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Jolien D'Hoore

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Year Date # What Km Race
2017-09-10201710.091.WWTOne-day race 87.0 km Madrid Challenge by la Vuelta
2016-09-11201611.091.WWTOne-day race 87.0 km Madrid Challenge by la Vuelta
2017-05-07201705.05-07.052.WWTGC Tour of Chongming Island UCI Women's WorldTour
2018-03-22201822.031.WWTOne-day race 151.7 km Driedaagse De Panne-Koksijde Womens

Stage victories

Year Date # What Km Race
2017-05-06201706.052.WWT02.stage 135.4 km Tour of Chongming Island
2017-05-07201707.052.WWT03.stage 111.6 km Tour of Chongming Island
2017-08-18201718.082.WWT01.stage 101.5 km Ladies Tour of Norway
2017-06-11201711.062.WWT05.stage 88.2 km Women's Tour
2017-07-03201703.072.WWT04.stage 118 km Giro d'Italia Femminile
2018-06-13201813.062.WWT01.stage 129.7 km Women's Tour
2018-07-08201808.072.WWT03.stage 132 km Giro d'Italia Femminile
2018-07-09201809.072.WWT04.stage 109 km Giro d'Italia Femminile

Riding now..

BeNe Ladies Tour (19.07-22.07) Extra


Nation Belgium

Born28 year, Mar 14th 1990



De Panne-Koksijde (2018)
Madrid Challenge (2016, 2017)
Tour of Chongming Island (2017)


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