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2013 Alpha Baltic -

Riders Results

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Reinis Andrijanovs

Nat. Latvia
Born25 y , 1988-04-09
22 Tour of China II
60 Tour of China I
DNF Baltic Chain Tour

Bremanis Ansis

Nat. Latvia
Born19 y , 1994-02-15
DNF Mem. of Oleg Dyachenko
DNF Mayor Cup
DNF GP Sencur

Indulis Bekmanis

Nat. Latvia
Born24 y , 1989-02-21
21 Tour of Almaty
52 Tour of China II
46 Tour of China I

Maris Bogdanovics

Nat. Latvia
Born22 y , 1991-11-19
84 Tour of Almaty
53 Tour of China II
28 Tour of China I

Ingus Eislers

Nat. Latvia
Born24 y , 1989-01-28
106 Jurmala GP
70 Riga - Jurmala GP
DNF Tour of Estonia

Vitalijs Kornilovs

Nat. Latvia
Born34 y , 1979-07-17
DNF East Bohemia Tour
DNF Five rings of Moscow
66 GP of Moscow

Emils Liepins

Nat. Latvia
Born21 y , 1992-10-29
47 Tour of Almaty
79 World Champ. U23
DNF Ruota d'Oro

Matiss Preimanis

Nat. Latvia
Born22 y , 1991-09-06
22 Five rings of Moscow
DNF GP of Moscow
DNF Mem. of Oleg Dyachenko

Erki Pütsep

Nat. Estonia
Born37 y , 1976-05-23
99 Tour of Almaty
18 Duo Normand
46 Jurmala GP

Kristofers Racenajs

Nat. Latvia
Born28 y , 1985-12-13
7 Tour of China II
78 Tour of China I
43 Baltic Chain Tour

Martins Savicki

Nat. Latvia
Born20 y , 1993-01-03
DNF Tour of Almaty
DNF East Bohemia Tour
DNF Baltic Chain Tour

Kaspars Sergis

Nat. Latvia
Born21 y , 1992-06-16
54 Tour of China II
DNF Tour of China I
DNF Jurmala GP

Lauris Spillers

Nat. Latvia
Born39 y , 1974-02-19
DNS Tour of Almaty
18 Duo Normand
DNF East Bohemia Tour


DivisionUCI Continental
Based Latvia

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