Ivar Slik

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 CONT Monkey Town 1541(27 p) - 13 0 1691.3
2017 CONT Monkey Town 1825(22 p) - 30 0 4839.3
2016 PROF Roompot - Oranje Peloton - - 47 0 7424.1
2015 PROF Team Roompot - Oranje Peloton 2492(9 p) - 49 0 7741.2
2014 CONT Rabobank DT 754(105 p) - 46 0 7038.7
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-09-06KPOne-day race06.0930 167.0 km Izegem Koers W.Kreder
2018-08-291.1One-day race29.08DNF 196.4 km Druivenkoers Overijse X.Meurisse
2018-08-261.2Stage race26.0817191.6 km Ronde van Midden C.Von Folsach
2018-08-221.1One-day race22.0830 191.5 km Veenendaal Classic D.Groenewegen
2018-08-19NEOne-day race19.086100.0 km Ronde van Heerhugowaard J.Asjes
2018-08-14NEOne-day race14.08280.0 km Ronde van De Lier N.Van der Meer
2018-08-111.1One-day race11.088 198.0 km KOGA Slag om Norg J.Van Schip
2018-08-08NEOne-day race08.083100.0 km Ronde van Beverwijk R.Van Breda
2018-07-30NEOne-day race30.077 Kermisronde van Duizel P.Schulting
2018-07-29NEOne-day race29.072 Ronde van Poeldijk M.Van Trijp
2018-07-14NEOne-day race14.076 Lus Van Roden A.Lindeman
2018-07-082.1Stage race05.07-08.0763 Sibiu Cycling Tour I.Sosa
2018-07-01CN Hoogerheide 01.0754221.6 km CN Netherlands RR M.Van Der Poel
2018-06-28NEOne-day race28.06180.0 km Ronde van Honselersdijk-
2018-06-24NEOne-day race24.061090.0 km Ronde van Warmenhuizen M.Kooistra
2018-06-20NEOne-day race20.06280.0 km Ronde van Albrandswaard C.Wiggins
2018-06-14NEOne-day race14.06780.0 km Ronde van Rijsenhout M.Huenders
2018-06-101.2One-day race10.0623 197.2 km Midden Brabant J.Van Den Berg
2018-04-02NEOne-day race02.042 Ronde van Werkendam I.Schelling
2018-03-111.HCOne-day race11.0351 199.4 km Ronde van Drenthe F.Sisr
2018-03-03NEOne-day race03.034 179.1 km Ster van Zwolle M.Van Trijp
2018-02-252.2Stage race22.02-25.0259 Tour of Antalya A.Ovechkin
2018-02-252.2Points22.02-25.024 Tour of Antalya M.Moschetti
2018-09-16NE05.stage16.0919 110.6 km Tour of Poyang Lake T.Thömel
2018-09-14NE03.stage14.0911 107 km Tour of Poyang Lake A.Looij
2018-09-13NE02.stage13.095 131.6 km Tour of Poyang Lake D.Kennett
2018-07-082.104.stage08.074163 152.8 km Sibiu Cycling Tour J.Van Dalen
2018-07-082.103.stage (TTT)08.07764 10 km Sibiu Cycling Tour K.Gradek
2018-07-062.101.stage06.076462 90 km Sibiu Cycling Tour I.Sosa
2018-07-052.1Prologue05.0733 2.2 km Sibiu Cycling Tour D.Ballerini
2018-02-252.204.stage25.025159 146.2 km Tour of Antalya M.Moschetti
2018-02-242.203.stage24.0210663 32.5 km Tour of Antalya A.Ovechkin
2018-02-232.202.stage23.024531 121.3 km Tour of Antalya W.Kleiman
2018-02-222.201.stage22.025657 158.6 km Tour of Antalya M.Moschetti


Nation Netherlands

Born25 year, May 27th 1993