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2017 VIB Bikes

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Saed Ali Yaseen Al Sammirraie

Nat. Iraq
Born23 y , 1993-04-01

Ahmed Al-Diwani

Nat. Iraq
Born2017 y , 0000-00-00

Yaser Al-Khafaji

Nat. Iraq
Born33 y , 1983-04-19

Saeid Jafer Alali

Nat. Kuwait
Born28 y , 1988-10-29

Sayed Ahmed Alawi

Nat. Bahrain
Born29 y , 1987-12-30

Taha Alawi

Nat. Bahrain
Born30 y , 1986-12-31

Absulrrazak Almsetif

Nat. Syria
Born33 y , 1984-01-01

Saad Alsaadi

Nat. Bahrain
Born18 y , 1998-11-19

Mansoor Jawad

Nat. Bahrain
Born30 y , 1986-09-17

Yahiaaldien Khalefa

Nat. Bahrain
Born22 y , 1995-01-01

Ali Hassan Mansoor

Nat. Bahrain
Born29 y , 1987-11-03

Islam Talaat Shawky

Nat. Egypt
Born21 y , 1995-10-06
67 CC Africa RR
13 CC Africa ITT
5 CC Africa TTT

Eslam Nasser Zaki

Nat. Egypt
Born22 y , 1994-12-24



DivisionUCI Continental


Based Bahrain