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2014 Silber Pro Cycling Team

Riders Results

List Expanded

Matteo Dal-Cin

Nat. Canada
Born23 y , 1991-01-14
DNF GP Montreal
43 GP Quebec
DNF Tour of Alberta
8 Delta Road Race
DNF Tour de Beauce

Olivier Delaney

Nat. Canada
Born21 y , 1993-08-31
DNF Tour de Beauce
DNF Tour of the Gila

Nicolas Masbourian

Nat. Canada
Born20 y , 1994-01-27
DNF Tour of the Gila

David Onsow

Nat. Canada
Born21 y , 1993-07-08

Ryan Roth

Nat. Canada
Born31 y , 1983-01-10
108 GP Montreal
58 GP Quebec
40 Tour of Alberta
22 Delta Road Race
9 Tour de Beauce
DivisionUCI Continental
Based Canada
Team editions
2017 Silber Pro Cycling.. CONT
2016 Silber Pro Cycling.. CONT
2015 Silber Pro Cycling.. CONT
2014 Silber Pro Cycling.. CONT