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Marco Zanotti

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 CONT Monkey Town - - 0 0 0.0
2017 CONT Monkey Town 453(208 p) - 44 1 7132.1
2016 CONT Parkhotel Valkenburg CT 378(241 p) - 64 0 9423.7
2015 CONT Parkhotel Valkenburg CT 294(312 p) - 69 2 9967.5
2014 CONT Parkhotel Valkenburg CT 426(214 p) - 41 1 5671.3
2013 CONT Utensilnord - 1896(19 p) - 17 0 2409.9
2012 PROF Utensilnord - Named 1288(45 p) - 26 2 4122.6
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2016 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2016-11-202.1Stage race16.11-20.1197 Tour of Fuzhou R.Emami
2016-11-122.1Stage race05.11-12.1164 Tour of Taihu Lake L.Duque
2016-11-122.1Points05.11-12.1110 Tour of Taihu Lake J.Mareczko
2016-11-021.2Stage race02.1111 150.0 km Tour of Yancheng J.Mareczko
2016-10-111.1One-day race11.10DNF 183.6 km Nationale Sluitingsprijs R.Jans
2016-10-07KPOne-day race07.10DNF153.6 km Zwevezele Koers T.Dupont
2016-09-171.1One-day race17.09DNS 189.8 km Memorial Pantani F.Gavazzi
2016-09-141.1One-day race14.0912 192.0 km Coppa Bernocchi G.Nizzolo
2016-09-11NEOne-day race11.096153.6 km Eurode Omloop J.Meijers
2016-09-101.2One-day race10.097 199.0 km De Kustpijl T.Dupont
2016-09-08KPOne-day race08.0982 166.6 km Izegem Koers S.Vanmarcke
2016-09-041.2One-day race04.0916 196.8 km Kernen Omloop Susteren D.Meijers
2016-08-191.1One-day race19.0811 198.5 km Veenendaal Classic D.Groenewegen
2016-08-142.1Stage race11.08-14.0878 Czech Cycling Tour D.Ulissi
2016-08-142.1Points11.08-14.0825 Czech Cycling Tour W.Wippert
2016-08-071.2One-day race07.0818 178.1 km Antwerpse Havenpijl T.Dupont
2016-08-06NEOne-day race06.085162.0 km Hel van Voerendaal S.Pot
2016-07-302.HCStage race17.07-30.0733 Tour of Qinghai Lake S.Lagkuti
2016-07-302.HCPoints17.07-30.0718 Tour of Qinghai Lake D.Colli
2016-06-192.1Stage race15.06-19.06DNF Ster ZLM Toer S.Vanmarcke
2016-06-121.1One-day race12.06DNF 200.0 km Ronde van Limburg K.Dehaes
2016-05-221.1One-day race22.05DNF 174.0 km Velothon Wales T.Stewart
2016-05-182.1Stage race13.05-18.0547 Tour of Iran M.Pourseyedi
2016-05-182.1Points13.05-18.0519 Tour of Iran M.Pourseyedi
2016-05-012.HCStage race24.04-01.0546 Tour of Turkey J.Goncalves
2016-05-012.HCPoints24.04-01.055 Tour of Turkey M.Belletti
2016-04-172.2Stage race13.04-17.046 Tour du Loir et Cher P.Schelling
2016-04-172.2Points13.04-17.041 Tour du Loir et Cher-
2016-04-021.1One-day race02.0427 198.0 km Volta Limburg Classic F.Gerts
2016-03-28NEOne-day race28.0318180.0 km Altena Biesbosch Ronde E.Reinders
2016-03-131.2One-day race13.0342 187.2 km Dorpenomloop Rucphen A.Kruopis
2016-03-102.1Stage race06.03-10.0317 Tour de Taiwan R.Hucker
2016-03-102.1Points06.03-10.039 Tour de Taiwan M.Canola
2016-03-102.1Mountains06.03-10.035 Tour de Taiwan P.Schulting
2016-11-202.105.stage20.111197 127.4 km Tour of Fuzhou L.Franck
2016-11-192.104.stage19.1191100 130.8 km Tour of Fuzhou R.Emami
2016-11-182.103.stage18.1196102 133.3 km Tour of Fuzhou J.Zhao
2016-11-172.102.stage17.1111111 126.3 km Tour of Fuzhou O.Kim
2016-11-162.101.stage16.11115115 113.2 km Tour of Fuzhou R.Emami
2016-11-122.107.stage12.119164 130.6 km Tour of Taihu Lake L.Duque
2016-11-112.106.stage11.111467 117.1 km Tour of Taihu Lake J.Mareczko
2016-11-102.105.stage10.11767 148 km Tour of Taihu Lake E.Grosu
2016-11-092.104.stage09.11868 117.4 km Tour of Taihu Lake N.Marini
