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Omer Shapira

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 UCI Women Cylance Pro Cycling - - 22 0 2308.0
2017 UCI Women Giusfredi BIANCHI - - 13 0 1311.6
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-07-171.WWTOne-day race17.0719 112.5 km La Course by Le Tour A.van Vleuten
2018-06-172.WWTStage race13.06-17.0632 Women's Tour C.Rivera
2018-05-222.WWTStage race19.05-22.0552 Emakumeen Bira A.Spratt
2018-05-171.2One-day race17.05DNF 113.0 km Durango-Durango A.van der Breggen
2018-04-292.2Stage race26.04-29.047 Gracia E.Fahlin
2018-04-292.2Points26.04-29.0420 Gracia E.Fahlin
2018-04-292.2Sprint26.04-29.0414 Gracia L.Indergand
2018-04-221.WWTOne-day race22.0438 136.0 km Liège-Bastogne-Liège A.van der Breggen
2018-04-181.WWTOne-day race18.0450 118.5 km La Flèche Wallonne A.van der Breggen
2018-04-151.WWTOne-day race15.0476 116.9 km Amstel Gold Race C.Blaak
2018-03-181.WWTOne-day race18.0352 131.1 km Trofeo Alfredo Binda K.Niewiadoma
2018-03-031.WWTOne-day race03.03DNF 136.0 km Strade Bianche Women A.van der Breggen
2018-02-042.2Stage race02.02-04.0210 Tour of Eftalia Hotels O.Zabelinskaya
2018-02-042.2Points02.02-04.0215 Tour of Eftalia Hotels M.Novolodskaya
2018-06-172.WWT05.stage17.064232 122.6 km Women's Tour L.Lepisto
2018-06-162.WWT04.stage16.067336 131.5 km Women's Tour A.Dideriksen
2018-06-152.WWT03.stage15.064437 150.4 km Women's Tour S.Roy
2018-06-142.WWT02.stage14.064844 143.9 km Women's Tour C.Rivera
2018-06-132.WWT01.stage13.068181 129.7 km Women's Tour J.D'Hoore
2018-05-222.WWT04.stage22.054752 120 km Emakumeen Bira A.Spratt
2018-05-212.WWT03.stage21.058562 114.5 km Emakumeen Bira A.Pieters
2018-05-202.WWT02.stage20.058353 26.6 km Emakumeen Bira A.van Vleuten
2018-05-192.WWT01.stage19.054343 108 km Emakumeen Bira S.Stultiens
2018-04-292.205.stage29.0487 101.6 km Gracia K.Hannes
2018-04-282.204.stage28.043610 63.5 km Gracia E.Fahlin
2018-04-282.203.stage28.043411 12.7 km Gracia O.Zabelinskaya
2018-04-272.202.stage27.041716 100 km Gracia E.Fahlin
2018-04-262.201.stage26.043838 104.2 km Gracia E.Fahlin
2018-02-042.202.stage04.022810 129.3 km Tour of Eftalia Hotels K.Savenka
2018-02-032.201.stage03.021210 128 km Tour of Eftalia Hotels O.Zabelinskaya
2018-02-022.2Prologue02.0277 6.5 km Tour of Eftalia Hotels O.Zabelinskaya


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Born23 year, Sep 9th 1994