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2017 Monkey Town

Riders Results


# What Date Km Race Winner
2017-09-02NEOne-day race02.09100.0 km Ronde van Sint Pancras R.Van Breda
2017-08-09NEOne-day race09.08100.0 km Ronde van Beverwijk S.Bakker
2017-04-09NEOne-day race09.0480.0 km Ronde van Oud Gastel I.Slik
2017-11-042.HC08.stage04.11 197.4 km Tour of Hainan M.Zanotti

Second places

# What Date Km Race Who
2017-06-05NEOne-day race05.06 DK Noord-Holland R.Van Breda
2017-06-03NEOne-day race03.06 Raboronde van Bolsward R.Van Breda
2017-05-13NEOne-day race13.0590.0 km Draai Rond De Kraal S.Van Luijk
2017-05-06NEOne-day race06.05180.0 km Ronde van Zuid Oost Friesland G.Meijer
2017-04-17NEOne-day race17.04 Altena Biesbosch Ronde J.Blokker
2017-09-16NE05.stage16.09 131.1 km Tour of Poyang Lake S.Van Luijk
2017-09-14NE03.stage14.09 116.5 km Tour of Poyang Lake J.Ockeloen
2017-07-222.HC07.stage22.07 169 km Tour of Qinghai Lake S.Van Luijk
2017-07-212.HC06.stage21.07 65 km Tour of Qinghai Lake A.Santoro

Third places

# What Date Km Race Who
2017-04-09NEOne-day race09.04175.0 km Omloop van de Glazen Stad G.Meijer
2017-09-21NE09.stage21.09 29 km Tour of Poyang Lake M.De Jonge
2017-09-13NE02.stage13.09 110.1 km Tour of Poyang Lake Y.Detant
2017-07-192.HC04.stage19.07 159 km Tour of Qinghai Lake A.Santoro


DivisionUCI Continental
Based Netherlands

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