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2017 Cibel - Cebon

Riders Results

List Expanded

Name FC-rank New Nation Age Born Race days Victories* Km*
Cobbaert, Robby-New Belgium261990-12-27701020.8
Coenen, Dennis-New Belgium251991-11-1370904.0
Cools, Alexander-New Belgium221994-04-13000.0
De Bock, Stijn-New Belgium231993-09-3040616.6
De Jonghe, Kevin- Belgium251991-12-041083.2
De Paepe, Johannes- Belgium241992-10-05000.0
De Witte, Mathias378(39 pts)New Belgium231993-03-29801217.9
Dieleman, Michiel- Belgium261990-04-291001503.1
Janssens, Jimmy594(20 pts)New Belgium271989-05-3070904.0
Maes, Alexander-New Belgium231993-06-2010192.3
Marchand, Gianni- Belgium261990-06-0110197.1
Reynaerts, Jan-New Belgium191997-07-30000.0
Reynaerts, Wim- Belgium211995-05-12000.0
Ruyters, Brecht-New Belgium231993-05-1460711.7
Stallaert, Joeri199(96 pts) Belgium261991-01-25701020.8
Verschuere, Seppe-New Belgium231994-01-0610192.3
From UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)
DivisionUCI Continental
Based Belgium
Ass.man Marcel Omloop
Team editions
2017 Cibel - Cebon CONT
2016 Cibel - Cebon CONT
2015 Cibel CONT
2014 Cibel CONT