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Phan Åge Haugård

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2014 CONT Frøy - Bianchi 1775(20 p) - 24 0 3367.8
2013 CONT Oneco - Trek Cycling Team 3217(3 p) - 12 0 1876.4
2012 CONT Oneco - Mesterhus Cycling Team 3011(5 p) - 7 0 819.0
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2014 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2014-09-14NENasjonalcup27.04-14.0957 Norgescupen F.Eidsheim
2014-08-10N1One-day race10.0883 168.0 km Bergen (NC) O.Forfang
2014-08-022.2Stage race29.07-02.0837 Dookola Mazowska J.Marycz
2014-06-29CN Eidsvoll29.06DNF184.0 km CN Norway RR T.Hausken Jacobsen
2014-06-27CN Eidsvoll27.0649 40.8 km CN Norway Criterium H.Blikra
2014-06-22CNOne-day race22.065139.0 km CN Norway RR-U23 S.Enger
2014-06-012.2Stage race28.05-01.0661 Flèche du Sud G.Bille
2014-05-252.HCStage race21.05-25.05DNF Tour of Norway M.Paterski
2014-05-031.2One-day race03.05DNF 189.5 km Himmerland Rundt M.Cort
2014-05-021.2One-day race02.0515 181.6 km Rent Liv Løbet Skive P.Bauhaus
2014-04-27N1One-day race27.0415 132.0 km Grenland GP (NC) M.Olsson
2014-04-062.2Stage race01.04-06.04DNF GP Sochi I.Zakarin
2014-03-132.1Stage race09.03-13.0352 Tour de Taiwan R.Di Gregorio
2014-08-022.206.stage02.082437 184 km Dookola Mazowska E.Laton
2014-08-012.205.stage01.084643 140 km Dookola Mazowska M.Lammertink
2014-07-312.204.stage31.07555 216 km Dookola Mazowska A.Rasmussen
2014-07-302.203.stage30.071357 162 km Dookola Mazowska A.Rasmussen
2014-07-292.202.stage29.071458 106 km Dookola Mazowska T.Reschke
2014-07-292.201.stage (TTT)29.071475 18 km Dookola Mazowska T.Kiendys
2014-06-012.204.stage01.06461 160.1 km Flèche du Sud C.Vermeltfoort
2014-05-312.203.stage31.057164 145.2 km Flèche du Sud C.Vermeltfoort
2014-05-302.202.stage30.056365 162.2 km Flèche du Sud G.Bille
2014-05-292.201.stage29.055254 165.7 km Flèche du Sud C.Vermeltfoort
2014-05-282.2Prologue28.055858 1.5 km Flèche du Sud C.Pfingsten
2014-05-252.HC05.stage25.05DNS 166 km Tour of Norway A.Kristoff
2014-05-242.HC04.stage24.058294 195.3 km Tour of Norway B.Mollema
2014-05-232.HC03.stage23.059996 177.8 km Tour of Norway S.Vanmarcke
2014-05-222.HC02.stage22.058280 193.5 km Tour of Norway M.De Maar
2014-05-212.HC01.stage21.052626 147.5 km Tour of Norway A.Kristoff
2014-06-15NE03.stage15.0659 168 km Norgescupen F.Eidsheim
2014-04-042.204.stage04.04DNF 154 km GP Sochi M.Gogl
2014-04-032.203.stage03.046363 22 km GP Sochi A.Evtushenko
2014-04-022.202.stage02.04965 128.4 km GP Sochi R.Maikin
2014-04-012.201.stage01.04119119 185.9 km GP Sochi S.Lagutin
2014-03-132.105.stage13.031651 167.8 km Tour de Taiwan F.Schnaidt
2014-03-122.104.stage12.033755 160.9 km Tour de Taiwan I.Tamouridis
2014-03-112.103.stage11.037061 143 km Tour de Taiwan W.Wippert
2014-03-102.102.stage10.032326 151.4 km Tour de Taiwan B.Giraud
2014-03-092.101.stage09.031114 52 km Tour de Taiwan L.Keough


Nation Norway

Born26 year, May 13th 1992


CN Norway ITT-JR (2010)

Stage victories

1x U6 Cycle Tour, Østfold 3 dagers