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2017 Gallina-Colosio-Eurofeed

Riders Results

List Expanded

Alessandro Bresciani

Nat. Italy
Born20 y , 1996-06-16

Thomas Calzaferri

Nat. Italy
Born21 y , 1996-03-14

Giacomo Giuliani

Nat. Italy
Born20 y , 1996-07-01
96 GP du Pays d'Aix

Pietro Mascalzoni

Nat. Italy
Born18 y , 1998-12-29

Manuel Multari

Nat. Italy
Born20 y , 1997-02-24

Flavio Peli

Nat. Italy
Born18 y , 1998-06-10

Raffaele Radice

Nat. Italy
Born20 y , 1996-06-21
97 GP du Pays d'Aix

Nikolai Shumov

Nat. Belarus
Born23 y , 1994-02-16

Fabrizio Von Nacher Suess

Nat. Mexico
Born23 y , 1993-07-28
7 Coppa San Bernardino
8 Memorial G. Polese

Simone Zanni

Nat. Italy
Born19 y , 1997-09-26
Based Italy