Season fantasy rules

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Fantasy rules

--- IN GENERAL ---
The Season Fantasy is a long-term cycling prediction game played by a limited number of managers. The objective is to put together the team that nets the most FirstCycling points throughout the season. Each rider can only be signed to one team, and the base of the team is kept between seasons. There are two transfer windows per year where managers can renew contracts and trade riders before the drafting begins.

Each team's wage budget is $400 and the minimum wage for a rider is $1. For example, a wage of $14 equals a deduction of 140 FC points per year (14 per active month, equal to 70 for each half of the season), so if that rider scores 500 FC points in one year, the net profit for the team is 500-140 = 360 FC points.

All contracts expire at the end of a year. Riders with expired contracts are either released or re-signed ahead of a new season. Managers can also increase the wages (and extend contracts) of up to four riders on non-expired contracts ahead of both the winter draft and the summer draft. To extend a contract by one year, the rider will require a wage increase of 15 % or more. A two year extension requires an increase of at least 25 %. Riders can not be signed for more than two years ahead at any time.

--- TRADES ---
To accept being traded to a new team, riders will require at least 75 % of the wage they previously had. Two riders can be traded for one etc., and draft picks can also be traded. A trade is not official/valid until posted on the message board with full contract details. A rider can only be traded once per transfer window. Riders that had their expired contracts renewed ahead of the season can not be traded until the summer draft.

--- DRAFTS ---
Each manager has 8 draft picks in the winter draft and 5 draft picks in the summer draft. The draft order is so that the last placed team gets to draft first and the best placed team is last. A draft pick can be used to: 1) Sign an unattached rider, 2) Steal a rider from another team, or 3) Increase the wage (and extend the contract) of a rider on your team. If the budget is maxed out at $400 or if the team already has the maximum of 30 riders, the draft pick will be lost. If your draft pick is skipped (due to inactivity) by at least one full round, it can not be used to steal. A rider is stolen by offering him at least double his current wage. U23 riders must however be given at least a four time higher wage to be stolen. In 2019, riders born in 1997 or later are U23 riders.

If a rider is stolen from a team after they have completed their final round draft pick (the original last one, not counting traded draft picks), the manager will get an extra draft pick that can be used to either steal a rider back from that team risk-free or to draft an unattached rider. This extra draft pick is given after the final draft round is completed.

The max squad size is 30 and the minimum is 20. If a team has less than 20 riders after the draft, the manager will get enough additional draft picks to reach 20 by signing unattached riders.

If a rider retires or is suspended for doping, the manager can release the rider from the team ahead of the next transfer window. However, a replacement can't be signed between the transfer windows, and the rider's wage will still be deducted for the full half of the season. Riders without a team can not be released unless they announce their retirement.