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2016 Cycling Team Jo Piels

Riders Results

List Expanded

Maikel Bos

Nat. Netherlands
Born22 y , 1994-05-07
DNS CN Netherlands ITT-U23
DNF GP Horsens
DNF Fyen Rundt
79 Tour de Gironde
DNF Carpathian Couriers Race

Stefan Poutsma

Nat. Netherlands
Born25 y , 1991-09-10
33 GP Horsens
29 Fyen Rundt
DNF Tour de Gironde
71 Paris - Arras Tour
9 DK Noord

Patrick Van Leeuwen

Nat. Netherlands
Born31 y , 1985-04-16
17 CX - Bredene
32 CX - Heusden-Zolder
31 CX - Namur
4 CX - Igorre
6 CX - Asteasu
DivisionUCI Continental
Based Netherlands
Team editions
2017 Destil - Piels CONT
2016 Cycling Team Jo Piels CONT
2015 Cycling Team Jo Piels CONT
2014 Cycling Team Jo Piels CONT
2013 Cyclingteam Jo Piels CONT
2012 Cyclingteam Jo Piels CONT
2011 Cyclingteam Jo Piels CONT
2010 Cyclingteam Jo Piels CONT
2009 Cyclingteam Jo Piels CONT
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