2016-11-082.103.stage08.117568 106.3 km Tour of Taihu Lake C.Bayly
2016-11-072.102.stage07.111252 139 km Tour of Taihu Lake J.Mareczko
2016-11-062.101.stage06.11352 111.3 km Tour of Taihu Lake J.Mareczko
2016-11-052.1Prologue05.116969 5.9 km Tour of Taihu Lake O.Golovash
2016-08-142.104.stage14.086178 157.1 km Czech Cycling Tour B.Planckaert
2016-08-132.103.stage13.08126105 187.4 km Czech Cycling Tour D.Ulissi
2016-08-122.102.stage12.08976 177 km Czech Cycling Tour S.Modolo
2016-08-112.101.stage (TTT)11.081479 17.3 km Czech Cycling Tour S.Langeveld
2016-07-302.HC13.stage30.071333 95 km Tour of Qinghai Lake J.Mareczko
2016-07-292.HC12.stage29.074733 23 km Tour of Qinghai Lake A.Vasylyuk
2016-07-282.HC11.stage28.071234 122 km Tour of Qinghai Lake J.Mareczko
2016-07-272.HC10.stage27.0710035 240 km Tour of Qinghai Lake M.Kump
2016-07-262.HC09.stage26.071127 100 km Tour of Qinghai Lake M.Kump
2016-07-242.HC08.stage24.071528 240 km Tour of Qinghai Lake N.Marini
2016-07-232.HC07.stage23.077628 150 km Tour of Qinghai Lake F.Zurlo
2016-07-222.HC06.stage22.074525 207 km Tour of Qinghai Lake S.Lagkuti
2016-07-212.HC05.stage21.07627 185 km Tour of Qinghai Lake Y.Gidich
2016-07-202.HC04.stage20.07742 147 km Tour of Qinghai Lake V.Buts
2016-07-192.HC03.stage19.075958 134 km Tour of Qinghai Lake Y.Gidich
2016-07-182.HC02.stage18.071165 165 km Tour of Qinghai Lake J.Mareczko
2016-07-172.HC01.stage17.07128129 113 km Tour of Qinghai Lake M.Rubiano
2016-06-172.103.stage17.06DNF 210 km Ster ZLM Toer D.Groenewegen
2016-06-162.102.stage16.06158154 186 km Ster ZLM Toer W.Kreder
2016-06-152.101.stage15.06160160 6 km Ster ZLM Toer J.Van Emden
2016-05-182.106.stage18.05547 114 km Tour of Iran Y.Gidich
2016-05-172.105.stage17.057250 180.7 km Tour of Iran G.Mizbani
2016-05-162.104.stage16.055247 198.2 km Tour of Iran M.Pourseyedi
2016-05-152.103.stage15.057139 139.9 km Tour of Iran D.Beckeringh
2016-05-142.102.stage14.053539 209.4 km Tour of Iran P.Koning
2016-05-132.101.stage13.056060 162.4 km Tour of Iran C.Mccutcheon
2016-05-012.HC08.stage01.05946 201.7 km Tour of Turkey J.Mareczko
2016-04-302.HC07.stage30.04348 128.6 km Tour of Turkey S.Modolo
2016-04-292.HC06.stage29.046456 116.9 km Tour of Turkey J.Roson
2016-04-282.HC05.stage28.042146 189.3 km Tour of Turkey J.Mareczko
2016-04-272.HC04.stage27.04346 187 km Tour of Turkey S.Modolo
2016-04-262.HC03.stage26.049652 158.9 km Tour of Turkey A.Greipel
2016-04-252.HC02.stage25.042525 154.1 km Tour of Turkey P.Bilbao
2016-04-242.HC01.stage24.0433 129.2 km Tour of Turkey P.Niemiec
2016-04-172.205.stage17.0446 97.5 km Tour du Loir et Cher J.Vermeulen
2016-04-162.204.stage16.0457 189.5 km Tour du Loir et Cher P.Schelling
2016-04-152.203.stage15.0475 203 km Tour du Loir et Cher F.Røinås
2016-04-142.202.stage14.0425 202.5 km Tour du Loir et Cher R.Downing
2016-04-132.201.stage13.041218 172.5 km Tour du Loir et Cher M.Goolaerts
2016-03-102.105.stage10.031817 146.3 km Tour de Taiwan R.Hucker
2016-03-092.104.stage09.03312 166.6 km Tour de Taiwan W.Clarke
2016-03-082.103.stage08.03613 118.8 km Tour de Taiwan P.Schulting
2016-03-072.102.stage07.031120 116.4 km Tour de Taiwan S.Astafyev
2016-03-062.101.stage06.031517 82.3 km Tour de Taiwan W.Clarke
2016-01-12TrackSix-day Racing12.0110Madison 6-Daagse van Rotterdam A.Torres Barcelo


Nation Italy

Born29 year, Sep 10th 1988

Points jerseys

Tour de Taiwan (2014)
Tour du Loir et Cher (2016)