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2015 Silber Pro Cycling Team

Riders Results

List Expanded

Elliott Doyle

Nat. Canada
Born21 y , 1994-01-20
4 G.P.Matapedia
111 Redlands Classic

Nigel Ellsay

Nat. Canada
Born21 y , 1994-04-30
DNF World Champ. U23
42 Tour of Alberta
21 Delta Road Race
28 CN Canada RR
14 CN Canada ITT

Benjamin Perry

Nat. Canada
Born21 y , 1994-03-07
26 World Champ. U23
DNF GP Montreal
50 GP Quebec
90 Tour of Alberta
14 Tour de Gastown

Alexander Ray

Nat. New Zealand
Born25 y , 1990-10-03
23 Tour of Alberta
13 Tour de Gastown
29 Tour de Beauce
40 Philly Cycling Classic
35 GP Saguenay

Ryan Roth

Nat. Canada
Born32 y , 1983-01-10
DNF World Championship
44 World Champ. ITT
DNF GP Montreal
109 GP Quebec
44 Tour of Alberta
DivisionUCI Continental
Based Canada
Team editions
2017 Silber Pro Cycling.. CONT
2016 Silber Pro Cycling.. CONT
2015 Silber Pro Cycling.. CONT
2014 Silber Pro Cycling.. CONT