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Thibaut Pinot

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 PRT Groupama - FDJ 29(1009 p) 116(176 p) 41 1 6694.1
2017 PRT FDJ 9(2038 p) 22(1315 p) 75 4 12267.8
2016 PRT FDJ 32(1305 p) 16(206 p) 52 5 7578.1
2015 PRT FDJ 10(1831 p) 10(315 p) 74 5 11131.3
2014 PRT 26(1449 p) 32(162 p) 73 0 11386.2
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2011 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2011-10-151.WT1Monument15.1047 241.0 km Il Lombardia O.Zaugg
2011-10-091.1One-day race09.109 198.9 km GP Bruno Beghelli F.Pozzato
2011-10-081.HCOne-day race08.1054 200.0 km Giro dell'Emilia C.Betancur
2011-10-041.1One-day race04.10DNF 202.0 km Binche-Chimay-Binche R.Selig
2011-10-021.HCOne-day race02.1011 205.0 km Tour de Vendée M.Marcato
2011-09-181.2Two-man TTT18.0911 54.3 km Duo Normand T.Dekker
2011-09-161.1One-day race16.09DNF 201.2 km GP de la Somme A.Roux
2011-09-111.WT2One-day race11.0931 205.7 km GP Montreal R.Costa
2011-09-091.WT2One-day race09.0951 201.6 km GP Quebec P.Gilbert
2011-09-032.1Stage race31.08-03.091 Settimana Lombarda-
2011-09-032.1Youth31.08-03.091 Settimana Lombarda-
2011-09-032.1Points31.08-03.093 Settimana Lombarda S.Modolo
2011-09-032.1Mountains31.08-03.092 Settimana Lombarda D.Caccia
2011-08-251.1One-day race25.0846 199.7 km GP Artigianato Carn G.Visconti
2011-08-171.1One-day race17.0820 200.0 km Coppa Agostoni S.Modolo
2011-08-161.HCOne-day race16.083 199.1 km Tre Valli Varesine D.Rebellin
2011-08-132.1Stage race09.08-13.0814 Tour de l'Ain D.Moncoutié
2011-08-132.1Youth09.08-13.083 Tour de l'Ain W.Barguil
2011-08-132.1Points09.08-13.082 Tour de l'Ain W.Poels
2011-08-132.1Mountains09.08-13.082 Tour de l'Ain J.Hoogerland
2011-07-312.2Stage race26.07-31.071 Tour Alsace-
2011-07-312.2Youth26.07-31.071 Tour Alsace-
2011-06-23CN Boulogne23.0626 45.2 km CN France ITT C.Kern
2011-06-122.WTStage race05.06-12.0616 Critérium Dauphiné B.Wiggins
2011-06-122.WTYouth05.06-12.064 Critérium Dauphiné J.Coppel
2011-06-122.WTPoints05.06-12.068 Critérium Dauphiné J.Rodríguez
2011-06-122.WTMountains05.06-12.067 Critérium Dauphiné J.Rodríguez
2011-05-292.HCStage race25.05-29.057 Bayern Rundfahrt G.Thomas
2011-05-292.HCYouth25.05-29.051 Bayern Rundfahrt-
2011-05-152.2Stage race12.05-15.052 Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour S.Georges
2011-05-012.HCStage race24.04-01.053 Tour of Turkey A.Efimkin
2011-05-012.HCMountains24.04-01.054 Tour of Turkey L.Laverde
2011-04-121.1One-day race12.04DNF 206.5 km Paris - Camembert S.Casar
2011-04-102.2Stage race08.04-10.0451 Circuit des Ardennes G.Meersman
2011-04-021.HCOne-day race02.04DNF 179.3 km GP Miguel Indurain S.Sánchez
2011-03-262.1Stage race22.03-26.0329 Coppi e Bartali E.Sella
2011-03-262.1Youth22.03-26.034 Coppi e Bartali D.Ulissi
2011-03-191.1One-day race19.03DNF 184.8 km Classic Loire Atlantique L.Westra
2011-03-021.1One-day race02.03DNF 193.1 km Le Samyn D.Klemme
2011-02-271.1One-day race27.0213 199.5 km Classic sud Ardeche A.Vichot
2011-02-202.1Stage race19.02-20.0218 Tour du Haut Var T.Voeckler
2011-02-202.1Youth19.02-20.023 Tour du Haut Var G.Izagirre
2011-02-132.1Stage race09.02-13.0217 Tour Méditerranéen D.Moncoutié
2011-02-132.1Youth09.02-13.025 Tour Méditerranéen W.Poels
2011-01-301.1One-day race30.0115 139.7 km GP la Marseillaise J.Roy
2011-09-032.104.stage03.097 147 km Settimana Lombarda G.Visconti
2011-09-022.103.stage02.0931 163 km Settimana Lombarda S.Modolo
2011-09-012.102.stage01.0963 199 km Settimana Lombarda S.Modolo
