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2004 Cycling Team Bert Story - Piels

Riders Results

List Expanded

Sierk-Jan De Haan

Nat. Netherlands
Born23 y , 1981-06-20

Reinier Honig

Nat. Netherlands
Born21 y , 1983-10-28
13 Ringerike GP

Jerden Horck

Nat. Netherlands
Born19 y , 1985-07-07

Alexandre Kareev

Nat. Russia
Born26 y , 1978-02-17

Arne Kornegoor

Nat. Netherlands
Born23 y , 1981-04-25

Jesper Lenferink

Nat. Netherlands
Born22 y , 1982-12-02

Coen Loos

Nat. Netherlands
Born24 y , 1980-08-28
26 Volta Limburg Classic

Norman Meerkere

Nat. Netherlands
Born20 y , 1984-03-28

Niki Terpstra

Nat. Netherlands
Born20 y , 1984-05-18
1 GP Wielerrevue

Germ Van den Burg

Nat. Netherlands
Born27 y , 1977-11-09
28 CCC Tour
7 Ronde van Drenthe

Fulco Van Gulik

Nat. Netherlands
Born25 y , 1979-08-01

Dennis Van Uden

Nat. Netherlands
Born20 y , 1984-08-07

Viacheslav Vilkov

Nat. Russia
Born19 y , 1985-05-09
DivisionDivisjon III
Based Netherlands
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