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2017 Ago - Aquaservice

Riders Results

List Expanded

Name FC-rank New Nation Age Born Race days Victories* Km*
Arimont, Charlie1015(5 pts) Belgium201996-06-03801297.0
Baude, Arthur-New Belgium191998-01-07000.0
De Winter, Gordon- Belgium191997-06-06000.0
De Winter, Hugo- Belgium201996-12-30000.0
Debuy, Anthony1320(1 pts)New Belgium201996-04-1120366.3
Goebeert, Pierre1460(0 pts)New Belgium201997-01-2810181.3
Loy, Antoine- Belgium201996-09-22701095.0
Molly, Kenny928(7 pts)New Belgium201996-12-24801276.3
Moniquet, Sylvain-New Belgium191998-01-14000.0
Mortier, Julien776(11 pts) Belgium191997-07-20801276.3
Palm, Martin- Belgium201996-06-14801276.3
Pestiaux, Yann-New Belgium181998-08-05000.0
Petit, Tomas-New Belgium201996-11-17000.0
Six, Franklin1042(4 pts) Belgium201996-12-2910185.0
Taminiaux, Lionel1047(4 pts) Belgium201996-05-2160986.0
Tasset, Marvin- Belgium191997-10-1620366.3
From UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)
DivisionUCI Continental
Based Belgium
Team editions
2017 Ago - Aquaservice CONT
2016 ColorCode - Arden'Beef CONT
2015 ColorCode - Biowanze CONT
2014 ColorCode - Biowanze CONT
2013 ColorCode - Biowanze CONT
2012 Idemasport - Biowanze CONT