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2017 Terengganu Cycling Team

Riders Results

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Muhammad Zulhilmie Afif Ahmad

Nat. Malaysia
Born25 y , 1992-03-10
DNF Tour of Almaty
44 Tour de Molvccas
90 Tour de Hokkaido

Maral-Erdene Batmunkh

Nat. Mongolia
Born23 y , 1994-10-15
DNF Hong Kong Challenge
75 Tour of Almaty
100 Tour of China II

Mohamad Che Ku Romli

Nat. Malaysia
Born22 y , 1994-12-14
DNF Hong Kong Challenge
DNF Tour of Almaty
DNF Tour de Molvccas

Mohammad Syamil Che Ku Romli

Nat. Malaysia
Born21 y , 1995-12-06
DNF Tour of Almaty
DNF Tour of China II
DNF Tour of Qinghai Lake

Choon Huat Goh

Nat. Singapore
Born25 y , 1991-12-14
42 Hong Kong Challenge
26 Banyuwangi Ijen
63 Tour of China I

Hyo Suk Gong

Nat. South Korea
Born31 y , 1986-01-01
44 Banyuwangi Ijen
DNF Tour de Flores
6 CN South-Korea RR

Anuar Manan

Nat. Malaysia
Born31 y , 1986-10-11
DNF Hong Kong Challenge
94 Tour of China II
33 SEA Games RR

Amirul Marzuki

Nat. Malaysia
Born25 y , 1992-01-24
23 Jelajah Malaysia
23 Banyuwangi Ijen
32 Tour of China I

Mohd Shahrul Mat Amin

Nat. Malaysia
Born28 y , 1989-06-09
33 Jelajah Malaysia
13 Tour de Molvccas
45 Tour de Hokkaido

Mohamad Nur Aiman Mohd Zariff

Nat. Malaysia
Born20 y , 1997-10-01
DNF Hong Kong Challenge
DNF Tour of Almaty
27 Tour de Molvccas

Drew Morey

Nat. Australia
Born20 y , 1996-11-27
13 Jelajah Malaysia
7 Banyuwangi Ijen
10 Tour de Hokkaido

Adiq Othman

Nat. Malaysia
Born26 y , 1991-04-29
27 Jelajah Malaysia
80 Tour of China I
8 SEA Games RR

Mohamed Nor Umardi Rosdi

Nat. Malaysia
Born31 y , 1986-08-11
DNF Tour de Selangor
41 Hong Kong Challenge
DNF Tour of Almaty

Mohamed Zamri Saleh

Nat. Malaysia
Born33 y , 1983-12-10
62 Jelajah Malaysia
90 Tour of China I
13 SEA Games RR

Mohamed Harrif Salleh

Nat. Malaysia
Born29 y , 1988-09-15
66 Jelajah Malaysia
DNF Tour of China II
81 Tour de Hokkaido

Dadi Suryadi

Nat. Indonesia
Born27 y , 1989-12-25
17 Banyuwangi Ijen
17 Tour de Molvccas
15 SEA Games CRI


DivisionUCI Continental
Based Malaysia Mohd Saiful Anuar Aziz Jeremy Hunt

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