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2017 Bora - Hansgrohe

Riders Results Grand Tours Monuments

List Expanded

Name FC-rank New Nation Age Born Race days Victories* Km*
Ackermann, Pascal1038(4 pts)New Germany231994-01-17701181.6
Archbold, Shane- New Zealand281989-02-02000.0
Barta, Jan681(13 pts) Czech Republic321984-12-071902859.0
Baska, Erik537(21 pts)New Slovakia231994-01-121402337.1
Benedetti, Cesare811(8 pts) Italy291987-08-032003204.4
Bennett, Sam194(85 pts) Ireland261990-10-161712790.3
Bodnar, Maciej655(14 pts)New Poland321985-03-07901502.3
Buchmann, Emanuel275(57 pts) Germany241992-11-18701168.9
Burghardt, Marcus489(25 pts)New Germany331983-06-301201999.1
Herklotz, Silvio279(56 pts) Germany221994-05-061302034.0
Kolar, Michael-New Slovakia241992-12-211301922.0
Konrad, Patrick95(147 pts) Austria251991-10-131502404.9
König, Leopold-New Czech Republic291987-11-15000.0
Majka, Rafal78(176 pts)New Poland271989-09-121702534.5
McCarthy, Jay49(246 pts)New Australia241992-09-081201686.2
Mendes, Jose852(7 pts) Portugal311985-04-241902886.3
Muhlberger, Gregor378(36 pts) Austria221994-04-04901350.1
Pelucchi, Matteo105(137 pts)New Italy281989-01-211302008.3
Pfingsten, Christoph443(28 pts) Germany291987-11-201202062.1
Poljanski, Pawel683(13 pts)New Poland261990-05-061702534.5
Pöstlberger, Lukas443(28 pts) Austria251992-01-101502340.7
Sagan, Juraj-New Slovakia281988-12-231602725.7
Sagan, Peter1(724 pts)New Slovakia271990-01-261632504.3
Saramotins, Aleksejs953(5 pts)New Latvia341982-04-081101830.7
Schillinger, Andreas- Germany331983-07-131302358.8
Schwarzmann, Michael736(11 pts) Germany261991-01-071001685.4
Selig, Rüdiger125(119 pts) Germany281989-02-191602630.8
From UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)
DivisionUCI Pro Team
Based Germany
Team editions
2017 Bora - Hansgrohe PRT
2016 Bora - Argon 18 PROF
2015 Bora - Argon 18 PROF
2014 Team NetApp - Endura PROF
2013 Team NetApp - Endura PROF
2012 Team NetApp PROF
2011 Team NetApp PROF
2010 Team NetApp CONT