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2017 Silber Pro Cycling Team

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Stephen Bassett

Nat. USA
Born22 y , 1995-03-27
100 Tour de l'Avenir
54 Tour of Utah
19 Cascade Cycling Classic

Pier-Andre Cote

Nat. Canada
Born20 y , 1997-04-24
DNF World Champ. U23
DNF GP Montreal
DNF GP Quebec

Alexander Cowan

Nat. Canada
Born21 y , 1996-11-19
DNF World Champ. U23
25 World Champ. ITT (U23)
DNF GP Montreal

Kris Dahl

Nat. Canada
Born25 y , 1992-07-07

David Drouin

Nat. Canada
Born22 y , 1995-07-20

Nigel Ellsay

Nat. Canada
Born23 y , 1994-04-30
10 Tour of Alberta
25 Colorado Classic
13 Tour of Utah

Emile Jean

Nat. Canada
Born24 y , 1993-10-21
63 Tour of Alberta
DNF Tour of Utah
62 Cascade Cycling Classic

Nicolas Masbourian

Nat. Canada
Born23 y , 1994-01-27
DNF Colorado Classic
DNF GP Saguenay
31 Winston Cycling Classic

Adam Roberge

Nat. Canada
Born20 y , 1997-03-27
DNF CX - CN Canada u23
4 La classique des Appalaches
44 Tour of Alberta

Ryan Roth

Nat. Canada
Born34 y , 1983-01-10
73 Tour of Alberta
70 Colorado Classic
6 Fieldstone Crit

Marc Antoine Soucy

Nat. Canada
Born22 y , 1995-04-22
DNF World Champ. U23
DNF GP Montreal
DNF GP Quebec

Dannick Vandale

Nat. Canada
Born22 y , 1995-12-07
12 Tour de White Rock
DNF Delta Road Race


DivisionUCI Continental
Based Canada
Directeur Gordon Fraser

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