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Ryan McCanally

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2017 CONT H&R Block Pro Cycling Team 921(81 p) - 31 0 3764.4
2016 CONT Pegasus Continental Cycling Team 1386(40 p) - 13 1 1989.9
2015 CONT CharterMason - Giant - - 0 0 0.0
2011 CONT Team Budget Forklifts - - 0 0 0.0
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-10-172.1Stage race10.10-17.10DNF Tour of Taihu Lake J.Mareczko
2017-10-081.1One-day race08.1025 103.0 km Hong Kong Challenge M.Mohoric
2017-09-242.1Stage race19.09-24.0965 Tour of China II K.Rivera
2017-09-242.1Points19.09-24.0914 Tour of China II M.Bogdanovics
2017-09-042.1Stage race01.09-04.0957 Tour of Alberta E.Huffman
2017-09-042.1Points01.09-04.0911 Tour of Alberta W.Wippert
2017-08-152.1Stage race04.08-15.08DNF Volta a Portugal R.Alarcon
2017-07-232.2Stage race19.07-23.07DNF Cascade Cycling Classic R.Carpenter
2017-07-091.2One-day race09.072 155.5 km Delta Road Race J.Murphy
2017-02-121.2One-day race12.025 133.5 km Trophee Maison Royale A.Galdoune
2017-02-111.2One-day race11.02DNF 122.4 km Trophee de l'Anniversaire U.Marengo
2017-02-091.2One-day race09.0230 120.0 km Trophée Princier T.Vaubourzeix
2017-02-061.2One-day race06.0220 140.0 km GP Al Massira A.Orken
2017-02-051.2One-day race05.0217 104.0 km GP Oued Eddahab I.Balykin
2017-02-031.2One-day race03.0215 152.6 km GP Sakia El Hamra A.Galdoune
2017-01-291.1One-day race29.0199 161.5 km Trofeo Palma D.McLay
2017-01-281.1One-day race28.01DNF 160.3 km Trofeo Andratx T.Wellens
2017-01-271.1One-day race27.01DNF 153.9 km Trofeo Serra Tramuntana T.Wellens
2017-01-261.1One-day race26.0199 161.8 km Trofeo Porreres A.Greipel
2017-10-162.106.stage16.10DNS 106.4 km Tour of Taihu Lake J.Mareczko
2017-10-152.105.stage15.10126125 148 km Tour of Taihu Lake J.Aberasturi Izaga
2017-10-142.104.stage14.10774 117.4 km Tour of Taihu Lake J.Mareczko
2017-10-132.103.stage13.10475 134.3 km Tour of Taihu Lake J.Mareczko
2017-10-122.102.stage12.107279 117.1 km Tour of Taihu Lake J.Mareczko
2017-10-112.101.stage11.10279 111.3 km Tour of Taihu Lake N.Marini
2017-10-102.1Prologue10.109898 5.3 km Tour of Taihu Lake G.Boivin
2017-09-242.105.stage24.09465 91.2 km Tour of China II M.Bogdanovics
2017-09-222.104.stage22.09973 115.3 km Tour of China II M.Benfatto
2017-09-212.103.stage21.09573 94 km Tour of China II M.Benfatto
2017-09-202.102.stage20.091177 97.6 km Tour of China II S.Sunderland
2017-09-192.101.stage19.099292 118.2 km Tour of China II K.Rivera
2017-09-042.104.stage04.093057 124.1 km Tour of Alberta W.Wippert
2017-09-032.103.stage03.094167 116 km Tour of Alberta A.Howes
2017-09-022.102.stage02.09368 139 km Tour of Alberta W.Wippert
2017-09-012.101.stage01.097979 162 km Tour of Alberta E.Huffman
2017-08-072.103.stage07.08DNF 162.7 km Volta a Portugal B.Alaphilippe
2017-08-062.102.stage06.089491 214.7 km Volta a Portugal S.Caldeira
2017-08-052.101.stage05.087481 203 km Volta a Portugal R.Alarcon
2017-08-042.1Prologue04.08136136 5.4 km Volta a Portugal D.Gaudin
2017-07-232.205.stage23.07DNF 131.3 km Cascade Cycling Classic A.Howes
2017-07-222.204.stage22.07116141 48.9 km Cascade Cycling Classic S.Kline
2017-07-212.203.stage21.07152142 172.7 km Cascade Cycling Classic P.Stetina
2017-07-202.202.stage20.07130122 23 km Cascade Cycling Classic E.Huffman
2017-07-192.201.stage19.07120120 174 km Cascade Cycling Classic A.Howes


Nation Australia

Born25 year, Sep 14th 1992


Tour of Jakarta (2016)