Juan Cach

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2008 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2008-11-012.2Stage race20.10-01.11DNF Vuelta a Guatemala M.Medina
2008-02-172.2Stage race13.02-17.0236 Tour of Belize C.Oyarzun
2008-10-212.202.stage21.10DNF 165 km Vuelta a Guatemala F.Chachon
2008-10-202.201.stage20.1056 136 km Vuelta a Guatemala F.Chachon
2008-02-172.206.stage17.0259 145 km Tour of Belize E.Meighan
2008-02-162.205.stage16.0210 182 km Tour of Belize L.Ajcu Velasquez
2008-02-152.204.stage15.0243 130 km Tour of Belize M.Olheiser
2008-02-142.203.stage (TTT)14.0212 40 km Tour of Belize E.Riggs
2008-02-142.202.stage14.0223 105 km Tour of Belize B.Selander
2008-02-132.201.stage13.0252 198 km Tour of Belize C.Oyarzun


Nation Guatemala

Born34 year, Dec 25th 1983