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2017 Israel Cycling Academy

Riders Results

List Expanded

Guillaume Boivin

Nat. Canada
Born28 y , 1989-09-25
2 Tour of Taihu Lake
43 Tre Valli Varesine
31 GP Bruno Beghelli

Zakkari Dempster

Nat. Australia
Born30 y , 1987-09-27
DNF GP Montreal
DNF GP Quebec
34 Schaal Sels

Itamar Einhorn

Nat. Israel
Born20 y , 1997-09-20
90 Tour of Taihu Lake
DNF Memorial Pantani
DNF Coppa Bernocchi

Roy Goldstein

Nat. Israel
Born24 y , 1993-05-20
DNF Giro della Toscana
DNF Memorial Pantani
DNF Coppa Bernocchi

Luis Lemus

Nat. Mexico
Born25 y , 1992-04-21
57 Tour of Taihu Lake
DNF Tre Valli Varesine
DNF GP Bruno Beghelli

Jason Lowndes

Nat. Australia
Born23 y , 1994-12-14
3 Shimano Super Crit
63 Tour of Taihu Lake
47 Baltic Chain Tour

Krists Neilands

Nat. Latvia
Born23 y , 1994-08-18
72 Tre Valli Varesine
111 GP Bruno Beghelli
DNF World Championship

Guy Niv

Nat. Israel
Born23 y , 1994-03-08
DNF Tre Valli Varesine
150 GP Bruno Beghelli
DNF Coppa Sabatini

Benjamin Perry

Nat. Canada
Born23 y , 1994-03-07
DNF GP Montreal
141 GP Quebec
3 Baltic Chain Tour

Mihkel Raim

Nat. Estonia
Born24 y , 1993-07-03
45 Tour of Taihu Lake
DNF Tre Valli Varesine
15 GP Bruno Beghelli

Guy Sagiv

Nat. Israel
Born23 y , 1994-12-05
104 Coppa Sabatini
DNF Giro della Toscana
DNF GP Montreal

Hamish Schreurs

Nat. New Zealand
Born23 y , 1994-01-23
DNF Memorial Pantani
116 Coppa Bernocchi
DNF Coppa Agostoni

Nicolas Sessler

Nat. Brazil
Born23 y , 1994-04-29
DNF Tre Valli Varesine
87 GP Bruno Beghelli
50 Coppa Sabatini

Daniel Turek

Nat. Czech Republic
Born24 y , 1993-01-19
69 Tre Valli Varesine
61 GP Bruno Beghelli
45 Coppa Sabatini

Dennis Van Winden

Nat. Netherlands
Born30 y , 1987-12-02
43 Tour of Taihu Lake
37 GP Montreal
123 GP Quebec

Tyler Williams

Nat. USA
Born23 y , 1994-11-17
DNF GP Montreal
126 GP Quebec
57 Colorado Classic

Aviv Yechezkel

Nat. Israel
Born23 y , 1994-04-21
48 Baltic Chain Tour
DNF Tour of Utah
3 CN Israel RR


DivisionUCI Pro Continental
Based Israel

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2017 Israel Cycling Academy PROF
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