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2017 Delko Marseille - Provence KTM

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Asbjørn Kragh Andersen

Nat. Denmark
Born24 y , 1992-04-09
84 Tour of Oman
7 GP della Costa Etruschi

Daniel Diaz

Nat. Argentina
Born27 y , 1989-07-07
88 Tour of Oman
42 GP della Costa Etruschi

Delio Fernandez Cruz

Nat. Spain
Born31 y , 1986-02-17
16 Tour of Oman

Benjamin Giraud

Nat. France
Born31 y , 1986-01-23
130 Tour of Oman
DNF Étoile de Bessèges

Thierry Hupond

Nat. France
Born32 y , 1984-11-10
76 Tour of Oman
40 GP della Costa Etruschi

Martin Laas

Nat. Estonia
Born23 y , 1993-09-15
134 Tour of Oman
105 GP della Costa Etruschi

Romain Lemarchand

Nat. France
Born29 y , 1987-07-26
DNF GP della Costa Etruschi

Jhon Anderson Rodriguez

Nat. Colombia
Born20 y , 1996-10-12
34 Tour of Oman
64 GP della Costa Etruschi

Gatis Smukulis

Nat. Latvia
Born29 y , 1987-04-15
77 Tour du Haut Var
DNF Étoile de Bessèges



DivisionUCI Pro Continental


Based France


Team editions

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