Mason Hollyman

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 Zappi Racing Team - - 0 0 0.0
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-08-12J-2.1Stage race11.08-12.0816 Ronde des Vallées Juniors A.Vollmer
2018-08-12J-2.1Mountains11.08-12.087 Ronde des Vallées Juniors Q.Simmons
2018-08-05J-2.1Stage race03.08-05.0835 Aubel - Stavelot Juniors R.Evenepoel
2018-08-05J-2.1Points03.08-05.0810 Aubel - Stavelot Juniors R.Evenepoel
2018-06-27NEOne-day race27.068 The 2018 Ilkley Cycle Races T.Moses
2018-05-20J-2.1Stage race18.05-20.053 Driedaagse Axel Juniors A.Balmer
2018-05-20J-2.1Points18.05-20.0514 Driedaagse Axel Juniors J.Van De Paar
2018-04-29J-2.1Stage race28.04-29.0415 Tour des Portes Juniors H.Pagé
2018-04-29J-2.1Mountains28.04-29.042 Tour des Portes Juniors M.Kroonen
2018-03-18J-1.1One-day race18.03DNF 133.4 km Guido Reybrouck Juniors R.Evenepoel
2018-03-10J-1.1One-day race10.0352 122.2 km Nokere Koerse Juniors I.Van Wilder
2018-02-25NEOne-day race25.029 Clayton Velo Spring Classic R.Perry
2018-08-12J-2.103.stage12.081316 96 km Ronde des Vallées Juniors V.Retailleau
2018-08-12J-2.102.stage12.081016 12.9 km Ronde des Vallées Juniors J.Laverick
2018-08-11J-2.101.stage11.081414 109 km Ronde des Vallées Juniors A.Van Der Tuuk
2018-08-05J-2.104.stage05.08835 98.1 km Aubel - Stavelot Juniors R.Evenepoel
2018-08-04J-2.103.stage04.081163 96.2 km Aubel - Stavelot Juniors F.Thomsen
2018-08-04J-2.102.stage (TTT)04.08380 9 km Aubel - Stavelot Juniors P.Lapeira
2018-08-03J-2.101.stage03.088989 90.9 km Aubel - Stavelot Juniors B.Ghirmay
2018-05-20J-2.104.stage20.0523 99.9 km Driedaagse Axel Juniors V.Retailleau
2018-05-19J-2.103.stage19.057328 102.8 km Driedaagse Axel Juniors B.Healy
2018-05-19J-2.102.stage19.052729 12.2 km Driedaagse Axel Juniors I.Van Wilder
2018-05-18J-2.101.stage18.055252 105.6 km Driedaagse Axel Juniors J.Van Grieken
2018-04-29J-2.103.stage29.047115 107.4 km Tour des Portes Juniors A.Huens
2018-04-29J-2.102.stage (TTT)29.04313 16.1 km Tour des Portes Juniors V.Retailleau
2018-04-28J-2.101.stage28.046262 93.5 km Tour des Portes Juniors N.Vandepitte


Nation Great Britain

Born18 year, Jun 25th 2000

Stage victories

1x Giro di Basilicata Juniors