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2017 NSW Institute of Sport

Riders Results

List Expanded

Ryan Cavanagh

Nat. Australia
Born21 y , 1995-11-22
DNF NZ Cycle Classic
9 CN Australia ITT-U23

Daniel Fitter

Nat. Australia
Born20 y , 1996-06-19
25 Herald Sun Tour
24 CN Australia RR-U23
10 CN - Australia Crit.u23

Jacob Kauffmann

Nat. Australia
Born30 y , 1987-03-24
60 Herald Sun Tour
10 CN Australia ITT

Liam Magennis

Nat. Australia
Born20 y , 1997-03-14
1 CC Oceania ITT-U23
7 CN Australia ITT-U23

Tom Robinson

Nat. Australia
Born27 y , 1989-11-30
DNF Herald Sun Tour
23 CN Australia Crit.

Stuart Shaw

Nat. Australia
Born39 y , 1977-11-19
DNF CC Oceania RR
15 CN Australia Crit.

Alexander Smyth

Nat. Australia
Born28 y , 1988-12-10

Joshua Taylor

Nat. Australia
Born25 y , 1991-07-27
DNF CC Oceania RR
88 Herald Sun Tour
9 CN Australia Crit.

Ayden Toovey

Nat. Australia
Born21 y , 1995-11-08
80 Herald Sun Tour
3 CN - Australia Crit.u23

Alex Wohler

Nat. Australia
Born24 y , 1992-07-11
93 Herald Sun Tour
29 CN Australia Crit.
DivisionUCI Continental
Based Australia
Directeur Ben Kersten
Team editions
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