Enrico Grigoli

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2005 PRT Domina Vacanze 1221(51 p) - 35 0 5091.6
2004 TT1 De Nardi - -
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2005 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2005-09-111.1One-day race11.09DNF 156.9 km Nürnberger Altstadt R.Scholz
2005-08-232.PTStage race15.08-23.08DNF Deutschland Tour L.Leipheimer
2005-08-102.PTStage race03.08-10.08136 BinckBank Tour B.Julich
2005-07-031.1One-day race03.07DNF 188.5 km Trofeo Matteotti R.Marzoli
2005-06-051.HCOne-day race05.06DNF 196.0 km GP Kanton Aargau A.Moos
2005-06-041.1One-day race04.06DNF 162.4 km GP Triberg-Schwarzwald F.Wegmann
2005-05-222.PTStage race16.05-22.05DNF Volta Catalunya Y.Popovych
2005-05-052.1Stage race03.05-05.0561 Uniqa Classic B.de Groot
2005-05-011.HCOne-day race01.05DNF 211.3 km Eschborn-Frankfurt E.Zabel
2005-04-222.1Stage race19.04-22.04117 Tour of the Alps J.Perez Cuapio
2005-04-171.1One-day race17.04DNF 184.0 km Giro d'Oro L.Mazzanti
2005-03-201.1One-day race20.0321 174.0 km Stausee Rundfahrt D.Napolitano
2005-02-261.1One-day race26.02DNF 172.9 km GP Chiasso K.Kirchen
2005-02-062.HCStage race28.01-06.0298 Tour de Langkawi R.Cox
2005-08-182.PT04.stage18.08DNF 175 km Deutschland Tour L.Leipheimer
2005-08-172.PT03.stage17.0810 232 km Deutschland Tour D.Bennati
2005-08-162.PT02.stage16.08148 180 km Deutschland Tour F.Pozzato
2005-08-152.PT01.stage15.08160 170 km Deutschland Tour B.Tankink
2005-08-102.PT07.stage10.08116 26 km BinckBank Tour B.Julich
2005-08-092.PT06.stage09.08119 195 km BinckBank Tour S.van Dijk
2005-08-082.PT05.stage08.08133 194 km BinckBank Tour M.van Heeswijk
2005-08-072.PT04.stage07.08132 232 km BinckBank Tour A.Ballan
2005-08-062.PT03.stage06.08160 205 km BinckBank Tour A.Davis
2005-08-052.PT02.stage05.08142 178 km BinckBank Tour S.Cadamuro
2005-08-042.PT01.stage04.08173 189 km BinckBank Tour M.van Heeswijk
2005-08-032.PTPrologue03.08169 5 km BinckBank Tour R.Verbrugghe
2005-05-212.PT06.stage21.05OOT 198 km Volta Catalunya A.Charteau
2005-05-202.PT05.stage20.05154 17 km Volta Catalunya Í.Cuesta
2005-05-192.PT04.stage19.05160 237 km Volta Catalunya L.Piepoli
2005-05-182.PT03.stage18.0522 157 km Volta Catalunya P.Horrillo
2005-05-172.PT02.stage17.05179 186 km Volta Catalunya E.Gasparotto
2005-05-162.PT01.stage (TTT)16.059 20 km Volta Catalunya M.Perdiguero
2005-05-052.103.stage05.0564 167 km Uniqa Classic K.Carlström
2005-05-042.102.stage04.0578 168 km Uniqa Classic M.Fischer
2005-05-032.101.stage03.0511 185 km Uniqa Classic M.Fischer
2005-05-022.1Prologue02.0567 8 km Uniqa Classic O.Sosenka
2005-04-222.104.stage22.0410 162 km Tour of the Alps A.Aug
2005-04-212.103.stage21.04115 176 km Tour of the Alps S.Honchar
2005-04-202.102.stage20.04128 179 km Tour of the Alps G.Muraglia
2005-04-192.101.stage19.04140 165 km Tour of the Alps P.Niemiec
2005-02-062.HC10.stage06.0212 67 km Tour de Langkawi G.Brown
2005-02-052.HC09.stage05.0298 164.8 km Tour de Langkawi G.Brown
2005-02-042.HC08.stage04.02117 97.9 km Tour de Langkawi R.Cox
2005-02-032.HC07.stage03.0212 167.7 km Tour de Langkawi G.Brown
2005-02-022.HC06.stage02.0218 152 km Tour de Langkawi G.Bongiorno
2005-02-012.HC05.stage01.0211 163.9 km Tour de Langkawi G.Brown
2005-01-312.HC04.stage31.01107 20.3 km Tour de Langkawi N.O'Neill
2005-01-302.HC03.stage30.0143 172.5 km Tour de Langkawi K.Fukushima
2005-01-292.HC02.stage29.0110 171.6 km Tour de Langkawi G.Bongiorno
2005-01-282.HC01.stage28.0111 106.9 km Tour de Langkawi G.Brown


Nation Italy

Born39 year, Oct 22nd 1978


Circuito dell'Assunta (2002)
Vicenza - Bionde (2003)

Stage victories

2x Giro Ciclistico D'Italia