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2016 Minsk Cycling Club

Riders Results

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Aleh Ahiyevich

Nat. Belarus
Born23 y , 1993-06-28
16 Tour of China II
90 Tour of China I
15 Baltic Chain Tour

Stanislav Bazhkou

Nat. Belarus
Born25 y , 1991-11-04
11 Tour of Fuzhou
DNF Tour of Taihu Lake
33 Tour of Yancheng

Oleksandr Golovash

Nat. Ukraine
Born25 y , 1991-09-21
DNF Tour of Fuzhou
DNF Tour of Taihu Lake
54 Tour of Yancheng

Anton Ivashkin

Nat. Belarus
Born20 y , 1996-04-14
104 Tour of Fuzhou
63 Tour of Taihu Lake
DNF Tour of Yancheng

Kansatansin Klimiankou

Nat. Belarus
Born27 y , 1989-08-03
DNF Tour of Fuzhou
25 Tour of Taihu Lake
62 Tour of Yancheng

Anton Muzychin

Nat. Belarus
Born22 y , 1994-12-16
41 Baltic Chain Tour
91 Dookola Mazowska
26 Grand Prix Minsk

Siarhei Papok

Nat. Belarus
Born28 y , 1988-01-06
DNF Tour of Fuzhou
82 Tour of Taihu Lake
25 Tour of Yancheng

Alexei Piashkun

Nat. Belarus
Born20 y , 1996-03-07
39 Baltic Chain Tour
58 Grand Prix Minsk
DNF Minsk Cup

Andrei Piashkun

Nat. Belarus
Born24 y , 1992-12-06
54 Tour of Bulgaria - South
38 Minsk Cup
51 Solidarnosc Champions

Raman Ramanau

Nat. Belarus
Born22 y , 1994-07-03
49 Tour of China II
DNF Tour of China I
19 Baltic Chain Tour

Yauheni Sobal

Nat. Belarus
Born35 y , 1981-04-07
DNF Tour of Fuzhou
60 Tour of Taihu Lake
36 Tour of Yancheng


Season 2016
Division UCI Continental
Based Belarus

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