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2015 LiVe Well p/b Bountiful Bicycle

Riders Results

List Expanded

Gilbert Ducournau

Nat. Venezuela
Born23 y , 1992-09-25
105 Tour of the Gila

Darren Goff

Nat. USA
Born39 y , 1976-01-08

Daan Haas

Nat. USA
Born21 y , 1994-05-04

Sepp Kuss

Nat. USA
Born21 y , 1994-09-13
36 Tour of the Gila

Clinton Mortley

Nat. USA
Born28 y , 1987-06-05
101 Tour of the Gila

Zach Noonan

Nat. USA
Born23 y , 1992-11-07
DNF Tour of the Gila

Alister Ratcliff

Nat. USA
Born27 y , 1988-04-06
DNF Tour of the Gila

Austin Turner

Nat. USA
Born25 y , 1990-04-13

Branson Yantes

Nat. USA
Born32 y , 1983-11-06

Bryce Young

Nat. USA
Born29 y , 1986-09-07
DNF Tour of the Gila


Based USA
DirecteurAlister Ratcliff