quickstep and run without a real GC, focusing on classics and short stage races.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Monday 20.Aug 18:29, 2018
Lotto's strategy this window seems to get rid of all their loyal riders. Just waiting on Adam Hansen to be signed of another team and they only got Vanendert left. Very strange strategy, but as mentioned before in this thread, very good piece in Cyclingnews about this and their new manager

Koronin [Koronin] Sunday 19.Aug 19:10, 2018
Yeah, they finally have someone as a leader for the cobbled races. Or maybe finally have someone who can actually give Valverde some real support if they will finally agree to let him go race Flanders (and maybe a couple more of the cobbled races). He wants to race Flanders and has said he actually enjoys racing the cobbled spring races.

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Sunday 19.Aug 17:18, 2018
Dumoulin has still 3 year or so left of his contract. And they got Kelderman to support unless he gets his own races next year also. Also think Bling isn't actually cheap rider and their budget isn't the biggest and they have some very good youth riders, but their transfer market has indeed been too anonymous so far. Just signing Kanter of their own devo team so far I think.

boris03 [Cycling lions] Sunday 19.Aug 17:13, 2018
Sunweb has to do something to give Dumoulin proper support.
They're really acting like idiots in this transfer window. If they had to do something after this Tour is to give new contract to Geschke. Now they will even lose Ten Dam. Maybe Tom Dumoulin going to BMC-CCC?

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Saturday 18.Aug 15:28, 2018
Well, finally they have someone to lead the team in the cobblestone classics

Koronin [Koronin] Friday 17.Aug 20:48, 2018
Movistar have officially announced that Jurgen Roelandts has signed with them.

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Friday 17.Aug 14:58, 2018
Rosskopf to stay at BMC-CCC

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Friday 17.Aug 14:16, 2018
You stole my comment there

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Friday 17.Aug 13:44, 2018
Please stop slagging this race off plz:

Marek_c [Passionforbiking] Friday 17.Aug 13:40, 2018
According to Norwegian cycling guru - Kaggestad, most of the cycling events in the world, except GT and the biggest classics are barely making any profit or just gets deficit. Most of the WT teams are strugling with money and requests participation in TV-income (Tinkoff left cycling because of that). I'm wondering how the continental teams get shit together and even hire high profile WT riders in order to line them in races like "Tour of Potato".

The number of WT licences is limited, so Direct Energie has to wait for another team to get bankrupt.

goon1221 [] Friday 17.Aug 09:59, 2018
4th FC-manager overall - 7th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Direct energi is heading for wt status next year .... Maybe not that surprising anymore :D 
I was more surprised by Kittel leaving the best team in the world last year and went for sorry Katusha ....

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Friday 17.Aug 09:53, 2018
Money probably

Marek_c [Passionforbiking] Friday 17.Aug 08:38, 2018
Greipel to Fortuneo is even more surprizing, as well as Barguill last year after winning polka jersey in TdF. Can't understand why high ranked riders would leave WT teams for Continentals.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Thursday 16.Aug 14:36, 2018
Terpstra to Direct Energie is one of the most surprising transfer in the last five years.

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Wednesday 15.Aug 01:25, 2018
6th FC-manager overall - 8th FC-manager last 6 weeks
BMCCCCContinuum looking very weak still. The torture prince's team has signed most of their top riders. For now they basically only have GVA plus some domestiques. Desperately need a quality GC rider.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Wednesday 15.Aug 01:10, 2018
Ballerini is a good signing for Astana.

Hoping mid-Turgis can move past what has been a couple of injury-marred seasons at Cofidis to unleash the potential he's shown in flashes.

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Tuesday 14.Aug 12:12, 2018
11th FC-manager overall - 11th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Anthony Turgis -> DE

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Tuesday 14.Aug 12:00, 2018
11th FC-manager overall - 11th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Arthur Vichot -> Vital Concept. Pineau seems to be pulling the right strings considering their possible Tour spot.

Tony Martin -> Lotto NL

goon1221 [] Monday 13.Aug 15:40, 2018
4th FC-manager overall - 7th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Unless partykjepp mention it . .. I always jump his comments :D no time and energy to try to understand his language :D

goon1221 [] Monday 13.Aug 15:36, 2018
4th FC-manager overall - 7th FC-manager last 6 weeks
This is barely news, but I can't see it mention on this thread ... and anyway it's just now official... Rasmus Tiller to Dimension Data

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Monday 13.Aug 14:22, 2018
6th FC-manager overall - 8th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Bahrain signing a lot of quality. Bauhaus, Caruso, Rohan D, Sieberg, Dylan Teuns, Stephen Williams, and now also Tratnik.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Monday 13.Aug 10:01, 2018
I want Ganna to stay in a team where he'll be allowed to develop into a cobbled beast.

