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Lachlan Norris

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 PROF UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team 1236(30 p) - 33 0 4139.4
2017 PROF UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team 637(135 p) - 51 0 6496.5
2016 PROF Drapac Professional Cycling 624(141 p) - 59 0 8660.8
2015 PROF Drapac Cycling 281(324 p) - 43 1 5910.0
2014 PROF Drapac Cycling 533(167 p) - 47 0 6243.6
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-07-14NEOne-day race14.074 Andersen Banducci Twilight Criterium G.Hecht
2018-07-131.2Time Trial13.077 23.4 km Chrono Kristin Armstrong S.Tvetcov
2018-06-172.2Stage race13.06-17.0623 Tour de Beauce J.Piccoli
2018-06-172.2Mountains13.06-17.0621 Tour de Beauce B.Perry
2018-06-032.1Stage race30.05-03.0622 Tour de Korea S.Tvetcov
2018-06-032.1Points30.05-03.0638 Tour de Korea R.Kreder
2018-05-192.WT3Stage race13.05-19.0569 Tour of California E.Bernal
2018-04-222.2Stage race18.04-22.0413 Tour of the Gila R.Britton
2018-04-222.2Mountains18.04-22.0421 Tour of the Gila O.Sanchez
2018-04-152.2Stage race12.04-15.0457 Joe Martin Stage Race R.Companioni
2018-03-152.1Stage race11.03-15.0331 Tour de Taiwan Y.Arashiro
2018-03-041.1One Day Race04.03DNF 189.3 km Dwars West-Vlaanderen R.Cavagna
2018-02-271.1One-day race27.02DNF 200.0 km Le Samyn N.Terpstra
2018-06-172.206.stage17.063123 122.4 km Tour de Beauce P.Cote
2018-06-162.205.stage16.063619 70 km Tour de Beauce J.Piccoli
2018-06-152.204.stage15.068620 78.1 km Tour de Beauce G.Easter
2018-06-152.203.stage15.063020 19.4 km Tour de Beauce S.Tvetcov
2018-06-142.202.stage14.061919 169 km Tour de Beauce J.Burke
2018-06-132.201.stage13.067274 185 km Tour de Beauce P.Cote
2018-06-032.105.stage03.063022 65 km Tour de Korea R.Kreder
2018-06-022.104.stage02.064223 137 km Tour de Korea J.Cooper
2018-06-012.103.stage01.061423 192.4 km Tour de Korea S.Tvetcov
2018-05-312.102.stage31.055160 202.6 km Tour de Korea M.Raim
2018-05-302.101.stage30.059594 184.6 km Tour de Korea H.Choe
2018-05-192.WT307.stage19.059669 143 km Tour of California F.Gaviria
2018-05-182.WT306.stage18.057969 196.5 km Tour of California E.Bernal
2018-05-172.WT305.stage17.056867 176.5 km Tour of California F.Gaviria
2018-05-162.WT304.stage16.059170 34.7 km Tour of California T.Van Garderen
2018-05-152.WT303.stage15.057468 197 km Tour of California T.Skujins
2018-05-142.WT302.stage14.056163 157 km Tour of California E.Bernal
2018-05-132.WT301.stage13.05105106 134.5 km Tour of California F.Gaviria
2018-05-032.NRC02.stage03.0523 - Redlands Classic T.Revard
2018-04-222.205.stage22.041813 161.9 km Tour of the Gila G.Mannion
2018-04-212.204.stage21.04599 69.5 km Tour of the Gila M.Rice
2018-04-202.203.stage20.04159 26 km Tour of the Gila S.Tvetcov
2018-04-192.202.stage19.04409 120.7 km Tour of the Gila C.Blevins
2018-04-182.201.stage18.0488 148 km Tour of the Gila O.Sanchez
2018-04-152.204.stage15.046357 57.9 km Joe Martin Stage Race J.Rodriguez Victoria
2018-04-142.203.stage14.04562 4.8 km Joe Martin Stage Race B.Rhim
2018-04-132.202.stage13.048564 176.7 km Joe Martin Stage Race A.Cowan
2018-04-122.201.stage12.046868 166.9 km Joe Martin Stage Race R.Companioni
2018-03-152.105.stage15.037231 192.8 km Tour de Taiwan L.Pacioni
2018-03-142.104.stage14.033831 166.6 km Tour de Taiwan C.Bayly
2018-03-132.103.stage13.034036 156.3 km Tour de Taiwan E.Avila
2018-03-122.102.stage12.034144 120 km Tour de Taiwan R.Hucker
2018-03-112.101.stage11.036969 83.2 km Tour de Taiwan H.Okamoto


Nation Australia

Born31 year, Jan 21st 1987


Tour of Tasmania (2012)

Stage victories

1x Tour of Utah, Tour of Tasmania

Mountain jerseys

Circuit des Ardennes (2013)
NZ Cycle Classic (2010)