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2017 Hengxiang Cycling Team

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Mingrun Chen

Nat. China
Born21 y , 1996-08-17
32 Tour of Hainan
54 Tour of Taihu Lake
12 Tour of China II

Marc De Maar

Nat. Net. Antiller
Born33 y , 1984-02-15
6 Tour of Hainan
13 Tour of China II
5 Tour of China I

Ma Guangtong

Nat. China
Born22 y , 1995-05-05
DNF Tour of Hainan
DNF Tour of Taihu Lake
DNF Tour of China II

Jianpeng Liu

Nat. China
Born24 y , 1993-03-12
7 Tour of Hainan
DNF Tour of Taihu Lake
19 Tour of China II

Thomas Rabou

Nat. Netherlands
Born34 y , 1983-12-12

Bo Wang

Nat. China
Born24 y , 1993-09-12
27 Tour of Hainan
71 Tour of Taihu Lake
35 Tour of China II

Meng Yan

Nat. China
Born22 y , 1995-04-11
DNF Tour of Hainan
47 Tour of Taihu Lake
70 Tour of China II

Li Yingjun

Nat. China
Born21 y , 1996-08-27

Jingbiao Zhao

Nat. China
Born22 y , 1995-03-06
1 CN China RR
4 Tour of Thailand
6 CC Asia RR-U23

Zhang Zheng

Nat. China
Born22 y , 1995-02-01
78 Tour of Hainan
DNF Tour of Taihu Lake
25 CC Asia RR-U23


DivisionUCI Continental
Based China
Directeur Fuyu Li

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