2011-08-312.101.stage31.081 177 km Settimana Lombarda-
2011-08-132.104.stage13.081 135 km Tour de l'Ain-
2011-08-122.103.stage12.0827 131 km Tour de l'Ain W.Poels
2011-08-112.102.stage11.081 154 km Tour de l'Ain-
2011-08-102.101.stage10.0854 140 km Tour de l'Ain J.Casper
2011-08-092.1Prologue09.0823 3 km Tour de l'Ain W.Kelderman
2011-07-312.205.stage31.071 156.4 km Tour Alsace-
2011-07-302.204.stage30.0759 169.9 km Tour Alsace A.Tsatevitch
2011-07-292.203.stage29.07109 146 km Tour Alsace A.Démare
2011-07-282.202.stage28.0729 153.8 km Tour Alsace N.Albert
2011-07-272.201.stage27.07143 142.7 km Tour Alsace G.Soupe
2011-06-122.WT07.stage12.062 118 km Critérium Dauphiné J.Rodríguez
2011-06-112.WT06.stage11.0629 193 km Critérium Dauphiné J.Rodríguez
2011-06-102.WT05.stage10.067 210 km Critérium Dauphiné C.Kern
2011-06-092.WT04.stage09.06114 174 km Critérium Dauphiné J.Degenkolb
2011-06-082.WT03.stage08.0632 43 km Critérium Dauphiné T.Martin
2011-06-072.WT02.stage07.06131 179 km Critérium Dauphiné J.Degenkolb
2011-06-062.WT01.stage06.067 144 km Critérium Dauphiné J.Van den Broeck
2011-06-052.WTPrologue05.0646 5 km Critérium Dauphiné L.Boom
2011-05-292.HC05.stage29.0564 162 km Bayern Rundfahrt G.Nizzolo
2011-05-282.HC04.stage28.0543 26 km Bayern Rundfahrt B.Wiggins
2011-05-272.HC03.stage27.059 181 km Bayern Rundfahrt M.Albasini
2011-05-262.HC02.stage26.0596 206 km Bayern Rundfahrt J.Degenkolb
2011-05-252.HC01.stage25.05105 223 km Bayern Rundfahrt E.Boasson Hagen
2011-05-152.204.stage15.0538 180 km Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour T.Kvist
2011-05-142.203.stage14.052 150 km Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour S.Georges
2011-05-132.202.stage13.0546 158 km Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour G.Bille
2011-05-122.201.stage12.053 156 km Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour S.Georges
2011-05-012.HC08.stage01.0552 157.8 km Tour of Turkey K.van Hummel
2011-04-302.HC07.stage30.0466 138 km Tour of Turkey A.Guardini
2011-04-292.HC06.stage29.0422 184 km Tour of Turkey A.Greipel
2011-04-282.HC05.stage28.045 218.6 km Tour of Turkey M.Rabottini
2011-04-272.HC04.stage27.0446 207 km Tour of Turkey A.Petacchi
2011-04-262.HC03.stage26.0451 166 km Tour of Turkey M.Belletti
2011-04-252.HC02.stage25.04128 178 km Tour of Turkey V.Iglinsky
2011-04-242.HC01.stage24.04143 114.1 km Tour of Turkey A.Guardini
2011-04-102.204.stage10.0477 74 km Circuit des Ardennes L.Pichon
2011-04-102.203.stage10.0484 55.8 km Circuit des Ardennes B.Giraud
2011-04-092.202.stage09.0439 158.4 km Circuit des Ardennes G.Meersman
2011-04-082.201.stage08.0498 164 km Circuit des Ardennes T.Vinther
2011-03-262.106.stage26.0324 173 km Coppi e Bartali G.Visconti
2011-03-252.105.stage25.0324 14 km Coppi e Bartali A.Malori
2011-03-242.104.stage24.0353 156 km Coppi e Bartali E.Sella
2011-03-232.103.stage23.03122 194 km Coppi e Bartali C.Corioni
2011-03-222.102.stage (TTT)22.033 16 km Coppi e Bartali E.Sella
2011-03-222.101.stage22.03108 81 km Coppi e Bartali M.Belletti
2011-02-202.102.stage20.0219 207 km Tour du Haut Var J.Antomarchi
2011-02-192.101.stage19.0269 169 km Tour du Haut Var S.Dumoulin
2011-02-132.105.stage13.0215 165 km Tour Méditerranéen D.Moncoutié
2011-02-122.104.stage12.0232 155 km Tour Méditerranéen R.Feillu
2011-02-112.103.stage11.0295 135 km Tour Méditerranéen R.Feillu
2011-02-102.102.stage10.02112 125 km Tour Méditerranéen R.Feillu
2011-02-092.101.stage09.02118 120 km Tour Méditerranéen T.Voeckler