Kreuziger to Dimension Data is a great signing, perfect superdom for Valgren in the Ardennes.

boris03 [Cycling lions] Friday 10.Aug 20:04, 2018
There are some rumours about Ganna to Sky.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Friday 10.Aug 14:29, 2018
Verona good and very logical signing.

Boaro is a great signing for any team looking to put a solid engine behind a GC-contender, so good business by Astana.

Wanty vs. Direct Energie vs. Vital Concept for a wild card next year is interesting. Direct Energie are bereft of any star power with Chava retiring and Calmejane not performing in the bigger races. Bidding war for Nacer B?

Hope Gerro tries to become a DS. "Just stick to his wheel. DON'T PULL!1! Pop by him in the last 50 meters, son!"

Koronin [Koronin] Thursday 9.Aug 21:09, 2018
Movistar announced today that they have signed Vernoa. So that is now official.

Koronin [Koronin] Thursday 9.Aug 21:08, 2018
Rumor about the Izagirre brothers is that is Quintana stays at Movistar, they're going to stay at Bahrain, if Quintana leaves Movistar they are going back to Movistar. It sounds like those are the only two teams the Izagirre brothers are even interested in talking to and dealing with.

boris03 [Cycling lions] Thursday 9.Aug 17:48, 2018
Ok, start is in Brussels. On the other side you have Coquard who has 2 stage podiums on Tour and who is possible French stage winner versus Pasqualon and Dupont (there best ever result in Tour is 6th place on stage).
Guillaueme Martin won't be youth jersey conteder anymore and Rolland won a stage last year Giro and is one of favourite cyclist in France. From my perspective Guillaueme Martin needs to achieve some serious results in autumn to secure Wanty's wildcard.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Thursday 9.Aug 16:33, 2018
The start is in Brussels. Let's not overrate Coquard, nothing more than a reasonable sprinter. Rolland is not much for years now.

boris03 [Cycling lions] Thursday 9.Aug 14:01, 2018
Rolland to Vital Concept. Fight for Tour wildcards next year will be interesting. I think Fortuneo with Greipel and Barguil has secure wildcard, Direct Energie and Cofidis are pretty sure too, but can Wanty offer more than Coquard and Rolland?

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Wednesday 8.Aug 23:47, 2018
Damiano Caruso to Bahrain - Merida

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Wednesday 8.Aug 21:52, 2018
Well put, boris. I kind of think this is BMCCCC needing to put something positive in the media cycle given they're losing quality riders by the handful at the moment.

Tejay to EF makes perfect sense. North America races seems like where he's most comfortable, and he's still the biggest name on the scene there as far as exposure goes.

Bahrain doing shrew business yet again with Caruso, even if they lose Izagirre-bros, Nibali has a great support cast for 2019. Very nice line of exciting talent coming through with Mohoric, Cortina Garcia, Padun and new signing Williams. And there is still quite some fat to trim from the 2018-roster which can be replaced with steadier riders.

boris03 [Cycling lions] Wednesday 8.Aug 21:10, 2018
I think one of key points to sign Geraint is to give him support.
There are two key points in supporting Geraint and both are problems for CCC I think:
1. to build while team around Geraint what means no TDF for Van Avermaet. Van Avermaet is a problem in team for any GC leader because he is only riding for his own chances and taking always 1-2 riders to help him. To lose 2 or 3 riders who can support leader on flats and help him on first combs of the day is too much. This year TDF with Porte crashing and losing time on stage 1 again showed-there is no room for Van Avermaet in team that wants to win Tour with it's leader.
2. to have team what gives Geraint proper support in both mountains and TTT. There are not many domestiques like Moscon, Castroviejo, Kwiato, De La Cruz and Poels who can contribute both in TTT and in mountains. Certainly if Tour route doesn't contain TTT next year it will be easier for them.
If I were Geraint I would sign for BMC if they can give me squad like this for Tour 2019 (only riders who still don't have contract for 2019 are included):
Majka, Ion Izagirre, Kreuziger, Antunes, Frankiny, Tony Martin, Durbridge
I know real life isn't PCM but my point is Geraint needs 5 climbers (2 of them capable for top 10 GT finish theirselves), others strong enough to follow Castroviejo's pace and 2 flat helpers/TT engines to win Tour with CCC. And no Van Avermaet.
If they can't offer him that winning Giro and Vuelta with Sky doesn't sound bad.

