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2009 Bissell Pro Cycling Team

Riders Results

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Joao Miguel Silva Correia

Nat. Portugal
Born34 y , 1975-02-10
DNF Tour de San Luis

Sheldon Deeny

Nat. USA
Born25 y , 1984-10-14

Tim Farnham

Nat. USA
Born27 y , 1982-06-24

Graham Howard

Nat. USA
Born24 y , 1985-02-21

Ben Jacques-Maynes

Nat. USA
Born31 y , 1978-09-22
DNF Tour of Southland
7 Herald Sun Tour
7 Tour of Missouri

Omer Kem

Nat. USA
Born27 y , 1982-10-04
52 Tour of Southland
DNF Herald Sun Tour
DNF Tour of Missouri

Peter Latham

Nat. New Zealand
Born25 y , 1984-01-08
5 Tour of Southland
14 Herald Sun Tour
20 Tour of Missouri

Paul Mach

Nat. USA
Born27 y , 1982-03-15
19 Herald Sun Tour

George Masters

Nat. New Zealand
Born26 y , 1983-08-02

Cody O'Reilly

Nat. USA
Born21 y , 1988-01-24
DNF Tour of Southland
52 Herald Sun Tour
DNF Tour of Missouri

Frank Pipp

Nat. USA
Born32 y , 1977-05-22
37 Herald Sun Tour
74 Tour of Missouri
25 Philly Cycling Classic

Morgan Schmitt

Nat. USA
Born24 y , 1985-01-03
50 US Air Force Classic

Burke Swindlehurst

Nat. USA
Born36 y , 1973-10-03
6 Tour of Utah
46 Tour de San Luis

Jeremy Vennell

Nat. New Zealand
Born29 y , 1980-10-06
7 Tour of Southland
41 Herald Sun Tour
DNF World Championship

Tom Zirbel

Nat. USA
Born31 y , 1978-10-30
DSQ World Champ. ITT
4 Tour of Missouri
3 Tour of Elk Grove


DivisionUCI Continental
Based USA

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