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John Murphy

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Year Date # What Km Race
2008-03-16200809.03-16.032.2GC Tour de Taiwan
2014-09-06201406.09CNOne-day race CN USA Criterium
2015-04-26201523.04-26.042.2GC Joe Martin Stage Race
2016-05-29201629.051.NCCOne-day race Winston Salem Classic Criterium
2017-04-08201708.041.NCCOne-day race Sunny King Criterium
2017-07-09201709.071.2One-day race 155.5 km White Spot / Delta Road Race
2018-04-28201828.04NEOne-day race Athens Twilight Criterium
2018-06-02201802.06NEOne-day race The Oklahoma City-2


Year Date # What Km Race
2014-08-10201406.08-10.082.HCMountains PostNord Danmark Rundt
2015-04-26201523.04-26.042.2Points Joe Martin Stage Race

Stage victories

Year Date # What Km Race
2015-04-24201524.042.201.stage 173.9 km Joe Martin Stage Race
2015-04-25201525.042.202.stage 176 km Joe Martin Stage Race
2015-08-23201523.082.HC07.stage 110 km USA Challenge
2016-02-06201606.022.103.stage 146 km Herald Sun Tour
2016-02-26201626.022.HC03.stage 107 km Tour de Langkawi
2016-06-26201626.062.NCC10.stage - America's Dairyland
2017-08-03201703.082.HC04.stage 201.1 km Tour of Utah
2017-08-10201710.082.HC01.stage 150.4 km Colorado Classic
2018-04-06201806.042.201.stage 172.6 km Circuit des Ardennes