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Dylan Groenewegen

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Year Date # What Km Race
2013-09-08201308.091.2One-day race 184.3 km Kernen Omloop Echt-Susteren
2013-04-21201321.041.2One-day race 207.0 km Profronde van Noord-Holland
2014-04-12201412.041.NCOne-day race 165.7 km Ronde van Vlaanderen Beloften
2014-04-27201427.04NEOne-day race 134.1 km Rund um Düren
2015-08-21201521.081.1One-day race 197.9 km Arnhem - Veenendaal Classic
2015-09-05201505.091.HCOne-day race 200.8 km Brussels Cycling Classic
2016-06-04201604.061.1One-day race 195.2 km Carrefour Market Heistse Pijl
2016-06-12201612.061.1One-day race 205.8 km Rund um Köln
2016-06-25201625.06CNOne-day race212.1 km CN Netherlands RR
2016-08-19201619.081.1One-day race 198.5 km Arnhem - Veenendaal Classic
2016-10-02201602.101.1GC Tour de l'Eurométropole
2018-02-25201825.021.HCOne-day race 200.1 km Kuurne - Brussel - Kuurne


Year Date # What Km Race
2016-06-19201615.06-19.062.1Points Ster ZLM Toer GP Jan van Heeswijk
2016-09-11201604.09-11.092.HCPoints Tour of Britain
2017-02-04201731.01-04.022.HCYouth Dubai Tour
2017-06-18201714.06-18.062.1Points Ster ZLM Toer GP Jan van Heeswijk

Stage victories

Year Date # What Km Race
2014-03-26201426.032.202.stage 149 km Tour de Normandie
2011-05-20201120.05J-2.101.stage 109.1 km Driedaagse Axel Juniors
2011-07-30201130.07J-2.103.stage 93 km Aubel - Stavelot Juniors
2016-02-05201605.022.103.stage 174 km Comunitat Valenciana
2016-03-05201605.032.101.stage 176 km Dwars West-Vlaanderen
2016-04-29201629.042.101.stage 184 km Tour de Yorkshire
2016-06-17201617.062.103.stage 210 km Ster ZLM Toer
2016-09-07201607.092.HC04.stage 218 km Tour of Britain
2016-09-19201619.092.WT01.stage 184.7 km Binck Bank Tour
2017-04-28201728.042.101.stage 174 km Tour de Yorkshire
2017-05-18201718.052.HC02.stage 194.2 km Tour of Norway
2017-05-20201720.052.HC04.stage 193.8 km Tour of Norway
2017-06-15201715.062.102.stage 186.8 km Ster ZLM Toer
2017-06-16201716.062.103.stage 210 km Ster ZLM Toer
2017-07-23201723.07GT121.stage 103 km Tour de France
2017-09-09201709.092.HC07.stage 185.1 km Tour of Britain
2017-10-23201723.102.WT305.stage 212.2 km Gree - Tour of Guangxi
2018-02-06201806.022.HC01.stage 167 km Dubai Tour
2018-02-14201814.022.HC01.stage 192.6 km Volta ao Algarve
2018-02-17201817.022.HC04.stage 199.2 km Volta ao Algarve
2018-03-05201805.032.WT102.stage 187.5 km Paris - Nice
2018-05-16201816.052.HC01.stage 186 km Tour of Norway
2018-05-18201818.052.HC03.stage 176 km Tour of Norway
2018-05-19201819.052.HC04.stage 218 km Tour of Norway
2018-06-14201814.062.102.stage 152.7 km Tour de Slovénie
2018-07-13201813.07GT107.stage 231 km Tour de France
2018-07-14201814.07GT108.stage 181.5 km Tour de France