Erythropoietin [Erythropoietin] Wednesday 8.Aug 19:13, 2018
6th FC-manager overall - 8th FC-manager last 6 weeks
BMCCCC confirm that they have made Geraint an offer

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Wednesday 8.Aug 17:31, 2018

This is very good about Lotto new strategy and why Greipel didn't just sign a new contract with them.

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Wednesday 8.Aug 16:31, 2018
Caleb Ewan to Lotto Soudal! What a surprise!

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Wednesday 8.Aug 03:23, 2018
Gerrans DNS next season.

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Wednesday 8.Aug 00:15, 2018
TVG to EF Drapac

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Tuesday 7.Aug 23:49, 2018
And van Keirsbulck to BMC-CCC

MiguelSimoes 35 [Pro Cycling Team 35] Tuesday 7.Aug 23:48, 2018
Bauhaus and Sieberg for Bahrain

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Tuesday 7.Aug 23:08, 2018
No word about most important transfer today? Lucky Luke Vliegen to Wanty, very good signing of them if he can get out the potential he has had in him, but never been able to show in BMC.

goon1221 [] Tuesday 7.Aug 22:36, 2018
4th FC-manager overall - 7th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Rumors sais Filippo Ganna is on his way over to psycho cycling..... sounds about right :D

goon1221 [] Tuesday 7.Aug 13:37, 2018
4th FC-manager overall - 7th FC-manager last 6 weeks
It sure would ....

boris03 [Cycling lions] Tuesday 7.Aug 10:43, 2018
Cyclingfever has Geraint Thomas to BMC-CCC as a rumour. Sound unrealistic, but it world be the biggest transfer this year if it happens.

Viktor86 [Le Tour de Brabant] Monday 6.Aug 17:51, 2018
Greg Rast DNS season 2019

Koronin [Koronin] Saturday 4.Aug 19:55, 2018
Marc Soler has signed a contract extension with Movistar. He's signed through 2021 now.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Friday 3.Aug 23:07, 2018
Good signing by Dimension Data. I've been waiting for Valgren to realize his potential in hillier classics and as a stage sniper for a long time now, but there has always been crashes or other objectives in GTs (Alberto, Aru etc.) until this spring. Big TT-engine too, so kind of an archetypal Sky-signing if he had his mind set on trying his hand at being and outright leader. Hope it works out!

Given that the World Tour is supposed to be reduced from 18 to 15 teams from 2020 onwards, I think we'll see some risk-averse renewals/signings this summer. Valgren fits that bill well, should generate points for DDD.

Greipel to Fortuneo is checkmate for Vital Concept and their prospects of getting a wildcard for next year's Tour.

goon1221 [] Friday 3.Aug 12:21, 2018
4th FC-manager overall - 7th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Valgren? .... good for Edvald even though he must share captain role in some big spring races .... good for his training :))

Andy [Luxembourg Finest] Friday 3.Aug 10:39, 2018
Dimension signed my SF golden boy. Not sure if I like that, but if their equipment getting better to next year he for sure gonna have more captain roles, but not that good domestiques in Dimension like he had in Astana.

boris03 [Cycling lions] Friday 3.Aug 10:13, 2018
Teuns to Bahrain. BMC team next year will be so weak in mountains.

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Thursday 2.Aug 13:00, 2018
Greipel’s move to Fortuneo confirmed, means they trump Vital in the sprinter-department too when it comes to Tour-wildcard.

Texted Dirk and he promised to turn Nils Politt into a proper classics contender #Teeth

johnjackjoe [JohnJackJoe Racing] Thursday 2.Aug 10:50, 2018
Yep, Greipel, Navarro etc still noct official. Some stagiares are though. Slow transfer season start :(

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Thursday 2.Aug 10:00, 2018
11th FC-manager overall - 11th FC-manager last 6 weeks
..waiting Partykjeppen to text-msg Dirk about his plans

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Thursday 2.Aug 09:59, 2018
11th FC-manager overall - 11th FC-manager last 6 weeks
Trek's DS Dirk Demol and Debu Jens to Katusha

Partykjeppen [Il Piccolo Gregari] Thursday 2.Aug 09:51, 2018
Just one confirmed transfer yesterday as far as I gathered - Vingegaard to NL-Lotto.

LosBrolin [JuhaMieto] Wednesday 1.Aug 07:18, 2018
11th FC-manager overall - 11th FC-manager last 6 weeks
I'll start with a weird one, Greipel to Fortuneo.