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2016 Seoul Cycling Team

Riders Results

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Haesung Cho

Nat. South Korea
Born25 y , 1991-11-14
DNF Tour de Korea

Jin Yong Choi

Nat. South Korea
Born33 y , 1983-01-19

Tae Ho Choi

Nat. South Korea
Born19 y , 1997-09-10
DNF Tour of Fuzhou
49 Tour de Korea

Seok Hyun Ham

Nat. South Korea
Born21 y , 1995-10-31
12 CN South-Korea RR

Dae Young Joo

Nat. South Korea
Born20 y , 1996-10-10
43 Tour of Fuzhou

Ha Jeon Jung

Nat. South Korea
Born21 y , 1995-04-30
20 Tour of Fuzhou
4 CN South-Korea RR
25 Tour de Korea

Suk Ho Kang

Nat. South Korea
Born23 y , 1993-08-21
21 Tour of Thailand

Ok Cheol Kim

Nat. South Korea
Born22 y , 1994-11-16
46 Tour of Fuzhou
DNF Olympic Games
16 Tour de Korea

Kyeongho Min

Nat. South Korea
Born20 y , 1996-07-25
50 Tour of Fuzhou
10 CN South-Korea RR
DNF Tour de Korea

Sang-hoon Park

Nat. South Korea
Born23 y , 1993-03-13
20 Prix Jura Nord
35 Tour de Korea
39 Tour of Thailand


DivisionUCI Continental
Based South Korea

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