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2017 Destil - Piels

Riders Results

List Expanded

Name FC-rank New Nation Age Born Race days Victories* Km*
Beukeboom, Dion-New Netherlands281989-02-0210160.0
Bosman, Gert-Jan- Netherlands241992-08-1610206.2
Breukelman, Chiel- Netherlands201997-01-16000.0
Brusselman, Twan532(24 pts) Netherlands231993-08-1520366.2
Hoekstra, Jochem-New Netherlands241992-10-21000.0
Kerkhof, Tim1520(0 pts)New Netherlands231993-11-1320366.2
Olde Meierink, Lars-New Netherlands191998-02-28000.0
Rodenburg, Tim- Netherlands221994-09-14000.0
Schulting, Peter977(5 pts)New Netherlands291987-08-1920366.2
Te Stroet, Rens- Netherlands271989-09-2310160.0
Van Broekhoven, Rob-New Netherlands211995-10-1610160.0
Van den Brand, Twan- Netherlands281989-01-22000.0
Van Der Heijden, Maiko-New Netherlands191997-04-03000.0
Van Der Kooij, Bas1398(1 pts)New Netherlands211995-11-1610160.0
Van Loon, Jordi-New Netherlands201996-04-2110160.0
Van Rhee, Joey639(17 pts) Netherlands241992-11-1410206.2
Vermeulen, Jeff- Netherlands281988-10-07000.0
From UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)
DivisionUCI Continental
Based Netherlands
Directeur Han Vaanhold
Team editions
2017 Destil - Piels CONT
2016 Cycling Team Jo Piels CONT
2015 Cycling Team Jo Piels CONT
2014 Cycling Team Jo Piels CONT
2013 Cyclingteam Jo Piels CONT
2012 Cyclingteam Jo Piels CONT
2011 Cyclingteam Jo Piels CONT
2010 Cyclingteam Jo Piels CONT
2009 Cyclingteam Jo Piels CONT
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